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Chapter 5

Alice P.O.V

"No Ikuto!

I had just woken up a few minutes ago and was still exhausted. As soon as I was awake I went looking for Lin and Ikuto and had found him crouched down after being x-ed.

"Ai, what did you do to him?" I yelled as tears began to form and slowly fall down my cheeks.

"Hello Alice, I just did what was necessary after what he did to you." She said as calmly as ever.

"Alice, she x-ed Yoru and Ikuto!" I looked over to see Lin shooting towards me.

"Lin are you alright?"

"I'm fine but we have to save them!"

"Ok! My heart unlock!"

I grew a pair of white cat ears and a tail. I wore a small white dress that still let me jump around.

I ran towards Ikuto but he was too quick and slashed at me. I was finally able to get a closer look of him. He looked normal but instead of a cross he had an x and his eyes were sunken in.

I dodged the slashes at first but after the first few I got tired and he clawed my leg. I screamed in pain, I didn't think it would hurt this bad.

"Ikuto please stop! I want you to come back to me!" I turn to Ai, "what exactly did you tell him?"

"That's simple, that you hate him and that you never wanted to see him again."

I was shocked and felt my eyes start to water. Why would he care that much about how I feel for him? I know we are friends but still… he wouldn't be x-ed just for that. I thought as I started thinking of a plan

I tried to steady myself so I could talk to him.

"Ikuto, listen to me! Don't believe what Ai told you!" He ran to me and pinned me against a tree, his hands tightly around my shoulder. "Ai lied! I don't hate you I", my voice left me for I second. "I love you!" I choked out as tears started streaming down my cheeks.

"Alice?" He asked questionably as his eyes turned normal and his transformation undid itself. He loosened his grip on me and looked at me for a second before passing out on me. I crumpled to the ground out of relief.

"Alice, I'm so sorry for what I did! It won't ever happen again. I was just trying to help." I looked over to see Ai but without an X. she ran straight into me and started hugging my arm

"It's ok Ai but next time don't try so hard, okay?" She looked up and nodded ferociously.

I stared at Ikuto as he began to wake.

"Morning sleepy head"

"Morning. Hey why am I asleep? And where-?" he cut himself off as memories came flying back. He looked at himself for a second and then at me.

"I am so sorry Alice. I was just so upset and I don't even know why I believed Ai"

"Hey it's ok. I'm at fault here to."

"But what you said was it true?"

I knew that question was coming and I also knew my answer.

"Yes it's true" I said barely over a whisper as I blushed.

I looked up at him and noticed how close we were. He pushed some hair to behind my ear and his hand lingered on my cheek as he leaned forward. About a million thoughts were going through my head at the moment all hoping that this was actually happening. I closed my eyes as he gently pushed his lips against mine. My heart raced even at the simple kiss. He pulled away and touched his forehead to mine.

"I love you too".


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