Vividred Operation: Galaxy Fighters

Chapter 1: Akane and Sara

On the road a girl rides her air bike

"Vroom, Vroom all day long." The girl sang as she rides down the road

The girl was Akane Isshiki; she rides around mailing newspapers on her part time job

"Newspapers, Newspapers all day long" Akane sang

As Akane her last delivery of the day, she sees a girl with black hair walk tiredly on the road.

"Waa... Watch out!" Akane yells out to the girl

The young girl passes out on the road; Akane jumps of her air bike and goes to the girl

"Hey, are you ok? Hang on." Akane said

Moments later the girl woke up in a house

"Ummm… where, what is this place?" the girl asked

"Oh, your finally awake." Said Akane as she walk in with some soup her sister made "Are you hungry?" she said as she hands the girl the soup

"Um, sure." The girl said

"I'm Akane Isshiki nice to meet you…." Akane started

"My name is Sara Uri." The girl introduced

"Sara huh that a nice name." Akane said to Sara "So where are you from?" she asked

"I…..don't know. I don't who I am or where I come from. All I know is my name." Sara said

"Really, you must have lost your memories." Akane said "Well how about you stay here with us, I only live here with my sister and gramps." She said

"Well I don't have anywhere else to go; besides I don't know anything this planet." Sara said

"I can help you Sara. I'll help you learn everything about this planet." Akane said

"Really thanks Akane." Sara said relived

Soon after Momo, Akane little sister come in with a stuff animal sea otter on her shoulder

"Sis is she awake?" Said Momo

"Yup she is." Said Akane

The stuffed animal jumps of Momo shoulder and goes towards Sara

"So this is the girl you found Akane." Said the animal

"Did that animal just talked?" Sara said scared

"Oh that's just my grandpa, don't worry." Said Akane

"Wait your grandfather an animal?" Sara asked

"Not quite." Said the animal as it looks at Sara. "I'm the greatest scientist in the world Kenjirou Isshiki!" Kenjirou said

Sara laughs uncontrollably at Kenjirou

"What so funny, why are you laughing?" Kenjirou said

"I'm sorry, but the way you said all of that what made it funny Pros. Isshiki." Said Sara

Sara gets up out of the bed and heads outside, Akane follows her. Sara goes around the area lost and confused until she finds Akane's air bike.

"Huh, what's this…a bike?" Sara asked as she examines the air bike, then Akane finds her

"Whoa…wait Sara don't touch that!" Akane yells as she moves fast and stop Sara from messing with her air bike

"Oh sorry Akane I was only wanted to see what it was." Sara apologized

"It's Ok don't worry about it." Akane said "Hey, how about you come with me and I'll show you around town." She asked

"Um… sure I guess." Sara said

"Come with me and meet my friends." Akane said

Akane grabs Sara's hand and they go off together to Blue Island