Vividred Operation: Galaxy Fighters

Chapter: Prologue

In the space behind the Moon a warp gate riff opens and a damaged transport ship come out.

"How do we look, are the Veil following us?" Said the transport captain

"Not yet, a gate transfer drive will be ready in 3 minutes." The operator said

"We need to get her off this ship before the Veil comes, where the closest planet? Said the captain

"There a planet on the other side of this moon." Said the navigator

"Ok, head for that planet, also get the escape pod ready and put her in it, we'll drop it to that planet as we make a warp drive." Said the captain

"Yes sir!" said the crew

The ship flies over the Earth and drop a pod to the planet and the ship make a warp drive out of the area. On the surface near Izu Oshima the pod lights up the night sky and hits the island. The pod lands on a beach, it open and a young girl with long black hair and bright purple eyes came out wearing a blue shirt and black skirt.

"Where am I?" The girl said as she looks around

The girl walks off the beach as she reaches the road she turns and sees the sun rise.

"What is this place?" she said as she looks at the sun

The girl walks down the road not knowing where she headed.