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When I was a young girl my family and I lived all over England. Sometimes I would meet someone and run into them again after we moved since lots of people always switch countries whenever they feel like it. My family was, and still is very strict and only lets me wander outside of school and church on Sundays so I always treasured my time. In Europe there are a lot of street markets and I loved them. I would go and listen to street performers and look with armament at the little trinkets that merchants sold. One day I saw a small crowd around this boy that was probably close to my age. This boy looked odd; he had dark blue hair and played the violin. He seemed calm and at peace but also stressed. Was he homeless? No, as soon as I looked at his violin which I could tell was very good quality I knew that he couldn't have been poor but then, why was he a street performer instead of performing in a church or something? I patiently waited for him to finish and as soon as he did I ran up to him.

"Hey I thought that you did really well."

He glanced over at me and I thought I heard a mumbled thanks.

"You're not from around here are you?" I smiled trying hard to be nice. "My name is Alice, what's yours"

"Ikuto" he mumbled.

"Well nice to meet you Ikuto."

"Please leave me alone"

"Eh? Come on I can't be that annoying!" I never really had any friends since we were always moving from place to place. "Well, I'm gonna make sure we become friends so each Sunday I'm going to come here and watch you perform Okay?"

"That's pointless; I'll be leaving as soon as I can anyways"

"I guess that you won't have to put up with me that long then."

After I finished I looked up and saw the sun starting to set which met that I would have to go home. I looked over to say bye to Ikuto but he had disappeared so I started to walk home.

Over the next three months I saw Ikuto at least once a week and before long he begin to get accustomed to seeing me and actually waited for me near my house. I eventually made a deal with him that since he was better at everything that one day would beat him and we each kept a note to remember it. I'll admit that I even considered us best friends at that point. But then my family decided that we would leave the next week and they decided that we would leave the continent and go all the way to Japan. Normally I would have been perfectly fine with this but this was my first time making a friend and now I would have to leave him. My family took me out of classes for a few days so I could prepare for leaving. As soon as I could I ran out to the market to go find Ikuto.

He was pretty easy to find, all I had to do was listen for the soft violin music and follow its trail. Like normal I had to wait for his performance to end and I remembered a few months into the past when I first met Ikuto and it took all I had not to cry as he finished because I knew that this was the last time I would ever hear him play. I didn't notice that everybody around me left until he came up to me and pulled me to the side.

"Alice, is something wrong?"

"Ikuto… This week… This week will be my last week here" I sobbed. "We will be moving to Japan and my family wants to settle there permanently."

"I'm sorry Alice…" He said quietly

I wanted to be brave in front of Ikuto who even though he was my age he was very mature. He surprised me by hugging me, which he had never done. It wasn't a long hug or anything just one to give me the strength that I needed.

"Well look at the bright side" he said with a smile. "I'm from Japan so maybe I will go back and see you again"

After a couple days my family and I left for Japan and even though I hoped to see Ikuto again, even just once, I felt that I would never see him again.

Ikuto P.O.V

As the airplane that carried Alice flew off I felt tears nearly forming.

"Good riddance, she was always annoying"

"Then why do you look so sad?" Tsukasa replied as he came out from the trees. I've been with him for almost a year now but he always manages to tick me off.

"Shut up. We should have headed to a new town a while ago but she distracted me." I looked at the paper that she gave me a while ago to remind me of our deal."

"Yes your right but I think that it was a good experience and maybe you two will meet again."


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