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Dominique Weasley sat laughing with her cousins at one of the stupid jokes James was telling. Anyone could tell she loved her family since she was usually seen with her Slytherin robes over her clothes and a glare, which was why she was called the Slytherin Ice Princess. Few could call themselves her friend without being hexed, only Scorpious Malfoy, Teddy Lupin (Though he was almost family), and Casper Zabini could claim being best friends with her. With her long strawberry blonde hair a mix of her parents and light green eyes from her father, she was known as the most beautiful girl in Hogwarts since her sister left.

Dominique rolled her eyes at her cousin and looked up quickly as Rose Weasley came bursting in squealing about Scorpious asking her out. Tears collected in her eyes though she refused to let it show as she stood up and walked out of the common room and down to the lake. A couple hours later Scorpious came down and sat next to her, "What's wrong Nikka?" She turned and looked at him, "Why Rose? Any other girl I could hate but you had to choose my cousin. Why?" Scorp looked confused, "What do you mean Dominique?" Dom suddenly grew angry, "Why did you have to ask out my cousin? You've been flirting with me all year and now you ask her out? Why! Don't you know I've been in love with you since fourth year? Now you're asking out my fifth year cousin of all people?"

To her shock, she felt tears slide down her face as she yelled at him. "Never mind forget it Scorp." She stood up then leaned down and kissed him gently before running up to the castle not caring that he was yelling. "DOMINIQUE COME BACK! PLEASE LET ME TALK!" He eventually slumped down and put his head on his knees sadly. That day Dominique packed up her trunk, told the Headmaster she was leaving, went to Shell cottage to pack, then disappeared.

-End Flashback-

A loud gasp escaped the young strawberry blonde's lips as she shot upright on her bed. As usual the nightmare was perfectly on time, every Friday she would wake up gasping for air trying to forget her lost love. "He doesn't love you, stop pining over him." She muttered as she got out of bed and walked through her tiny hut into the kitchen to get a drink of water.

Setting the glass back in the sink, she glanced at the wall clock and noticing it was only a hour before she needed to get up anyways she headed into her room to change. Pulling on some jeans, a tank top, and her dragon skin boots, she headed out of her hut and towards the hatchery. A couple of the eggs had began to hatch recently and she was excited at the thought of working with a baby again. Every year when the baby eggs would hatch everyone would gather together and pick out the baby dragon they wanted to add to their group of dragons.

The reason they did it this way was so that by the time the dragons were large and vicious, they would be bonded to their trainer making it safe for them to work with the huge creatures. Stepping into the building, she immediately walked over to the Chinese Fireball section and looked inside. All the babies for this breed were hatched so she knew that today would be the day that everyone picked their babies. The Chinese Fireball's were always the last group to finish hatching so just looking at their pen she knew the rest would be hatched. Wandering around the pens, she wasted the next hour feeding the babies little scraps of meat until the horn sounded calling them all to the front of the hatchery for picking day. Opening the door she stepped out and walked over to her Uncle Charlie's side.

"Nightmares?" The stocky redheaded male asked as he rubbed at a burn on his arm.

"Course, it was Friday." Dominique replied swatting his hand away from the burn before returning her attention to the front as they were called to walk inside and pick their babies. Heading over to the largest pen where all the babies were now located, she gave a short gasp of surprise when she noticed a Romanian Longhorn baby. Glancing at her uncle, she knew he had also spotted it and was already calling out the babies number to claim it as his own. Laughing slightly at his need to have all the rarest babies she continued looking through the dragons. Seeing a Hebridean Black, she quickly called out it's number before grinning when they gave her the thumbs up.

While she knew that her new dragon would never be 'tame' she was excited to at least try and get it somewhat tame. Hopping into the pen where her Uncle was chasing his own baby dragon, she quickly walked over and scooped the baby up. Surprisingly it nestled down in her arms and fell asleep immediately. "Such a sweet baby." She cooed as she climbed out of the pen carefully and took off towards her dragon's area. She had a large section of land where all the dragons in her care were together. The newest babies were always behind wards to keep them safe until they got through their first year when they were let free. Setting the newest baby down in it's new nest, she headed towards the feeding pens.

Currently she had 5 dragons in her care even though it was only her third year here. The first two years she had gotten two as a way to prove to the other dragon tamers that she could stick it out and keep up with the job. On her first day working at the reserve, she had wandered into a pen of a older dragon who's handler had left the reserve. To everyone's surprise the Peruvian Vipertoothhad not killed her but let her stroke it's nose. Since she had no dragons at the time, the very friendly dragon had became hers and renamed Vampire because of his nippy nature. From her first year she had a male Welsh Green named Jacko, and a female Chinese Fireball named Belle. From year two she had a male Antipodean Opaleye named Iggy, sadly her female Welsh Green from that year was killed when she escaped and caused widespread panic over a nearby muggle city.

Walking into the pen she caught the rope of 2 sheep and a small lamb before leading them out of the pen and towards her dragon's pen. While she wasn't the biggest fan of feeding the sweet little sheep they raised and trained to walk on a leash, she knew that her dragons would die without being fed. Opening the fence, she released the two adults before leading the lamb to the 'butcher' that was in charge of killing and getting the meat for the babies. Setting the lamb in the pen as payment for the meat she needed, she walked inside.

"Hey Butch I need some meat!" The inside smelt like wood, the smell Butch chose to leave behind after using magic to clean everything up.

"Of course you do, everyone does." A large man said standing up from behind the counter and tossing her a bag of meat. "You left a lamb?" He asked.

"Yep, thanks Butch." Dominique grinned heading back to her dragons so she could feed her newest baby who she was planning on calling Dante. Rubbing the scales on top of his head, she placed the meat on the ground and headed out so she could go home and change. Saturdays were never busy days, they only needed to feed their dragons then they were free for the day. Tonight Dominique was planning on going on some stupid dating show her friend had made her enter. Luckily with her magic she would be able to sneak out every morning and night to take care of her dragons. Quickly packing her bag, and the portkey, she felt a hook behind her belly button and she was off. She landed a couple blocks from the stage where she was told to go and quickly headed that way. She couldn't help by stare at the city, Phoenix, Arizona was different from any place she had been before. Dom was lucky that her Uncle Charlie had been able to get a portkey that would work as many times as needed to go from where she had landed back to her hut at the reserve.

"Let the fun begin." Even someone who didn't know her would be able to hear the sarcasm in her voice as she walked into the building to her doom, at least that's what she had originally thought of the show. The question was, is she really 'Ready For Love'?

AN: Ok, so I have no idea where the idea for having her be on 'Ready For Love' came from. I was planning on her meeting a guy at like a bar but then boom I had written it as she was going on 'Ready For Love'. Tell me what you think!

EDIT: Originally she was suppose to be on 'The Bachelor', but I changed a bit of the last two paragraphs.