Greg had just come back from school and was now checking his mail, then he got a letter in his mail it was from Hogwarts School of WitchCraft and Wizardry. Greg opened it up and it said, "Congratulations you have been accepted into Hogwarts here is a list of the stuff you need.." before he could finish, Greg's dad knocked the letter out of his hand and chewed it up, then Greg's dad punched Greg repeatedly again and again. "Why.." said Greg but before he could finish, Greg's dad stuffed a towel down his throat and gagged him. Then Greg's dad took of his belt and began belting Greg, then Greg tied Greg up to a chair and left Greg out in the street for the whole night. In the middle of the night Voldemort appeared and said Crucio for two hours on Greg afterwards Greg fainted. When Greg woke up the next morning Greg's dad shoved Greg into an envelope and mailed him to be Hedwig's assistant. Then Greg's dad made a chicken-bacon-onion-ketchup smoothie and drank it.