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" Wow, that was sweet of you''

" Yea well, to make it up I was wondering if you wanted to help me get ready and we can get to know each other better and tomorrow I will definitely make it to dinner."

"You want may help?"

"Yea why not, you seem like you know more then I do about girl stuff"

" Well Okay, Kendork tell mom I went out with Bella"

" Why can't you tell her"

"Because I'm busy, let's go Bella"

Kendall P.O.V.

What the fuck just happened? The girl I'm conflicted with loves my family and not me ugh!

Izzy P.O.V.

"So I'm kinda new to this stuff. You Know going on dates and having a friend help me out, um that kind of stuff."

"Neither have I, I don't have much friends here"

" Well I'm honored to be experiencing it with you"

"Me too, you know I wish it was you who dated Kendall"

"Haha why?"

" Jo is nice but she changes Kendall"


" Well he use to help me out when I needed him but now it's working or Jo"

" Katie, maybe he's just busy"

" That's what I thought but the guys think so too"

" I'm sorry if you feel left out but hey, you got me and text me anytime" I wrote down my number and handed it to her as we walked through the mall for what seems like hours.

"It's fine, I guess I have to get use to change" she said giving me a sad smile

" Me too"

"What do mean"

" I'm gonna give you $200 to give me a new make over, a change and boy it's gonna give my grandma a run for her money"

" Haha I like the way you think, this is gonna be a beautiful friendship"

" You said kid, you said it"

four hours later ..

"Damn Katie, I look hot!" I examine myself in the mirror of my apartment. I had purple streaks in my long dark brown hair that seemed black sometimes. " and may I add this outfit makes my figure hot!"

Katie said with a giggle " Your welcome Bella"

"Now let's go see James" I said with an evil grin


Kendall P.O.V.

Knock, Knock!

"I'll get it, it might be Katie back from a friend's house" I walked over and opened the door without looking. "Hey Katie mom went to-" 'Oh my god Izzy is breathtaking and looking sexy . The way her dress goes to her mid thigh and there perfectly tan , she has a nice ass and loving the curves, and she doesn't need much make-up because of her natural beauty. The best part of her look is her long brown mixed with purple streaks to match her tight dress.'

"Hello, earth to Kendall... Hello?" Katie said curious about her brothers strange behavior. To get his attention she smacked the back of his head and Izzy giggled to herself.

"What was that for Katie''

" Well you were practically eye raping Bella"

" Her name is Izzy"

"So you don't deny eye raping her and well I call her Bella" Katie says and I can feel my face turning bright red.

" Well if you look at the time, I have to watch uh this show um at this time uh right now"

" What show?" Izzy asked

"You know that show with this guy who uh is disable um and meets these blue ... yea and falls in love"

" Um isn't that Avatar and I do believe that's a movie"

" Oh look it's already starting" I run as fast as I can to my room all hot and bothered.

James P.O.V.

I walked into my room that I shared with Logan to get dressed when I heard giggling. So I quickly got dressed to check out where it was coming from then I saw her, how beautiful one girl can be. She looked as if she was perfectly arranged from the stars and touched by heavenly angels from the sky. Everything about this girl is breathtaking and words don't match up how stunning she is. Man, am I a lucky man or what!

"What's up James"

"Well, don't you two look stunning and might I add I'm the luckiest man alive"

"Where are we going"

"You'll See when we get there"

Okay this is part 1 of 2 for James and Izzy's date. Hope you guys like it so far :)