The next weeks passed rapidly and before Felice could even worry about what their team mates would say if they would see her and Lennox arriving together, she found herself sitting in the plane to Miami. James' family had booked several rooms in a hotel, were Lennox, Felice and the other NEST members were staying.

Now, it was almost time to leave for the wedding dinner, but Felice still struggled with her hair. She was not satisfied yet. A knock on her door interrupted her small curse tirade and she rushed to the door, still in a white bathrobe.


"Felice, we have to leave. The cab is waiting already." she heard Lennox' voice through the door.

"I… uh… need some more time."

"I know. Come on, we are going to be late. Don't be so girlish!"

Felice grinned as she heard his words.

"I won't have to be girlish, if James had allowed us to wear a uniform. And hey, you asked me."

"I am starting to regret it." Lennox replied, but Felice could tell that he was teasing her.

"Go, I will come later. And you won't regret it." Or let's hope so, Felice added silently and hustled back into the bathroom as she heard Lennox walking away.

Half an hour later, Felice was sitting in a cab that brought her to her destination. She was so nervous, like they were having a real date.

Stop it, girl. You have a deal with him, she told herself firmly and waited for the driver to stop in front of the entrance. She paid him, took a deep breath and got out of the car.

Like their first date in DC, Lennox was waiting in front of the entrance, but this time he wore a black tuxedo that was fitting him perfectly. One hand casually in the pocket of his dress pants, he glanced around for her. Then he spotted her and his expression changed completely.

For a moment he just stared at her. She wore a sparkly black one shoulder mini-dress with black high-heels. Her long blond hair floated over her sleeved- shoulder in big golden waves. Was this really the woman he was working with every day; wearing a uniform and full protective gear?

Just as she'd reached him, he found back his tongue. Felice shot him an uncertain glance.

„How do I look?"

"You look breathtaking."

Felice gave him a thankful smile and tightened the grip around her clutch. She had been unsure if she would be overdressed, but since James had told her that their wedding would be in one of Miami's most exclusive hotels (Emily's father knew the owner), she'd decided to wear something special. But even though she tried to tell herself it was just for the special occasion, she could not shut out the voice in her ear telling her that she was doing this to impress Lennox.

"Shall we, Colonel Lennox?"

She tensed and stepped to her friend who was about to close his jacket and linked arms with him.

"Ready when you are, Commander Manning." he smirked and led her into the building. It turned out that bride's father had rented the whole hotel and so it was not easy to find their coworkers and the happy wedding couple.

Felice spotted their team first. They had turned their backs at them and were talking to James and his bride. By the sight of the familiar people, Felice slowed down. Somehow, she was just as nervous as minutes ago when she'd seen Lennox, but this time is was different. They would see her as the girl she obviously was, not as the tough soldier who would have their backs in a fight. They would see her with their CO; in private. And Felice wasn't sure if she and Lennox weren't crossing the line they'd become so used to dance on in the past couple of months. But now there was no turning back.

Lennox sensed her changed mood and gently placed his hand on the small of her back. She turned to him and for a moment they looked into each other's eyes, forgetting everything around them.

"It was worth waiting every second for seeing you like this." he whispered and she held her breath when he carefully adjusted a strand of her hair, as if he was afraid to destroy her beauty. Then, from one second to the next, his old grin was back. Felice glanced to the small group of people and took a deep breath.

"Go get them, tiger."

They walked towards their friends and she could not keep the grin of her face, as she saw one by one turn around to them; just staring at her. Seeing her like that and with Lennox; the look on their faces was priceless.

"Hey guys." Felice said, but no one except Epps was able to speak.

"Felice… you look absolutely wonderful." he smiled and gave her a light kiss on her cheek, thereby whispering to her: "Girl, what are you getting yourself into?"

"I was asking this very question myself." she replied as quietly as him, but as she saw him still smiling, she knew that he was glad that Lennox had asked her.

One after one said hello to them; paying Felice numerous compliments about her outfit. Her sorrows about what her team would think vanished within minutes. Then they finally managed to congratulate the newlyweds. It turned out that James' bride was French and Felice had the opportunity to speak in her native language. She congratulated her on the marriage and they chatted about the food and some brands Emily found hard to get in the states.

"Mais oui, je sais une magazine où vous pouvez achêter toutes ces choses." she replied. "Connaissez-vous Pierro bakery? Le propriétaire va importer tout vous avez besoin de."

Emily nodded smiling, thankful for the tip. She explained that she wanted to cook an original French meal for her new family. But she couldn't get hold of a few special ingredients. They chatted for a while; then they were called away for the dinner. Felice and Lennox took their places along with their team members and their partners. It was a funny dinner and they had a really good time.

As soon the dinner was over, they got up to get some fresh air. While Epps and Scott volunteered to get some drinks, Lennox pulled Felice aside.

"Did I miss something?" Lennox asked her, as soon as they were alone.

"Why?" Felice replied with a confused look.

"You speak French?"

"Sure. I was born there. It's in my file."

"I must have skipped that part." Lennox mumbled.

"Any issues with my origin?" Felice asked eying at him suspiciously.

"Of course not." Then a teasing grin curled his lips. "Actually, I think it's sexy."

"Sexy?" Felice raised an eyebrow, not knowing that Lennox loved her for that. "We had…"

"…a deal. Why can't you just let me pay you a compliment without thinking that I am going to take advantage of you?" he said in a fake hurt tone.

Felice laughed.

"I am still trying to get used to that. Normally, I don't get many compliments when wearing my uniform."

"You would get a compliment from me every time I see you, darling."

Her head flew around as she saw Epps heading to her, obviously having overheard their conversation.

"Thanks, Epps. I'll drink to that."

She took the small glass filled with liquor and raised it.

"To our happy married couple."

"To James and Emily." the others replied in union. "Let's get the party started."


Mais oui, je sais une magazine où vous pouvez achêter toutes ces choses. – Of course, yes. I know a shop where you can get all these things.

Connaissez-vous Pierro backery? Le propriétaire est francais et va importer tout vous avez besoin de. – Do you know Pierro bakery? The owner is French and will import/get you everything you need.

AN: To those of you being French readers or native speakers. Please don't kill me for my translation. I don't get to speak this beautiful language not nearly enough. And to be honest: sometimes it's quite confusing to be native in German, writing and speaking English while inserting French to this story. Anyway, I hope you liked this chapter! Thanks for reading!