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James P.O.V.

That izzy girl os so nice, Boy i should apologize to the guys for acting so stupid early. Girls who are nice are hot , take Izzy for example ...she's sweet and hot. I stepped into the apartment.

"Hey guys I have something to say...hey guys where are ya "

"Hey were in our room "

"Okay , wait where's Kendall"

"Right here " Kendall said walking into the apartment

"Where were you "

"Out "

"Okay whatever listen I'm sorry, your right I was being stupid"

"Wait James , no you weren't, I shouldn't of said that "

"It's fine Kendall I'm use to it "

"No James its not fine...it was rude of me to say that to you and honestly James your one of the smartest guys I know "

"No I'm not... I'm not as smart as you, Logan and even Carlos "

"James your smart in your own way and I shouldn't of doubt you of being intelligent"

"Alright, we were both wrong ...deal "

"Deal pal"

"Hey guys watcha talkin about" Logan said

"Is it safe to come out ...guys " Carlos added

"Yea guys ...we were just working out our difference "

"Oh thank god, you two made up" they both said

" Yea were sorry for blowing up in your facing " Kendall said to his friends

"It's fine, so where did you guys go?"

" Oh I was at the pool and I meet this amazing girl"

" Oh I bumped into this funny girl and we hung out by the pool"

They said at the same time.

"Okay one at a time...James ...you first " Logan said trying to compromise

"Okay , I was at the pool and I meet this amazing girl... She helped me realize that I was acting dump and that's when I figured to come apologize for what I did"

"That's good buddy" Logan said ..." Okay Kendall, your turn"

" Oh I bumped into this funny girl and we hung out by the pool"

"That's it! " they all said

"Yea, it was nice just sitting there and talking "

" Yea, I know what you mean" I said with a smirk

" So who's the girl" Carlos said breaking the silence

"The girl I met ...um.. I think her name was Bella ... I don't remember...I just call her beautiful" I said trying to figure out the girl name."

" So Kendall your lady friend name" Carlos said with an arch to his eyebrows

"Kendall, hello Kendall" Logan replied

Knock ,knock!

"I got it " I said still trying to figure out the name. So I opened the door and saw...

"Hey, can I come in "

******************************************To Be Continued***************************************** *********

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