Hello again everybody, recently I had saw an anime that just caught my attention, Sora no Otoshimono, if you didn´t saw it yet go a watch it (Only if you like that kind of comedy), so I decide to make a crossover with my other favorite anime... yeah, Naruto. In this crossover the main character would be one that´s my favorite and also one that it isn´t so common in crossovers. Nagato. Read how he try to live a life that would bring him both good times but also hard ones.

Chapter 1: First steps

It all begins when I was 10… only 10… too young right? Well it doesn´t matter, the things had happened the way they happen and even when I wish I could be different… I´m also glad that it happen in this way, because if it wasn´t I never have been able to meet them… hehe… well, you want to hear my history, right? I guess so, that´s why you are here after all… let me see, well everything, MY LIFE, change that tragic night.


I was scared, well of course it´s something logic when you had two deadly shinobis sneaking around in your house, more specific in my kitchen. I heard how my dad whisper something to me and my mom, something about we gonna go when they were distracted, also… he said something just for me.

"Don´t worry, everything is gonna be fine, Nagato"

His words comfort me at the moment. After just some more minutes, that for my family were like an eternity… an agonizing one, my dad gesture us to move quietly. We start moving, for the moment everything was fine the door was just some more foots in front of us, it seems that we can really make it!...

I still wondering… all had been for just that little mistake… that little mistake I made… I wonder how everything would had been all if I hadn´t do it, I would still had my family? Mom and Dad?... I don´t know, our world had been always in problems, every time war and other bad stuffs… maybe yes, we had make it and I would still be living with them… or maybe not, maybe all of us had die after some days out there in the outdoor… Our world could be cruel… I´m just glad that I didn´t grown to find it.

As I was saying, I stumbled against the vase, that little thing, I never pay it too much attention I like it just because my mom bought it… but in that precise moment I hate it with all my heart. It feels like it was in slow motion as the vase fall to the floor and crash in pieces. I cover my mouth in fright… I still didn´t understand why I do that exactly, by the way, the unavoidable happened.

At the moment the sound of ceramic shatter apart was heard around the entire house the two ninjas jump at us with killing intentions.


Was the last thing I heard my dad telling me. He put himself against the two murders and his family, he tries his best but… then again we were only civilians, not shinobis, my dad didn´t stay long against they improved skills. I saw already with tears in my eyes how his body falls to the floor with a kunai impaling his life. They say the mothers will do everything for they son… And they were right. She lunged against the two monsters that were at the moment in our house… it happen the same as dad.

More and more tears, when my mother wasn´t even more in there to protect me I thought that it would be my end, but instead of hearing footsteps approaching me I heard them say something…

"Oh no! Sh#t this aren't shinobis they are civilians!"

"Crap! How we made such a mistake?!"

I was panting heavily, hyperventilating, I saw how they share stunned faces and then they change, just like they realize something. They turn to see me with a mix between worry and afraid.

'We are idiots!. That poor kid!'

I suppose that were things that they were thinking. They move their mouths saying something… but I wasn't listening any more. My head hurts, a lot. I just could see the bodies of the two people that I had love the most in all my life. The pain then go to my eyes, at the moment I didn´t understand why… but I didn´t care at the moment. My two eyes feel like they were burning like two suns. Finally I wasn't able to hold it any more, I look up to see them directly in the eyes and I do the only thing that I was able to do… I scream. I scream with all my strength and hate.

After that… I faint. It was strange, It didn´t feel like a dream, at least not all. It was dark… to dark, I wasn´t able to move or say anything, but I was scared like no one had been before. I was dead?, that was what it thought at first, but then. I bright light appear in all the nonexistence, and front the core of all that a black shape appear. Said that I was surprised falls short, but I wasn´t able to externalize it, my face just felt like stone… hehe… I guess that at the moment I had a blank and funny face.

Then I heard it, a voice. It was full of strength and power, did I was in the presence of a god?

"Poor kid, this shouldn´t happen in this way, I´m sorry really… Nagato, been honest I had hope that you could use the present I had been give it to you to made something for the world… but, if you stay, I´m afraid it would totally the opposed. Now what should we do, eh?...Uff, well I got it… be careful Nagato, and…"

It was clearly the voice of a man, well at least in the gender… now human could had that voice, it also feel like he feel truly sorry, for some reason it make me feel better. But what he means with all that? My answer comes with light coming brighter than the sun, and then… I truly faint.


I woke after… who knows how long, it doesn´t matter, the warm sun was the one that woke me up… sun?. I cough a little, maybe some dust come into my throat, after that I push myself up, at least in this place was a floor… the first thing I saw was the green grass in the… yard? I look around and I see a green and, not so big, yard. Looking better I realize that I was standing in a path of rock and when I turn my sight to see where it led… I get confused and surprised at the same time, especially confused.

It was a house.

It looks like a house of two floors, and… well, you know windows, a roof, and a door in front of me. It wasn´t too big, so you can´t say that the owner was a rich, but it wasn´t too small to say they are going through difficult times. In my point of view it was quite impressive, it looks like you can live careless inside of it. The life in country of rain was hard and we only had what we REALLY need, it was a poor nation.

Looking around to see what to do now I realize that I didn´t had too much options; around the yard was fence of wood surrounding it. So the house would be. I approach the building, getting on the porch, I was about to knock the door, I reahlly need some help right now so maybe the people living in here at least could tell me where I´m, but before me fist could connect with the sliding door something caught my attention, something shining on the floor. When I go to pick it I realize that it was actually two things lying in there. I inspect the first one, it was small, shining and yellow, a key. The second one… was just a sheet of paper, totally full with letters (Kanjis) and all that stuff… before I could lost interest in it I read something that completely caught my attention… It was written…

Title deed

Owner: Uzumaki Nagato

…The heck? T-those… those it means this house… this house… is mine!

I look to the paper, then to the house, then to the key and I do that at least ten times until I finally understand that yes, this house it´s mine… well it totally look like that, right?

I hesitate at first but after some more minutes I introduce the key in the lock of the door and slowly start open it. A 'crack' told me that it was do it, I open it and enter in to the building closing the door behind me. It was dark, I guess because no one was in here, how I know? Well trust me, you had a feeling when a house it´s totally alone, and I had it right now. I approach to a table in the middle of the room, I guess this is the living room for what it looks, in above it was… was… ok, this is getting even more strange, it was a BIG bunch of… bills! Maybe I don´t know a lot of money, but even I can´t tell that this is money for sure, I had some different pictures printing in it different for the ones back… home, in all of the single little papers, so yes it was money. I didn´t know how much it´s it value but, WOAW! It was a lot of money, like a little mountain just in the middle of the room.

I didn´t care.

I start looking around the house, it had one bathroom with toilet and tub, a living room where I was, a kitchen, and a closet in the middle of the corridor just in front of the bathroom, I guess it was for cleaning supplies or something alike. That was the first floor, in the second: just two doors one in the left and the other to the right in the small hall.

I look in the left one first, it was a bedroom with it futon and all, with some shelves and other furniture, aside from that the walls was totally empty. I look in the other one, it was a living room too, identical to the last one. Then I took my first decision, the first one that I thought by myself and that would be the first of a lot ones. I chose the room in the left, why? I don't know, maybe because it was the first I saw, it was the same after all.

I sat in the futon that was a relatively big for me, I suppose it was for an adult and well, I was still just a child after all. I go under the blank and make myself comfortable. Then I began… I began… crying.

I was trying to stay strong but now that I feel a little more safe I just wasn´t able to hold it any more. I cry for my family, mom and dad… they… they had gone! I yell to, to one in specific, or maybe to myself, why I stumbled against the vase? Why?!

I cry a lot that afternoon; I cry what I should cry in months, the pain in my chest… I felt so alone… mom… dad…

I suppose I had cried all the day because when I look to the window the moon was already up in the sky. I had wish to stay lying in there all the time, but my stomach didn´t allow me, it was growling and hurting to, I was hungry. I feel weak, and start going down the stair slowly, don´t blame me, I had just lost my family, it´s normal that I didn't feel so good in my body and… heart.

I go to the fridge, nothing. I search in the cupboard, empty to. I look in the downer drawers that were around the room and finally I found something that I can use. Instant soup. Maybe it doesn´t sound that it was the big thing, but actually I was glad it was because I don´t really know how to cook, mom was the one that prepare the food back in home…

After searching for something in where I can´t boil some water, well and some water to, I put the pan in the cooker and, with a LOT of careful turn it on, I wait until my dinner was ready. When I had finished it I return to the room to try to get some sleep.

The next three days become a routine, just staying in my room and eating when I wasn´t able to take it anymore. Actually, I suppose you can say I made some progress, I didn´t stay all the day crying for my dead family and pass life, I also start questioning myself some important things; Where I´m? How I get here? Who was that one that had talk with me? What was that pain back before? And some other stuff, most of them without an answer. Another important thing that, I hadn´t thought about it because I actually scares me, was… what I gonna do now?

Without family, not really preparing for life… what I will do?

That thought harassment me to the point of depression, it was true; what I gonna do now? I didn´t really was able to see me any future… but then.

It happen the third night, I had come like a beacon in the middle of a horrible storm. I prepare to sleep, not really expecting something… odd to happen. When I had finally fall sleep… I found myself in another white void. My head turn around in all direction looking for something familiar, something that can help me in this strange and also scary situation. When I was in the edge to yell for someone or help two voices call my name…

When I turn around to see who was it… my body immediately froze… my eyes began to cry and when the sensations finally return to my body I run and take them in a hug with all my strength just like I don´t want to let them go never, and it was actually true.

"Mom.. Dad…"

Was the only thing that I was able to say between tears. A gentle pat in the head make me look up to see how but of them was smiling to me, they go two they knees and return the hug, I was happy.

Even when I wish that we can stay just like that for all the eternity it was time for them to talk. We finish the hug and then they both look at me with kind eyes.


The first to speak was my mom.

"… I´m so sorry my son…"

She hugs one more time not bothering to hide her tears.

"… I´m sorry that we had let you, my son… we truly try… w-we…"

"It´s ok, mom"

I told her, trying my best to don´t cry to.

"… Considered as always…"

Told me my dad as he pat my head again.

"O-ok, now listen, Nagato… we had some things to told you before we leave"

"You need to go?!"

I asked her, looking how she clean her beautiful cheeks with her sleeves. She nods and continues.

"I´m afraid yes… but like I said we had come to… to wish you the best son"

"We not gonna be able to be with you, at least in not a LONG time, Nagato, so please son, be strong, we don´t want to see you crying again"

My dad told me.

"Remember always wash your teeth after a meal, ok. Also, eat your vegetables, don´t let them because with them you gonna grow big and strong. Don´t forget to lock all the doors before leave the house. Always try to help the needy ones. And… a-and…"

She tries her best, but she began to cry again. My dad hugged both of us meanwhile he gave me the best advices he can. Some ones about girls, other ones about how to take care of myself, other ones about how I gonna start having some changes in my body in some few years, and how I gonna start 'liking' the girls to. We stayed in there for almost a half hour, well that was what I was able to guess, the both of them sharing with be what I gonna need to face this new life that I was about to begin. Also my dad told me about becoming a shinobi… I was about to go to the nearest school of ninjas just the same day when that two monster take the most precious of my life, I promise him that I will do my best to become the most stronger shinobi I can, even when I didn´t really know how I gonna do that, but I had promise it to him and I not gonna fail him.

The time to say our goodbyes come, they finish with other important advice and end with a final hug and a kiss in the cheeks, then both of them stand in their places until they start shining like the starts in the night, slowly disappearing like it was magic.

I just stayed in there, thinking in all what they had told me, with a smile in my face, glad to be able to see them again. Then I realize that I was still in that white place with no one around me, I start getting a little worry, don´t knowing when I gonna wake up or if need to go somewhere else… then I meet him again…

"Hello again, Nagato"

Like a afraid rabbit I suddenly turn around to see the same dark shape that had brought me here… that it´s what I at least thought.

"W-who are you?"

I ask truly curious and I would lie if I say I wasn´t a little frightened about him.

"The 'who' doesn´t really matter now, son. I had just come to said the same that your parents told you; be strong, Nagato. I not gonna lie you telling you that everything will be easy hereafter, the true is that you gonna go through some difficult times, but like your father had told you, become strong Nagato, you had been blessed with such a special gift, maybe you don´t realize it yet but you gonna do it in time"

I was looking to the white ground the hold time, just like I was afraid of him… but then, I felt a gentle pat in the head, I look up and even when I wasn´t able to see his face I almost can sear that he was smiling.

"You gonna become too strong, Nagato… and I now that you gonna be able to overpass everything that will come in your way…"

With that I saw how he start walking away, when he was some yards away from me he began to glow in the same fashion way my parents do before they go.

"Oh, I almost forget it. When the times come, she gonna ask your help, Nagato. Don´t hesitate, always walk in the path of the light, son"

And with that last part, that actually let me confused, he goes.


The bright sunlight of the sun coming through the window awoke me, but this time I wasn´t gonna stay all the day feeling miserable for myself, no more. I can clearly remember all what had happen the last night, even when some ones can tell me that it was just a dream I know that it wasn´t. I look out to the window, contemplating what would be the begin of a new day… and a life to.

I remember something in that moment, this hold time I had have one backpack with me. I had taken it from my old home, I had put just the necessary, also some rations… how I forget them when I was hungry?... oh well, the important thing was one book that I had care with me from the first time my that gave it to me.

'Encyclopedia of the Art Ninjas'

Could be read it in the front of the book, a smile come across my face, in that moment I understand that this book will become my most precious treasure in the next years, it would become my 'Guide of how to become a shinobi' book… I not gonna fail you, to the three of you.

That morning had begun totally different from the last days, I go down stairs and eat the must nutrition instant soup I was able to prepare, then I go to the yard and sit in the grass reading and devouring the first page of the book.

The hours past, I had read at least the first twenty pages of the, slightly big, book. I had made my mind; the first step to become a shinobi would be learning the easiest of this ancestral art, the Taijutsu.


The next two weeks become the most hard, must of all because my body was slowly getting use to the pressure I was putting it. It doesn´t matter how much it hurts I keep training, I put myself through the most difficult physical exercises I had found after dominate the easier ones.

One day, I was lying on the grass totally exhausted for all the training, at least my body doesn´t hurt me the same how it had hurt the first days. In the peaceful quite of the afternoon, with my mind kept the most quite I can, I heard it… or more specific, I hear them.


I immediately become curious, who could it be?

The grass make cracking noises as my foots approach me to the edge of the fence. My arm began to rise up searching for some support that allow me look to the other side of the wood barrier, I stop for a moment hesitating no really knowing is this was a good idea. My head began getting full with question and possible scenarios; who could it be? It would be another… human? Would it be friendly?

Another laugh make me thought that it was actually friendly… I had hope.

My arms start pulling my up until my eyes had overpass the top of the fence, the next thing that I saw would mark my life significantly.

One girl with her brown hair joined in a ponytail was running from a boy with dark and a little mess it up hair, both of them laughing. I stare at them for some moments, realizing that they were actually playing some kind of game. I don´t know how much time I was staring at them, but I should be a good one because they took aware of my presence.

The girl suddenly stop after seeing my read haired head popping out of the fence, the boy that was just some inches behind her smash in her back.

"Oooww! What it´s the big idea Sohara?!"

Yell the boy in annoyance and pain, rubbing his now red colored nose. The girl just rise her little finger pointing to me, the kid in response just follow it direction to realize that I was here to.

"Who´s that one?"

Ask the confused boy, she just shook her little head. I immediately return to the grass and began making my way back to the house, afraid that I had done something wrong. When I was about to enter the house the kind voice of the girl stop me, I turn around to look at her with a face that told her that I hadn´t understand what she had told me.

"I had ask you if you want to play with us"

She said finishing with a funny smile in her face, the boy was now by her side looking at me with wonder eyes. I wasn´t really expecting this… well… so… no, I wasn´t really expecting that. They want to play… with me?

The boy after staring at me gave a smile to a gesture me to follow them.

"Yeah! Come it´s more funny with three people!"

I staid and my ground for some seconds and finally nod them, I approach to the fence and with their help I jump to the other side of the fence ending in another yard in front of another house not so much different from my own. After admiring the structure I look down to the kids in front of me, looking better they just look that they were of my same age. The first one to talk was the boy.

"Hi there budy! My name is Sakurai Tomoki!"

He said pointing to his chest with his right thumb in a proud way. The girl also introduced herself.

"Hi, I´m Sohara Mitsuki"

She said waving her hand, with her cheeks a little red… why? I realize that it was my time to the introductions.

"U-uh, h-hi there, I´m Nagato Uzumaki"

Yes, I was a little shy back in there.

"… Uzumaki?"

Ask her putting her finger under her mouth in a thinking way.

"I hadn´t never hear that last name before, are you new in the city?"

I start sweating cold, maybe we were just children but even I had known that it would be totally crazy the true about how I end in here, and with a nervous laugh I gave them the better excuse that I was able to think at the moment.

"Hehe, y-yes, I´m living in that house I just arrive two weeks ago"

Pretty good for a kid.

"Two weeks?! What was you doing all this hold time that we didn´t saw you?!"


"Well… I was… bussy"

Both of them share a suspicious stare… that put me even more nervous at the moment.

"Oh, ok!"

A smile from the two of them told me that they were satisfied with my answer.

"Well… in that case… You got it!"

In that moment Tomoki push me slightly in the shoulder, I look in confusion how both of them start running away from me sharing funny chuckles between them. When they realize that I was still in my place Sohara shout me that I need to chase them, and when I touch one of them the he or she gonna 'have it', when I finally understand it I began my hunt.

We spend a lot of time playing that game, I was pretty good chasing and running to… it was… funny. After another more rounds playing that the three of us fall exhausted to the ground still laughing from all the… fun.

When I finally cool myself down I stand up after thanking them for let me play with them I began my way back home, but them…

"Wait, are you going now?!"

"Y-yes, we finish the game, didn´t us?"

"But we can still play other ones!"

Other ones?...

And yes, we spent the rest of the afternoon playing other funny games to; everything was going good if I need to say it, even in my situation I must admit that… it was funny. In the end all of us were so tired.

"That was too funny!"

Yell Sohara laughing a loudly.

"It´s good to have a new friend"

"… F-friend?"

Then she looked at me whit a mix between worry and surprise.

"Y-yes… we are friends, right?"

Friends… been honest I had never had someone to really call a friend before, back in my old life my house was a little far from the town, so I only was able to go when my mom had to buy something that we need, and we don´t really stay to long in there… so like how you can imagine I wasn´t able to talk with a lot of kids before. After seeing that I had took some time thinking it and that I start to worry them I reply with a big smile.

"Yes, we are friends!"

Then, suddenly, the door in the house that leave to the yard open reveling an adult woman.

"Sohara, dear, time to dinner-… oh, hello there little one. Who´s your new friend, Sohara?"

She said approaching to me, in response I took some steps back, seeing my reaction she gave me a kind smile.

"Hey, don´t worry little man, I not gonna hurt you, you live in the house that is to side to us, didn´t you? That house had been alone for some time"

After saw that the woman was actually good I become a little more confident.

"Y-yes, Mrs."

"Well that´s fine, I love that my little Sohara is able to had more friends, also I would like to meet your parents sooner or later"

She and even Tomoki and Sohara immediately notice that I become a little sad when she told me that.

"It´s something wrong dear?"

"I-I… I… I don´t had parents any more…"

The atmosphere immediately become darker, I was looking to the ground just like I was shame to look them to the eyes… a big but kind hand touching me into the shoulder make me look to her gentle and compassionate smile.

"I´m so sorry dear, don´t worry, if you need something please tell me or Sohara over here, we gonna try our best to help you out"

She was so compressive…

I look around to see how Sohara was giving me a gentle and compassionate smile to. Tomoki… well, he had a face that told 'I don´t have idea what´s going on, but you can count with me to!'.


The first months had been of a lot of understanding, discovery and learning. Sohara´s mother had come all the mornings after attend Sohara first, she made me a decent breakfast… god know that I had want one, to not be a big problem I gave her some of the money to buy the ingredients and other food telling her that I was some of the money my parent left me behind. Another important thing she did for me was to inscribe me in the same school that Sohara and Tomoki assist after learning that I wasn´t going to anyone. In the afternoons, after school, she would come and made me some meal to, or sometimes I would go to their house and eat with them.

Other important stuff was the day that Sohara saw me making some of my training, immediately her curiosity and fascination had been stolen. She had wish to learn so as a good friend, at least that was what my parents had taught me, I try my best to teach her at least the basic of the… personal defense. So in that moment we were, Sohara, Tomoki and me practicing the sage art of the hand-to-hand combat, the exercise was simple, break a plank of wood with the under part of our hands, like a chop. It had taken me a good time to make that myself so I wasn´t so surprised when Sohara and Tomoki weren´t able to break it in their first try… for Tomoki it was the last one because he give up in the moment his hand start hurting. Sohara in the other hand was decided to make it… but she was still failing, I was sad looking how she go to the point of tears after fail another time, I had like to help her but I wasn´t so sure how to do that. Tomoki came with the solution… in his own way.

"Sohara, idiot! You need to be more strong! Here, this should help!"

And after that without consideration or first asking he took his shorts and pulled them down, his face began to be invaded for a strange grin with some blood coming out of his nose as he contemplate what was under Sohara´s belly. Because I had immediately turn around to avoid looking at her, because of what my parents had taught me about always respect the girls, I had only be able to hear the BIG hit Sohara had gave to Tomoki… in that moment I learn two things; my friend Tomoki had a pervert side that only will become stronger with the years… and that my parents were totally right, never miss up with a girl.

After that it was easily for Sohara to break the plank… and Tomoki´s skull along the years.

The last important thing that I could say about that time… was… m-my… my eyes.

One day we were playing in the yard of Tomoki when they pull out a curios topic, my hair. It wasn´t his natural red color but the fact that it always was covering my eyes, I just waved it away telling them that it was the way I like it and that also I was still able to perfectly see. That night that thought that was stalking me since Tomoki put it out take the best of me and I went directly to my bathroom, at first I was just thinking if it would be a good idea to cut it at least a little… but when I rise it up I saw them…

Telling you the true I wasn´t really able to remember exactly how were my eyes, practically I past years with my hair covering them even when I was with my parents, but I was sure that they weren´t the way they are now. They were purple…

Not only the iris was purple but ALL the eyes were purple to, maybe I can let that pass but the most notorious was… the multiple ring-patterns that were surrounding my pupil, one outside the other.

It had come like a maelstrom of emotions to my young mind; fear, surprise, confusion, shock, and other ones. After staying in there for at least half hour looking at them I calm down and began thinking in what I could do.


The time had passed again, six year since I had arrived to this world to be precise.

Now we; Tomoki, Sohara and me, were going to in the Sorami´s high school, yeah that´s the name of our small town; if I could say something about it would be… well, Tomoki describe it a lot of times but to give you the short version it would be, small, nothing of interest but peaceful… in one word, good. I had learn a lot in this years; not only I had become stronger over the years but also I had learn a lot of stuffs about this world in where I live, first of all it seems that in here the people not see the 'Chakra' the same way we had seen it back in the Elemental Nations… oh, yeah, the chakra´s the spiritual and natural energy that we produce and had just to you know, some ones can had a lot and other ones almost nothing for what I had read in my book, something that is very common around here (low chakra)… by the way as how I was saying I also learn a lot of the mores of the place and in school the different subjects that change year-to-year.

The first years in school had been a little complicated, I had knew the basics but in here they teach a lot of different things, no one related to the ninjitsu to my misfortune, but when I get used to all that I become good in the school… I not gonna said I had become the top of the class or the most intelligent because I would be lying, but I at least are a good student… also, something curious had happened me the first days, for some reason that I can understand even today is that the girls had always been so heedful with me, at first I had thought that it was because I was the 'new boy' but to the pass of the years I was still in the eyes of some ones… strange, right? I don´t know I just let it pass and I don´t really put it to much of my attention. Telling you the true I hadn´t really try to get new friends since I had meet Tomoki and Sohara, it was just like I was fine the way I was… talking about them they had learn that I wasn´t exactly the 'talkative' boy; in our conversations in lunch, classroom and other places I had just talk when it was need it or when the subject caught my attention, it doesn´t matter to them so it was fine.

The second important thing of my life would be my training as a shinobi, in one word; Hard. It had been a long and sometimes painful road, but in the end I had paid off… well, I not gonna lie you telling that I´m now a master and can do all the jutsu or genjutsus that the book talk about, even more I wasn´t never able to do at least a lousy one, most because I had never had someone in who try it, and about the jutsus… the same. Don´t get me wrong, I had improve a lot in this years, my taijutsu was good, not exactly that I had use it with someone but I was good, and the most difficult part had been learning how to control the flow of chakra in my body because according to the book if I want to learn jutsus I first need to learn how to control my chakra properly. I had began with some SUPPOSED easy exercises; how to climb a tree… oh, but no the old fashion way, no, no, no, this one was totally different, I had need to climb the tree with only my foots, yeah, crazy.

It had taken me and entire year to learn it but in the end I was able to climb the walls like a spider, cool, no? by the way, after learning that I had been able to learn another useful stuff, how to walk over the water! Something that I had just dominated just some months ago. Also I was able to use my chakra to become physical stronger, faster and agile than any other one.

Another important thing was my eyes… in all this time I had figure out what could they mean. You see, back in my old world it was this legend that talk about the first ninja, the sage of the six paths, he supposedly had save our world from the hate with his special powers that come from his eyes. My book had only had just one page talking about him and not a single picture that could help me secure my ideas about my eyes… but in the end I had, for some reason… just like a hunch, I had realize that maybe my eyes could be the… Rinnegan. The most I was able to figure out was what could MAYBE be the powers that this eyes could had, this six paths that also exist in this world; Deva, Azura, Animal, Human, Preta, and Naraka… it was all that I was able to understand.

Uff… I not gonna lie, this years had been very difficult to, not only for the training that also had been so hard; sometimes I had get stuck in my lessons and without a master to teach me I had get frustrated a lot of times… sometimes I had even get depressed thinking that I would never be able to become a shinobi… curiously after a night of sleep I was able to overpass myself, just like someone had taught me how to do it… curiously. In where I was? Oh yeah, the hard times, as how I was saying it had been difficult… uff… the loneliness. I know I had Sohara and Tomoki, heck even Sohara´s mother sometimes, but it wasn´t enough… sometimes when I hadn´t nothing to do when Sohara and Tomoki were busy when they own stuffs I had just stayed in my room looking through the window, contemplating the life and realizing how long I really was… uff… but don´t worry I had been able to get over all that stuffs even when sometimes I was harder.

Heck, I almost forget it, did you ever had a weird dream? No? well I had had one… and the worst it was that I had had it a LOT of times in this years.

I would always wake in a green valley with a lot of hills, near to a big a green tree. It is always the same, out of nowhere a girl with long and blue hair that cover her eyes with plead me with the most beautiful voice I had hear in a lot of time:

"Please, rescue me"

It was so strange, not only has the fact that she always wears that strange white robe or the fact that she had… wings! But I was the fact that… it feel so… real, I don´t know how to explain it.

That was the reason why I had ended meeting the most… or at least that It´s how everyone cataloged him, weirdo student… Sugata-senpai, a student one year older than us.

One day I had go to him with the recommendation of our student council president, I don´t remember why I had told her about my dream, when she wasn´t able help me… she creep my out to… and well, after telling him about the dream he had gave me one of the most strange explanations of all; that my dream was connected to some kind of 'New world'… now I know why everyone think of him in that way, but for the moment I was the best I had… also, the part about a new world… could it explain how I end here? That two reason had taken me to become a member of the 'New world Discovery Club'… big name, huh? Sugata-senpai was refused to change the name.

Well in the time I was with him I had help him in a lot of weird experiments, most of them trying to fly, and I had learn that, actually, he´s a good person, he doesn´t really talk much but neither me so we came along very well, also he seems to know a lot about all, very useful… I had try to see if he could help figuring out the secrets of my eyes, that I had shown to anyone even him, they still behind my hair. For the moment I had decide to begin with the Azura path, the path of war… for some reason it had caught my curiosity even when I hate the war… I suppose you can guess why.

I had gave him an hypothetic question, I had told him that I had this idea of write a history with a hero inspired in this six paths, so I had ask him what kind of powers he thought could had related with the Azura path.

"Mmm… maybe he could launch beams from his hands or laser from his eyes, or maybe be talented with weapons or even be able to summon weapons… why such an idea, Nagato? "

After get senpai out of my shoulders for that question I had begun a new training.

First I try to use weapons, not firearms but martial-art-ones after an hour realizing that I was good I also realize that I had been a waste of time, I try something different. I go to some hills out of the city because if I was actually right I didn´t want to hurt someone. At first trying to shot beams from my arms… I try all the ways possibles, hand seals (Even when I can´t make any jutsu), different positions but nothing… I´m glad no one was around to saw me because surely I was acting like an idiot… I try the same with my eyes but nothing… finally when I was about to give up I try summoning something… nothing, when I slam my hand with the ground how it supposedly should be nothing happen, in that moment I hit the ground with all my frustration and strength only to end with a small hole in it and a… noise.

It was like someone was disarming some mechanic device, then I realized the strange noise was coming from my right arm… after some seconds… it appear!

My hand immediately started morphing into some strange cannon of some kind! At first it had scares the lights out of me, but after calming down a small grin appeared in my face… I had figured out the first path… or at least a part of it. That evening I had spent all my time trying to used it, of curse aiming to some far hills to not hurt someone or myself to. The first shot had been… a disaster. I had accidentally charge the cannon all the time I had thought I wasn´t doing nothing and when I try again to shot it… well, I blow up to the sky and entire hill… thankfully no one was around to see it. After that I had just decide that it would be the best to leave to home, and after staying another hour figuring how to morph it back to the normality and also how to morph it again into a cannon… just for curiosity and also to see if was still able to do it, I go home and get a good sleep after that.

The next week I had train how to weaken the power of the 'Azura cannon'… yeah, that´s how I had named it, pretty original, right? Well, by the way, I had improve in that time; we can said that I try it first in 0.01 percent… that time I had been really pathetic, but it was right, I didn´t want to hurt anyone, actually I wasn´t hopping to never need to use that path at all.

After a month being part of the 'Club' (I´m not gonna said the hold name, it´s just too long guys) finally it had seem that Sugata had become more confident with me, because the next revelation he made was something I wasn´t expecting at all. It was black and big… A giant Black hold traveling over the sky of our world.

"W-what it´s that, Sugata-senpai?"

"The 'New World', Nagato, the 'New World'"

He said point to the screen of the computer with his little assistant (A small blond doll).

"And I had big news, this night the 'New World' would be over the sky of Sorami City!, this is our opportunity, Nagato the chance to unleashed the secret of the unknown and also your dreams!"

I sweet-drooped after seeing, somehow, furious waves crashing with rocks as a background for Sugata-senpai.


The peaceful and beautiful night had fall over Sorami City; I was at the moment waiting under the 400 years old cheery tree that Sugata had told me to wait for him. I suppose I had arrived a little early because I had wait for a go time until I had a signal from Sugata-senpai… not in the way I had like it.

I took my cellphone and answer it after feeling it vibrating in my pocket, it was Sugata.

"Sugata-senpai, I know I had arrive a little sooner, but come on, it´s starting to get really late"

"… Ru-… th-… -orld… over…-ou"

"Hu? I can´t understand you Sugata, talk crealy"

"Over You!"

That was the moment my life definitely chance for ever.

Following the yell from Sugata I saw the most strange sight in all my life, a giant black hole and it was just over me. Perhaps could not have been that bad if it wasn´t for the fact that sunddenly colossal structures began to fall from the gargantuan anomaly. With my speed I had manage to avoid the first ones, pillars of some kind, and began my retreat when I saw it… no, I saw her. The pink haired girl was rapidly falling from the sky, heck! And that speed and distance she would get crashed with the ground!

I try my best, I sear it over the inexistent grave of my parents that I had run the most fast I can to try to save her, but it was too late. The following shock wave sent me flying to the sky some yards. My back received the most of the punishment as I was been dragged across the field for the mighty force. The adrenaline had begun to pump across my binds; my muscles tense and my skin absorbed chakra to harden itself in an attempt to protect me. After spinning in the ground some more times I stopped, my first thoughts were worry ones thinking that the worst had just happened; I was fine to what could be said it… but the girl…

I ran to the now crater that had appeared after the awful event, I was standing in the edge of the hole waiting for the smoke and flaying dust to clear, waiting to see what could probably be the worst sight I had never saw… but then. When I was able to saw through the chaos I saw her, perfectly fine, aside for some little scrapes in her skin and her strange clothes. Then they caught my surprise… shocked, that was my first impression. Attached to her fine back was a big and pink pair of feathered wings. My stunned was torn apart when a whistle was heard as another pillar cut the wind in its way down to the ground.

This one was so big and so close to us, the time will not gonna be enough to run and the Azura cannon couldn´t be charged in this short time. My heart began to secrete more stimulating substances in my body, my chest hurt with each beat. The pain had come back to my confused head; it was something incomparable, nothing that I had felt since… that time back. Just like the history was repeating itself the feeling suddenly go to my eyes making them to shot open since I was closing them trying to health the pain. I go blind from some seconds, just a fraction, but when I was able to see again from my place panting and sweating heavily in the ground my eyes saw how the colossal structure now was spinning in the air far away from it original target.

I didn´t had the time to ask myself what had just happened, more small earthquakes told me that the deadly rain was still threatening our lives. Turning around I took the girl in arms and began to run at full speed out of there. I didn´t go too far before I realize that somehow a lot of my energy had been drained out of me, I start to feel dizzy and my sight become confused blurs. My knees support my weight as I fell to the ground, I didn´t need to look up to now that another pillar was about to crash out. A single tear fell from my eyes, only repenting myself because I wasn´t the enough strong to save her… just like my destiny was sealed I felt myself floating in the sky, the first and most logic thought had been 'I´m dead' but after realizing that oxygen was still be breathing in my lungs I look around in confusion trying to found an explanation to my surprising luck, finding only the lights of the city down my way I look up only to saw.

Her two beautiful emerald eyes staring at me with an emotionless face. I wasn´t able to stand awake anymore; my conscience began to fade away as I listen what I thought maybe was only my mind playing tricks.

"Begin imprinting"

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