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Chapter 3: Welcome Relief

Now I´m lying in here, in my futon, contemplating how I had ended in what could possibly be the most embarrassing situation in all my life… no, recalling properly, this for sure could be the most embarrassing situation in all my hold life, *Sigh.*


It had begun like any other normal morning, I was ready to start with my daily routine; changing into my school uniform that consist in gray school trousers, a dark red jacket with buttons, that even when I didn´t mind it, it really go well with my natural hair color, and a white t- shirt under it. After that I would made me a decent breakfast, or the best I could… the kitchen isn´t exactly my strong side, and finally I would wash my teeth. But this morning had initiated in a different way.

The first thing was that after waking up an finding Ikaros in all four over me I made a quick, surprised and a little desperate movement pushing myself with my feet and hands, ending lowly and painfully crashing with the opposite wall. I groaned in pain while I gently rub my head, trying to pat away the current grief. Sometimes having all that chakra that allow me to have better physical abilities could be a two-edge sword, but even like it was a contradiction it had save me this time as having a tougher body that prevent me to have a concussion right now.

"Ikaros… ugh… what was you doing?"

I ask fully curious to her, at least it was what I hope, reasonable explanation. She gave me a calm and gentle look, her eyes made you think that she would never mean any harm to anyone, I like that of her.

"I was hoping for Master to awake"

"How long?"

"… All night"

At first I had thought that she was just kidding, but thinking about it better it seems that she wasn´t the girl that make jokes.

"You… hadn´t sleep in all the night?"

She just tilt her head to the right in a curious way like she had now more questions in her head.

"What it´s sleep, Master?"

In other situation, with other person, I would truly think that she wasn´t joking, but, again, remembering who she is I patiently and actually a little amused for her… innocent.

"Well… you know… well, not really 'know' but… ugf… it´s, when you feel tired and then you rest your body in a comfortable position, then you put your mind in blank and allow you go to had some good dreams… most of the time"

"What… are dreams, Master?"

"It´s… they are… it isn´t easy to explain it Ikaros, but know this, they are when your mind allow you to live everything you would like, like having your own world just for yourself and the ones you would like to be in there"

After waiting for some moments to allow her process my poor explanation she finally seems to understand it, but…

"Dreams sound like something good, Master, but we, angeloids, aren´t programmed to do that, I can´t sleep and had that dreams"

I couldn´t help but look at her with a compassionate and empathic gaze. The more I know from here, the most I had this strange feeling… it was just like… like I want to… uf, I don´t know how to put it into words.

After that little… odd beginning I go to my stand and continue with the rest of the morning, after the half decent breakfast I somehow manage to change into my school uniform with the chain still in my right hand and Ikaros in the other side of the door to, obviously, give me some privacy.

It was when I was putting my brown bag, that one that had only one belt that go over the opposite shoulder of where you choose to wear it, when I realize and important fact. The chain. I just couldn´t go to school with Ikaros chained to me, not only because I wouldn´t that, but also because it would look terrible to the eyes of everyone and they would get the wrong idea. After a little panic thoughts, that didn´t affect my external appearance, I began to think in possibilities to get free of this problem. It would be dumb idea to try to hide it, and Ikaros would still be attached to me. Cut it sound like the most logic idea.

"Ikaros, stand firmly"

After my suggestion she put the most tough she was able, almost resembling a strong pillar. I took the chain just for the middle, each hand pulling in a different direction, one in Ikaros´s and the other in my.


She try to prevented me, but I was to concentrated trying to get rid of that chain that I didn´t really pay her attention. After some strong pulls that chain remain in its original state, something surprised because even when I wasn´t using my full strength I was still using some… inhuman force if you can call it in that way. Deciding that it would be pointless to continue with my current tactic I choice to increase a little the force my muscle where using.

Bad idea.

I don´t know if it was the chain or my hand the one that was slippery, because after just some seconds of more pull the hand that was pulling in the direction of Ikaros providing some balance, slip away in a random direction, maybe that would be the problem because I didn´t strike anything aside for the air, but the real complications began when Ikaros´s posture wasn´t able to compensate my pull.


I wasn´t able to complete the phrase when Ikaros fell over me in a… suggestive position. Just to my complete my unlucky day I was able to clearly hear how a pair of footstep were madding their way up in the stairs accompanied for two cheerful and familiar voices that were calling my name.


(Third person POV, some minutes before)

Sohara and Tomoki were just calmly madding their way in under the sunlight of the early morning, to the house of their neighbor and childhood friend, Nagato, not really expecting what they would see in just some moments.

As always, Tomoki already had a lump over his head obviously caused for a deadly hit from Sohara´s hand, the reason? Just Tomoki been Tomoki, or what it´s the same he already had tried to do something perverted to Sohara even this early in the day. Aside for that the two were having a pleasant talk just about some common and daily things like how lazy Sakurai could be in the mornings… after another, actually pointless topics, Sohara pointed out something important for both of them and the reason for their current direction.

"Do you think that Nagato´s fine? I mean he doesn´t come to school yesterday and he almost NEVER miss a day of school"

After hearing the concerned question of her friend, Tomoki began to think in the reasonable reason for the previous lack of his friend in his life.

"Ehmmm… maybe he just go a little sick or something like that, it´s like he would skip a day just because he like it, jeje"

"Yeah, maybe you´re right…"

Said Sohara, as she rest her chin over a hand in a thoughtful way, she wouldn´t like if her dear friend had get in any kind of trouble.

After a some more seconds of silent walk they arrive to the door and just open it like they were in their own house, something that would be a totally lie since Nagato would trust his live on them, a began to search for his missing friend.

"Nagato, where are you dude?"

Casually ask the proclaimed perverted. Sohara contribute with her own search but didn´t go better than how Tomoki had done it.

"Maybe he´s still asleep since he may really got sick"

Propose the cute a kind girl. Both of them follow the road up stairs hoping that everything was fine, when they when they were a few steps from the door their clearly heard a low and dry sound that was if something had just hit against the tough ground. They share confused and worried glances and then began to call the name of his friend in concern.

When Sohara opened the door that leaved to Nagato´s room she didn´t expected the next scene at all.

The three of them froze in place for some minutes, Sohara and Tomoki staring at Nagato and him just returning the stare with a crimson color in his checks that become bigger with every second. Their reactions where different; Sohara just stood in there, her brain trying to process why his kind friend had a girl dressed in that… a little provocative way over his body and both of them lying in the ground. Nagato only gave her an embarrassed gaze that almost shout to her 'I SEAR THIS IS NOT WHAT IT LOOK LIKE!' but when he turn around to look at his male friend he almost immediately go annoyed.

Since Tomoki was the most… slow of the three of them, it took him a little longer to realize the situation, but when his mind gave him the most, at least, logic explanation his face took a Big, a little malicious and victorious smile that go from ear to ear. It was like his face was screaming 'I now it! I now it all this hold time!' since he wasn´t really able to believe, even with all this years of knowing his friend, that a MAN could be able to suppress his basic instincts. He had always thought that Nagato couldn´t really be that 'kind and respectful' with the girls all this years, in his mind EVERY man had a dark and perverted side, no matter how much they want to hide it.

After some more seconds of award silent Sohara was the first to speak, at first it had been just some stuttering.

"N-Nagato… W-what… What´s happening…?"

It was in this point after hearing Sohara´s voice that Nagato snap out of his shamed trance.

"No!... this it isn´t what it looks like, y-you see…"

Then Nagato began to explain the hold situation to his friend, even when he would like to hide all this issue about Ikaros, not for shame but for the worry of been hated, but at this point it would be useless since his friend already had discover it. Of course he skip the parts that were related with his special abilities and the events of the previous day/nightmare. At first Sohara was the most worry, for the first time thinking that Tomoki finally had manage to corrupt the heart of her friend, but with every moment that past and after saw the REAL wings of Ikaros she, at the end, had been able to realize her breath.

"Thank god, I had thought that…" After considering her ideas Sohara´s checks got a good and clear blush "… never mind" said her, waving her hands in a furious and nervous way.

In that moment Tomoki´s idiotic smile that had been pasted in his face the hold time immediately fade and turn into and angry mood.

"W-Wait, What?! What do you mean by 'Oh, thank god'!?"

Sohara look at his friend with a puzzle expression don´t really understanding why he was just so mad.

"Why are you so suddenly angry, Tomo-chan?"

"You say 'why?' if it had been me the one in the same situation you had already torn my head out and kick me to the moon!"

"Oh… well that´s simple, Nagato is Nagato, that´s all"

"AAAaaaggghhh!... what kind of stupid explanation is that!?"

At this point if they were in some kind of manga Tomoki´s head had already began to expel smoke in confusing agony.


After their little misunderstanding the trio of friends were in their way to assist to their respective school. Sohara and Tomoki still discussing… or more exactly, yelling to each other about how it was so unfair the way Sohara treat Tomoki in comparation, behind all that a single red hair teen had get lagging, so deep in his thoughts that he didn´t notice that his steps had become slower in compared with his friends.

He was considering the previous events, it had truly surprise him how his two best friends had just so easily accept the existence of an alien girl that had wings and unbelievable powers, her cards of course, and also was staying, at least for the moment, with him. In his point of view he had expected panic or even fear, but it had been totally different, it had seem that Sohara had already like the Ikaros and Tomoki… now that he thought better about it, his perverted friend had been giving Ikaros some indecent stares, especially in the area around her chest.

He can, only to some point, understand the attitude of his friend, telling the true her armor leaves provocatively exposed her… breats. A small blush come to the checks of the all most formed shinobi. Otherwise, it still irritated him for some reason, it wasn´t like he hadn´t saw that look in Tomoki eyes, but then again it really annoy him that he look at Ikaros in that way. He better not try something weird around her.

Just for some small fraction of second his brain began to wonder the true sanity of his friends, but at fast at it had come it went when he shook his head and those thoughts.

Now another idea or more exactly, a new problem had come to his mind… or maybe two. Seen how well had come along the entire hold thing about his new guest now he was considering a very important fact. He had always keep in secret all this hold years his secrets even to Sohara and Tomoki, but now, and not only with all that about Ikaros but also after he saw all that… nightmare, he began to consider if he most tell them about his abilities… besides, if he really was a threat for the security of his friends they had the right to know it, and then they would be the ones to decide what to do; stay with him or reject him.

Also it was now that, that nightmare as how he was telling himself all this days… now, he wasn´t so sure if it was the best for him and also all of them if he continue rummaging more about what his eyes could truly do. He had had a 'proven and tested' and he hadn´t like it at all. He wouldn´t be able to endure another… pain, like that one.

The tree of them had been walking for some more minutes until they finally arrive to the gates of their lovely school… yeah, of course. Then in a strange act, all the mess that was the groups and groups of students talking, running or just going well had suddenly become quite, all the stares had come to the new arrivals. Sohara and Tomoki were the first to notice this and stop their small and almost marital fight, looking to each other in confusion. Sohara then realize that the stares weren´t coming to her or to his secret love, even for him, but to a certain red haired boy behind them. When Sohara and Tomoki, he following her, turn around they almost felt their blood becoming ice, a small shiver going up in their spines.

After some seconds in where Nagato had been just staring at the ground in a thoughtful way, he also finally felt the weight of the stares. At first he was confused but then following the way of the looks he turn around and almost felt his heard stop. There, in the middle of the air, was a pink haired girl just gracefully floating behind her master, with her chain still clearly attached to Nagato´s hand. Cold sweet began to fall from the forehead of the red haired teen as he could easily hear all the whispers of his schoolmates thanks to his improved skills, with a special thanks to his almost magical chakra.

It was truly impressive how fast he had grab Ikaros for the hand and had run in an apparent random direction, Truly, his mind had had the time to process the situation even with all the pressure and stress, he wasn´t really running just for run, he was going to the most safer place he could thing in the school since his house was just too far right now.


Sugata was at the moment calmly inspecting tons and tons of data that appear in the screen of his computer in the "New world discovery club", the information easily was reflected in his glasses as he continued with his tireless research. He was about to take a drink from a nearly glass of water in his desk when suddenly the door of the room was thrown open almost cracking the wall. It wasn´t the spontaneous event that surprise him, instead it had been who had enter the room, more specifically with who this person had come. His eyes become bigger and his face took a surprised expression, of course all of that had been in just a fraction of seconds until he remain his calm composure.

"… Nagato?"

Casually ask the older teen, with his calm and serene voice that easily throws intelligence and cunning. He patiently wait for his ancillary and friend to get some air since he was painting heavily, for Sugata was a rare scene, the redhead boy didn´t get tired so easily, he had saw him doing all the task in the P.T. classes without even sweet, but he could tell that the reason, that was a good reason, was his new…friend besides him.

"…S-Sugata-senpai, I… I had something… to tell you" Answer Nagato still painting some more times, at least more calmly than before.

"Yes, I can see that" Said the white haired teen as he minutely inspected the new girl in the room. It wasn´t her natural beauty that caught his attention, no, he was a more serious man than that, but instead it had been the pair of pink and big wings that come out of her back, ratting her not human origin.

After that they spent the next half hour as Nagato explain the hold story since the night he meet Ikaros, slightly omitting the portions about the "N-Day" and his little incident in the morning. Sugata was calmly and seriously listen to every word his friend said, assimilating and processing all. In the end of the explanation the glassed teen took his time until he come with a reply.

"Uhmm… yes, it seems that our theories were correct, the night you had go to that hills you had truly found a door… no, a portal of some kind to the 'New World' this could be really exited" Even when he said it his expression remain the same, neutral, ending with Nagato feeling a little uncomfortable with the fact of his almost deadpan attitude.

"So.. wha-"

Before Nagato could finish his question the door opened itself again, showing behind it the two friends of the younger teenager, and also a new companion.

"Ei-kun, it had heard about a new interesting girl coming this morning, could be this cutie?"

Ask a calm and, for some strange reason a little scary voice. It was Satsukitane Mikako, the president of the class and also Sugata´s childhood friend. Just behind her two more teen suddenly jump into the room, asking some question to his friend like "Where was you?" and other ones like "Are you part of this oddness?" referring to the club, that one was actually a question from Tomoki. The talk remained for some moments until the new arrivals center their attention in the winged girl.

Nagato, again, had been left behind thinking about his predicaments one more time. Even with all the assault of question, the majority from the class president, Sugata saw the uneasy mood of his friend. Going to the door and passing beside Nagato, Sugata gesture him to follow him outside. It had really caught the red haired teen in surprise, it was impressive the ability of his friend to see the minor details, even in the people.

The corridor was totally empty; it was something normal since the class had already started. The duo of friends rested their elbows in the small bard of concrete that allow any student with free time to see the courts some floors down.

"It something wrong, Nagato?" Simply ask the young man.

This was the point where the emotions and thoughts of the poor shinobi really become a mess. This could be the opportunity he was waiting for to get out of his chest all that pressure that put hide his secret. Even more it was Sugata the one was asking the question, maybe Nagato hadn´t known him for so long but he had easily gained his trust, Sugata was simply that kind of person you know you can trust anything and he will keep it at a secret if you want it. But the doubt was there. He wasn´t able to know if this could really be the best to do, risk his, partially, calm life for the chance of a help and better compression of his friends… the heck with that, if he could trust his friends then he was truly alone in the world.

"Actually… Sugata-senpai… I had… I had been hiding something all this time"

The expression in Sugata´s face didn´t move even an inch, just like he was already expecting this. He noded, telling him to continue.

"I… you see… it´s that…" Even when he want to tell him he wasn´t able to find the correct way to do it, that if it was actually a correct way to say something like that. "Uff… I would be better if you just see it"

After that Nagato, slowly and still with some hesitation, began to rise up the hair that was covering his forehead and eyes. He let them close for some seconds after clearing the way to the sight until he finally made his mind.

Sugata was actually truly surprised, not because he was afraid or wasn´t expecting something alike, but the sight was just truly amazing. The eyes of his friend were really a unique thing, they weren´t disgusting, but instead their design impressed and caught the curiosity of Sugata.

"…Truly interesting, Nagato" Said Sugata, his calm and neutral tone had just faltered a little for one second.

"Well… thanks, but there still more… you see…"

And with that Nagato began a little resume, with some invented parts, of the hold history of how he had born with the, now known to Sugata as the Rinnegan, and had released it just some years ago. All this hold time trying to figure out its meaning and the abilities that… maybe, could bring. Sugata didn´t interrupt him, and in the end he just turned around and began to return to his club. Nagato almost froze in fear, truly fearing that his friend hadn´t like at all the true, and now maybe he would not only chase him, but also even tell it to some important person that could easily finish with the peaceful way of live he was having for the moment. It was when he heared Sugata words when he was able to finally calm himself.

"I´m glad you had told me this, Nagato. I´m sure this has been difficult for you… don´t worry, I know how keep a secret… but, you should tell them too"

"Y-yeah, I would tell them, Sugata"

Nagato had already started his way to the club too when Sugata stop him for another time.

"Also, there still one more issue that must be solved, Nagato"

The redhead teen swallow some spittle under his throat, fearing that now was truly coming a bad thing… but instead.

"Ikaros is a resident from this 'New world' it would be the better if you take care of her at least for now"

Immediately Nagato aura turned more… sadder.

"Sugata-senpai…" His voice was serious as he spoke "She had said some things, talking about me becoming her master… and other things… I- I… couldn´t slave her!... she is just… I couldn´t had her with me!... ugh… I couldn´t explain it, I just don´t want the things to be in this way..."

It was tiny, almost invisible, but Sugata gave Nagato a compassionate smile.

"Nagato… you truly care for this girl, don´t you?" The young shinobi only nod in response "Don´t worry, I´m sure that you are the indicated to take care of her… you wouldn´t be doing something bad" At this point Nagato felt how the hand of his friend was resting in his shoulder in a affective way "Besides… thing that it would be better if she stay with you, who knows what could had happened if she had imprinted herself with… I don´t know, Tomoki"

A small shiver came to the bottom of the spine of Nagato to the top of it. He didn´t hate his friend at all, but the idea of Tomoki having a GIRL as his… servant, didn´t sound right at all. Maybe Sugata was right… well he almost all the time was. So we that, Nagato reply Sugata with a smile, telling him that he had really help him just listening. Both of them open the door, Sugata in front of Nagato, who finally was able to leave a sight of true relive in years.

"Sohara, Tomoki, I had something that I would like to-"

He immediately froze in his sentences. The view in front of him had burn his brain, at least for some moments. There was Tomoki, just graving one of Ikaros breaths in such a shameless way. All the ones in the room turn their attention to the new gems in the room, even Sohara that was more than ready to bring hell to Tomoki, the purple and complicate-design eyes of Nagato had surprised everyone.

Tomoki maybe could had be able to stare at them in wonder and some confusion too, but then… he felt how he almost had a heart attack when suddenly one murderer and dark aura began to form around his friend. It was just like the ones that form around Sohara when she was about to punish him for his supposed wrong acts. He had never saw his friend in this state, even when he had do a lot of perverted things in the past he had just allow the girls to get their revenge and, inclusive, had save him when he thought that it had been enough. But now…

"T-TOMOKI…WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" His voice was cold and could easily be heard the anger in it.

"U-uh… t-this it isn´t… This it isn´t what it looks like!"

Said the little pervert when the shock had finally past, but it was just too late.


After that he slowly made his way through the room until he was just some inches in front of Tomoki, the one that at least had released his indecent grab from Ikaros, the poor boy could feel how the almost killing sight of Nagato cut his soul. All in the room look in more surprise and fascination, except for Tomoki that actually did it in fear as his face took a pale tone, how the right hand of his red haired friend began to… morph, in some kind of strange weapon, maybe a cannon.

Tomoki began to yell in panic when Nagato took him for the back side of the collar of his white t-shirt and then introduced him strongly in the mouth of the cannon, latching his butt in it.

"AAGGHH! W-what are you doing?!"


For more amazement of all in the room, especially for Sugata that was now contemplating the power of the rinnegan, Nagato aim the weapon, and Tomoki, out to the window, getting a clear shot since it was opened. The next calm and cold words of Nagato almost make Tomoki to black out.


And with that the formed perverted fly in the airs, screaming as the powerful force of the mighty weapon impulse him at really highs speeds. Strangely but also thankfully Sakurai had shown over the years that he had a really good resistance, if it wasn´t the case maybe Sohara had already had kill him some years ago. For the moment his smoky butt is the only thing peeking out of the ground, the rest of his body fully buried, somehow he was still able to breath.

Sohara was already in his way to see if his friend was alright, she didn´t really blame Nagato for his actions, even when she was more than confused just how he had do that she known that Tomoki really deserved it, also she knows that the clear skin boy would never really harm his friend.

Sugata only could watch whit a wick and pleased smile how Nagato began to calm down and also ask Ikaros if she was fine. One only thought coming in his mind in that moment.

"Yes, I´m pretty sure you would take good care of her, Nagato"

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