Chapter six- Epilogue

Alice was in the hospital for several weeks. She was now in a wheelchair and on oxygen from a tank. Instead of a mask she had a tube that was around her ears and just under her nose. She would be on oxygen 24/7 for three weeks until she would be able to go back to her inhaler. Carlisle and Esme would make sure that Alice is okay. The rest of her family would watch her sleep every night as well during the day. Jasper on the other hand would definitely have much more to do than the rest of her family.

JJ had gone back to Virginia with the rest of her team. She was still worried for Alice's safety. JJ had to forget all about her sister by focusing on other cases. She would check in at least once a day to make sure that Alice was okay. Luckily the team wasn't on a case, but there will be another one soon.

JJ was sitting at her desk in her office looking at a case file. There was a knock on her door and Spencer came in. "JJ, how is Alice?"

"She's weak but doing better. She'll be on oxygen for three weeks before she will be able go back to her inhaler. Spence, I'm just nervous that she won't get her strength back her strength fully. Gather the rest of the team we have a new case."

Before she left her office she called Alice to check on her. To her relief Alice was fine considering the circumstances. Once she hung up she headed to the conference room. The new case was in Portland, Oregon. At least she would be somewhat close to her sister, Alice. However, JJ had a feeling that this case was related to the last one in Forks, Washington. The feeling that she had was correct. What was she going to do? How was she going to do her job and make sure that Alice will be safe?

Jasper would stay be Alice's side everyday just to keep her calm. He had gotten a call earlier that day from JJ to let them know that she'll be close by. He promised her that he'd keep Alice safe from any danger. Even though it would be almost a hundred miles away from her it is better to be safe than sorry. He had been told to bring to her to the doctor to get a check up. However, once Jasper and Alice got home she had tears rolling down her face.

Rosalie came up to them. "What's wrong?"

"She just found out that she might have to be on oxygen for longer."

This time Emmett came up to them. " How come?"

A voice behind them answered the question for them. "It's because her lungs are weak and possible filling with small amounts of fluid."

Alice turned around in her wheelchair to see her brother, Edward. At his words Emmett looked shocked to hear that his little sister just might not be able to breathe soon. Bella came in to see what was going on. She knew that there was something wrong. Even though she had heard some of the conversation she asked anyway. Edward told her what they had just found out from Jasper.

Jasper slipped from the room to give JJ an update. It was a short conversation because he was back in the room within minutes. Every now and then he would send waves of calm towards Alice to make her feel comfortable. "Ali, JJ is on her way to see you. I told her what I knew about the oxygen tube."

Sure enough ten minutes later there was a knock at the door. Rosalie went to open the door to let JJ in. She walked in though the door and headed straight towards Alice. "How are you feeling, Ali?"

"Weak and tired mostly."

JJ smiled to hear that her sister was at least okay.

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