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Chapter Ten: Hello, Old Friend, Good to be Back


I yelped as I ducked and managed to keep my head on my shoulders. Tails quickly leapt in and smashed the Eggpawn over the head with a dustbin lid. It froze, sparking, before I straightened my back and sped towards it, punching the electronics out of its circuits. Its head came clean off, but I hissed and rubbed my throbbing knuckles. Ow.

"Sonic! Are you okay?" Even though I thought I'd disguised my wounded cry, Tails approached with a worried expression, "Your hand—!"

"—It's fine!" I threw my head up and blinked, wishing that my voice hadn't sounded so high-pitched. After offering Tails a wobbly grin, I responded, "C'mon! We'd better help the other two. Don't worry about me. I'm good."

"Don't push yourself too hard, okay? Knuckles and Shadow can handle it too. The pressure isn't all on you."

"And miss out on all the fun?" Yes, please! "Thanks, buddy. You be careful!"

"'Will do!"

I sped off, wondering if Tails would notice if I hid behind a bin again for the rest of the fight. Thankfully, Shadow seemed to be focusing on distracting and destroying the real metal nightmares, and the rest of us were left with the 'scrap metal', according to Knuckles. Scrap metal? They could take off limbs in one shot! It was no wonder that Sonic tried to protect me, during fights. Then again, if only I had my hammer...

"Sonic! A little help here?!" The grunt came from the right, and I turned my head in surprise. Knuckles was heaving against an Eggdrone, desperately pushing against its foot, preventing it from stomping on him.

I nodded, a complete wreck inside, until I noticed a make-shift ramp, thanks to a fallen road sign.

Before I knew it, I was sailing over the ramp and into the air. With little time to waste, I curled into a ball and spun as quickly as I could, targeting the robot's side. My back slammed into the metal, oddly painlessly, as the entire machine toppled onto its side.

Proud, I landed and felt my legs shake. Knuckles wiped his forehead with the back of his hand, smirking as he jogged over, "Not too shabby, Sonic. Not your best, but, you know."

"You can't complain!" I moaned, throwing my hands onto my hips, as his eyes shone in amusement, "Don't forget, I saved your sorry behind! Next time, I'll let the robot turn you into a Knuckles pancake!"

"Sure. But then who would constantly save your ass?"

"Uh, no one!"


"Let's keep going, guys," Tails interrupted, moving his head, as Knuckles threw a rock at the robot who attempted to sneak up on the fox, "There's still a lot of them."

"He's right," Knuckles nodded at me and turned his back, but he suddenly yelled, "MOVE, QUIC—!"


I covered my eyes. There was a huge explosion of light, which slowly dispersed, as my sight settled back to normal. I let my hands drop to my sides and gasped when pink quills rolled backwards, leaping up and brandishing a hammer. Whoa. He looked so cool. I looked so cool, "Soni—!"

"Get movin'!" Sonic shouted, waving us away with one hand. Tails took a step back, but both Knuckles and I were frozen in amazement.

"You just hit the missile. Like it was nothin'... with one swing?" Knuckles mumbled under his breath, not letting his eyes leave the pink hedgehog, "Where did you learn to do that?"

"I had a good teacher," Sonic grinned in my direction, but he quickly exchanged the expression for seriousness, "Now. Get out of the way. Go help Shadow or somethin'."

"Right," Knuckles dashed off, after briefly glancing at me. He didn't look too happy about taking orders from 'Amy', but he compiled anyway. Sonic always took a natural position of leadership, no matter the situation.

I felt like a spare part. I watched, for a moment, as Sonic whacked several robots over the head with the hammer. In the distance, I vaguely heard the voices of Rouge and Cream conversing with Tails, but then Sonic spoke, "Amy. C'mon, I can't take these things down by myself. We need to work together."

"I'm on it!" Though he seemed to be doing fine by himself, judging by the trails of robots limbs, "Where do you need me?"

"Right in front of me! Remember Fastball?" Impatient as always, he didn't wait for my reply and instead leapt behind me, swinging the hammer in preparation. Crowds of robots trawled towards us, "I know you can do this!"

I revved into a spin-dash, just as he had taught me to do, and I was surprised that it felt natural. There was a quick bonk on my back, as Sonic swung the hammer into me, and I was sailing through the air, still spinning, before I hit the first robot.

My eyes were closed and I let Sonic concentrate. Every few seconds, I would smash into something — be it a robot or the hammer — as I was bounced from foe to foe. We hadn't used this move in years and, when we had, I was the one swinging. We really had swapped places.

Then there was nothing left to hit, and I was tumbling backwards without support. My spine uncurled and my arms quickly wrapped around my waist, before I landed on the floor on top of something else. There was a wheezing beneath me, before I quickly scurried to my feet and held my hand out to Sonic. He'd caught me. He'd saved me.

"Sonic, are you alright? Oh, please, tell me you're not hurt!" I panicked, throwing his arm over my shoulder and letting him lean on me for support.

He breathed deeply, but he chuckled, "Don't tell me... this is gonna... become a habit."

I laughed in relief, "'Seems like it's a habit for both of us, huh?" My eyes trailed upwards, as the sound of fighting faded.

Shadow was close, unfazed, and quietly brushed himself down. He met my gaze and a flicker of a smile appeared, until he pretended that he hadn't been concerned. Cream and Cheese wore gleeful expressions, as they celebrated the victory with high-pitched cheers. Rouge was already combing her hair for any imperfections, but she seemed distracted. Knuckles and Tails grinned, as they shared a fist bump, but then all eyes suddenly fell on us.

"Everyone okay?" Sonic asked, his crushed lungs now healing, "Nobody hurt?"

"Nope. All good here," Tails replied, with a thankful nod, "Are you and Sonic okay?"

"Yeah, we're fine, budd— Tails," He grinned, hoping to cover up his mistake, but Knuckles' eyes narrowed.

"Good. Now that Eggman's latest plot is ruined and everyone's still alive, let's get down to the business of you two," Knuckles stepped forward, squaring up to me, "Out with it. What's wrong with you two?"


"W-What?" With a weak grin, I held up my hands and snickered, "What're you on about?"

"Don't play dumb, Amy. We know something's going on, and it's about time you told us what," Knuckles glared, prodding his fist against my body's chest. Amy grit her teeth in a nervous beam, obviously starting to worry.

She tittered, "C-Calm it, Knux—!"

"Just tell us!" He lashed out, attempting to roughly grab hold of Amy, who managed to dodge, just in time. I felt like reprimanding Knuckles for his rough grab, but then I remembered that he and I were often like that. It wasn't entirely his fault, "Stop playin' games!"

"Real mature," I snapped, holding back a growl at Rouge's folded arms, "Oh, you're not gonna attack me?"

She pressed her lips together, "We're not leaving until everything is out in the open."

"Guys, c'mon! This is getting ridiculous!"

Rouge raised her hands to Tails' protests, "I'm sorry, Tails, but your birthday celebrations are going to have to be put on hold. The sooner Amy and Sonic tell us, the sooner we can relax."

"You're taking this far too personally, Rouge," Shadow didn't back down under her stare, and she seemed to relent, "They say nothing is wrong. Leave it at that."

"No! No. I'm not ignoring my instincts any longer. Something is up!"

"Listen to Shadow!" Amy cried.

Knuckles squared up to her, "Nice try, Sonic. You're not gettin' out of it that easily."

"Please, stop!" We blinked and peered down at Cream, who shook as she yelled. Cheese circled her ears, as the rabbit gulped and continued, "Please don't fight! It's not Mr Sonic and Amy's fault! They're not really themselves!"

"Cream?" I shared a glance with Amy, who had evidently started to panic.

Rouge bent down, "What do you mean, Cream?"

"I mean that they're not themselves, at the moment! That's not Sonic—" She pointed at Amy, before turning to me, "—and that's not Amy!"

"S-She must have gotten scared by the fight!" Amy interrupted, stuttering her excuses and attempting to hush Cream's theory, "She's clearly not feeling well! I'll take her back to her house, and she can rest and-!"

"They've swapped bodies!"




"How can you possibly even know that?" I mumbled, inaudible under my breath, but Cream stared at me and began to explain.

"C-Cheese was the first to suggest it, during the fight, but I wasn't too sure, at first. So we paid attention, when we spent time with Amy. And, well, what with Mr Shadow and Amy talking to each other..." She blinked at me with those too adorable chocolate eyes, "...It was like how Mr Sonic and Mr Shadow talk."

"I-I can't get my head around this!" Knuckles swivelled between Amy and I, as he gaped like a goldfish, "Y-You're not...? You're... but, Sonic-!"

"Surely you don't believe this?" Rouge peered back at Shadow, who shifted uncomfortably and said nothing at all, which said everything, "You do, don't you? No. You know something!"

He briefly met my gaze, before he confessed, "Don't look at me like that, Sonic. They know, now."

"You were in on it?" Knuckles' eyes reached the size of saucers.

"You were their accomplice?" Rouge rolled her eyes, "Of course. All this time, it wasn't Amy that you were flirting with. It was Sonic."

"Excuse me? Flirting? This fool-"


"-begged me for help! I didn't have a choice!"

"And yet you managed to convince everyone that Shadow the Hedgehog had a crush on Amy Rose. You might wanna work on your acting abilities, Honey."

Amy laughed, "That's exactly what we told Sonic!"

"I still can't believe it!" Tails placed a hand on my shoulder and frowned, "Sonic?"

Guiltily, I sighed, "I'm sorry, buddy, but we did what we thought was best at the time. We didn't think you'd believe us, so one lie turned into another. It was the easiest way."

"So, Sonic confessing his undying love for Amy-?" Knuckles raised an eyebrow at me.

I glowered and shot a glare at Amy, "That was not part of the plan."

"Let me get this straight. I went shopping with Sonic the Hedgehog. And you fought..." Rouge turned to Knuckles, who bashfully lowered his head.

"Amy Rose."

"Yeah," I rubbed the back of my head, "It's been a weird couple of days."

"But!" Amy spoke up, suddenly looking at me with an incredibly thoughtful expression, "In these last few days, I've realised something. Sonic, before we switched, I said some... really hurtful things to you. I didn't know how hectic your life actually is. You're always waiting to be called into an attack and stopping some latest evil scheme. Even at things like Tails' birthday, you can never really relax. I should have been more empathetic. I'm sorry."

"Thanks," I smiled, genuinely touched by what she had said, "And I'm sorry too. You never really get the chance to prove yourself, Amy, especially in fights. And I don't help. Like, at all. I shouldn't be so arrogant, and I should let you fend for yourself. I was wrong to undermine your feelings."

"Oh, just kiss and make up already," Knuckles glowered. I rolled my eyes and Amy giggled in response.

"I'm glad that everything is sorted now. But I can't understand how this happened. How can we reverse it? Providing that you two want to be changed back, of course. Heh, 'thought so," Tails grinned at our frantic nods, before he turned to me, "Am- uh, I mean, Sonic, when did you guys swap?"

"Lemme see. Maybe about a couple of days ago? You'd say the same?" I turned to see if Amy agreed, and she nodded.

"Nothing out of the ordinary happened? No Eggman attack, or anything like that?"

"No, 'don't think so..."

"Wait, Sonic!" Amy stepped forward and patted my arm, "While we were arguing, that storm blew up out of nowhere!"

"Oh, kinda like that one?" Knuckles pointed upwards, and I followed his line of sight, staring into the swirling clouds that now lined the sky, as they bulged with incoming bullets of rain, "Why am I not surprised?"

"We should expect this kinda thing by now, huh?" I grinned and shook my head in slight amusement.

"But this doesn't look very natural- oh, wait a minute! I know what might be causing this! My new mind swapper invention! It's been malfunctioning of late, and the temporal collision of mass particles has probably disrupted the weather patterns!" Tails proudly grinned at our deadpan expressions.

"And, just for clarification, what exactly does this invention do?" Amy sounded impatient.

"Well, I've been exploring the idea of telepathy and how we might be able to exchange thoughts and emotions with simple brain wave patterns! It's difficult with all the hormones affecting them, and such complex electrical impulses-!"

"And in English please?"

"It started out a mind reading machine, but I adjusted the settings and it should allow temporary access into other peoples' minds. Awesome, right?" Tails receded at Amy's glared and glanced at me, before realising, "Oh dear."

And then, suddenly, my head span and I was out cold.

"Aw, man," I clutched my head and groaned, quickly taking the opportunity to spit the dirt out of my mouth. I seemed to have face-planted the ground and my sight was subsequently blurry.

With a shake of my head, I clambered to my feet and glanced about. The dishevelled gang members were littered about, still collapsed or unconscious, but I breathed a sigh of relief. Everyone was okay. All was quiet and I was able to think, without having all eyes on me, waiting for me to make a mistake and not act like-

-I glanced down and my eyes popped. A blue torso. Blue quills. Blue legs. I shook one of them, just to make sure, and swallowed a yell as the red sneaker moved with my foot.

I'm back? I'm really, really back? I dug my teeth into my bottom lip to stay silent, as my grin stretched, "No way! You've gotta be kidding me!"

I'd never felt so good. Never felt so free.

The idea of speeding around Station Square, to revel in the glory of my speed, passed through my mind and I seriously considered it. I wouldn't be gone too long, and I'd be back way before everyone woke up. But it slipped out of my mind when someone behind me moved.

I turned - oh, it felt so good to move so quickly - and sped forward, crouching to Amy's slumped figure. I propped her up and tugged her arm, as her limbs gained strength and she was able to stand by herself. Her lidded gaze drifted to my face.

"Son... ic?" Amy clutched her head and groaned. I rubbed her back.

"Yeah, it's me," Back where I belong! "You feelin' okay, Amy?"

"A bit better," She blinked a couple of times and her mouth curled in shock, "...Y-You're you! Sonic! Are we...?"

"Yeah! We're back to normal!" I decided to wait for her head to clear, before I leapt up and down on the spot in excitement.

"I'm me," She laughed, brushing her quills away from her face, "Oh, thank goodness! I don't think I could have lasted any longer! And my hammer-?" It appeared in her hand, with a simple flick of the wrist, "Oh, it's good to have you back!"

"Are you kidding me?! I wouldn't miss that thing in a million years! This-" I zipped down the street, and back to the pink figure, in less than a blink, "-is what I've missed! My sweet, sweet speed! I feel like myself again!"

"No way," She tossed her head in mock-disgust, but she shyly grinned at me, "So unruly. I have no idea how you look so graceful, when running. It's a nightmare."

"Well, maybe you need more practice!" I winked, running a hand through my quills, before laughing up at the sky, "But not with my speed, I'm afraid."

"I think that's something that I can agree to," Amy suddenly threw her arms around my neck, nuzzling against my chest, "Oh, Sonic! I'm so happy to see you again!"

"Y-Yeah," I awkwardly grinned and patted her back, "Me too. Uh, about seein' you again, not me. Heh heh."

She retreated and clasped her hands together, starry-eyed, "Really? Does this mean-?"

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves," I raised my hand, not really wanting her excitement to get out of hand. I didn't want to find out that I'd 'agreed' to marry her, or something like that. Some thing never changed, "I still have to undo all your trickery. Telling Knuckles and Tails that we were dating? Really, Amy?"

"Awh!" She pouted, folding her arms across her chest, in a mock-angry manner, "And I thought you'd forget, too! This is the perfect time for you to admit that you like me! I've set up all the ground work. You wouldn't even have to tell them, 'cause they'd already know!"

Jeez, this girl didn't give up. I shook my head and chuckled, not bothering to be embarrassed or irritated by her endless determination. Instead, I reminded myself of how all this began in the first place, "Maybe we can agree to something. After all, it was our argument that kinda started all of this, right?"

Amy frowned; then she remembered, "Oh, right! Yeah."

"Tell ya what. Let's make another deal," I smiled at her curiosity, "I'll stop running away from you so much, if you lessen the chasing. Think ya can agree to that?"

She gazed upwards, tapping her chin, but she then grinned at my frown, "Okay! You've got yourself a deal, Sonic the Hedgehog!" She held out her hand for me to shake, but I stepped forward and pulled her in for a hug. Amy froze in my embrace, before she started to giggle and melt.

"Unghhhh. Jeez, who decided to bounce a basketball against my head?"

I pulled back, nervous that I'd been caught, as Knuckles' half-mutterings interrupted us. Amy looked like she was going to protest, but she went quiet when the echidna started to wake up.

"Now you know how I feel, Knucklehead," I retorted, striding forward and holding my hand out towards him. With his eyes still scrunched close, he accepted my offer and allowed me to pull him up. I frowned when his pain didn't lessen, "Is it really that bad?"

"Honey, I feel like I've been thrown about in a washing machine for an hour. What do you think?"

"Uhh," I blinked. He was dead-serious, "Now I know something's up. You need a doctor or somethin', Knux, Honey?"

"What are you on about, Big Blue? Why do you keep calling me that? Knuckles is over there, or something, I don't know. In the meantime, could someone please explain why my hands feel so freaking weird?"

"Oh no," Amy gingerly approached me, with her eyes fixed on Knuckles.

I cocked my head to one side, raising an eyebrow, "What's u-?"

Then Knuckles the Echidna let out a scream of such an octave that I feared I had gone deaf. Oceans away, people must have wondered who was being attacked.

"SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME RIGHT NOW WHY I HAVE KNUCKLES' HANDS!" He screamed again only, this time, he cupped his cheeks with his hands, "This can't be happening!"

"What can't be happening?" I cried back, still not really catching on, as I feared that Knuckles had suddenly had his brain removed, shaken around, and then put in upside down.

As Knuckles - the great guardian of the Master Emerald - screeched and shook, Amy bent down to help Rouge, who was now upright and confused. Her tone was as soft as butter, "Are you alright? Now, please don't freak out..."

Rouge blinked, and she looked up at Amy, sounding strangely gruff, "Amy? What's goin' on? One minute, I was talking to Sonic. Then, I dunno. Why does my chest feel so... heavy?"

"N-No!" Amy frantically shook her head, as Rouge suddenly patted and grasped her boobs. Her eyes widened, comically, with Amy's babble in the background, "Don't scream, please don't scream! Knuckles, please stay calm!"

I held my breath.


I glanced at Knuckles.



"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" Both Rouge and Knuckles were glaring at each other, upright and orientated. With clenched fists, they grit their teeth and proceeded to shout at each other. Amy shrank towards my side.

"You moron, why would you do this?!"

"Batgirl, is this your whacked idea of a joke?!"

"Get out of my face, Red!"

"Make me!"

"Give me back my body!"

"Give me back mine!"

"How dare you grab my chest!"

"I-I didn't know!"




"G-Guys..." My attempts to quieten them were feeble, and Amy tapped my shoulder, mercifully distracting me, as we helped Tails up.

I sighed in relief, "Tails, thank goodness. Maybe you can talk some sense into these two. You won't believe what's happened: Amy and I switched back! I'm me again! And now it's... well, it's pretty funny, but, um..."

"Mr Sonic?" Tails blinked, looking blankly at my slack mouth, "What's the matter? Do you need my help?"

"'Mr Sonic'?" Amy moved Tails towards her, managing to formulate her shock into words, "Are you-? Tails? Is that you?"

"Of course not, Amy. It's me, Cream! Why would you think that I was Tails?" My 'little bro' frowned, confusion looking foreign on his face, as Amy's lip wobbled.

"I-I... I..." The pink hedgehog stared at me with wide eyes, with a clear message: Sonic, help me!

I glanced behind at the bat and the echidna, who were an insult away from knocking the lights out of each other. Sighing, I placed my hands on the kitsune's shoulders, "Cream, uh, this is gonna come as a bit of a, uh... shock. Now, I need you to remember that we're gonna fix this and it's all gonna be okay, underst-?"

"Sonic?" We turned and saw Cream's body grow utterly pale. 'She' stared intently at me. I felt my head spin and my world tilt, "What's going on? Who's that imposter?!"

"Imposter?!" 'Tails' whimpered, as her eyes welled with tears. A lump formed in my throat, "Mr Sonic, who is that? W-Why is there two of me?"

"R-Remember what I said about it's gonna be a shock? W-Well, uh-"

"Cream?" I thanked my stars for Tails' quick thinking. He'd worked it out in a heartbeat, "Is that you? In... my body? It's me, Tails!"

"...Tails?" They shared a bewildered stare, but neither of them screamed, so that was a plus, "What's going on?"

"We've swapped bodies," He murmured, glancing at me, "And Sonic and Amy have swapped back."

Amy took centre stage, wearing a fierce expression, "Tails, you'd better tell me that your 'brilliant' mind swapper can fix this, considering that it caused this in the first place! At lease both of you are working through this rationally, unlike some people and COULD YOU TWO PLEASE SHUT UP NOW, THANK YOU?"

"Can someone please just wake me up now? Thanks," I mumbled into my hands, during the silence, and when I looked up 'Rouge' was in front of me, grabbing my shoulders and pushing me against a lamppost.

"Sonic the Hedgehog..." The bat had never attacked me before, and I now felt quite cold. An angry Knuckles in the body of a powerful Rouge. Wouldn't wanna meet that down a dark alley, "You'd better have an explanation for this. Now."

"Oh, calm down, sweetie. Being a brute isn't going to solve this. You can't go around threatening people, especially not in my body!" 'Knuckles' stuck her nose in the air, placing her hands on her hips and looking very... not like Knuckles.

'Rouge' growled and let me go, albeit reluctantly. I decided not to rile him any further.

"So, is everyone accounted for?" 'Cream' stared at his ears as they flopped in the way of his eyes, and he struggled to push them out of the way. 'Tails', meanwhile, was distracted with the prospect of her new tails, and she was content with happily brushing them down.

"What about Shadow?" 'Knuckles' suddenly grew serious, with a firm stance, as she glanced about, "Where is he?"

"There," Amy pointed at his crumpled figure, still asleep and undisturbed, despite the yelling and screaming that could wake everyone within a twenty mile radius.

I zipped to his side, crouching and rolling him onto his back, as Amy gently sat him up. With a small shake, he stirred, and I raised my voice, "Shadow? You okay, buddy?"

He made a low growling sound, groggily rubbing his eye with the heel of his hand. Crimson orbs quickly rolled to the surface, as his awareness grew. I glanced over my shoulder and found 'Knuckles' chewing her lower lip, anxiously. I wore a grin and decided that I needed to keep a camera on my person, from now on. Shadow wriggled in my grip, and I was drawn back to the moment at hand.

"Are you alright, Shadow? Say something! I'm starting to worry," Amy grasped his shoulder, nervously, as colour slowly drained from her face. I shook him again, wanting to keep her calm, and he frowned back at me, "Please, I'm begging-"

"Chao!" He snapped at me, shaking my hands off and leaping to his feet, crossly. I remained in a squat, now in shock.

"What the-?!" 'Rouge' folded his arms, carefully lowering them to his stomach rather than his chest, "Shadow, quit muckin' around here!"

"This cannot be happening," Amy muttered into her hands, blushing.

I shrugged, "Well, at least we know that he's oka-"

"Ahhhh!" 'Cream' squirmed and wriggled, as 'Shadow' gripped him in a tight hug, mistaking him for the real Cream, "No, Shadow! I mean, Cheese! I'm... I'm not Cream! Lemme go!"

I winced, "Sorta."

'Tails' cradled Cheese's body in her arms, with a wobbling lower lip and glassy eyes, "Cheese, please wake up!" She sniffed and hung her head, scuttling closer to Amy.

"Creamy, he's okay," The pink hedgehog held her in an embrace, and I shared a glance with 'Knuckles', until I realised that that wasn't the person I had intended to look at, "He'll wake up any second now, you'll see. Did you see that? He just moved! Now, before he wakes up, you've got to remember that he's not-"

"Take your hands off me!" The last thing I was expecting was Shadow's deep voice rumbling from Cheese's mouth. I'd assumed that Cheese had just squeaked his cry of 'Chao', but not only had the two swapped bodies, they'd kept their voices.

"Whoa!" Everyone took a step back as 'Cheese' tumbled to the floor in an attempt to escape 'Tails' hold. He winced when he slammed into the floor, but he quickly rolled back onto his feet. I threw my hands onto my hips and glared down at him, "Shadow the Hedgehog, calm it down, would ya!"

"Back off, Amy. Something has happened to you. For some reason, you are now extremely tall."

"For the record, I'm not Amy. I'm actually Sonic. And you're not Shadow."

'Cheese' frowned, "What are you prattling on about?"

"Honey, seriously. Listen to him," 'Knuckles' bent down to his level, softening her tone and giving him a pitiful look.

"Honey?" 'Cheese' snorted, "Guardian, are you feeling well?"

"Yeah, she is. I mean, he is! Well, I suppose, she is. It's kinda complicated, rea-"

"I can't listen to this anymore!" 'Rouge' punched the echidna's shoulder, irritably, "Where in this blasted pocket-less suit of yours do you keep a mirror?!"

'Knuckles' smirked and gestured towards the bat's cleavage, "Have a dig around there, treasure hunter."

I snorted at the growing blush of 'Rouge the Bat'. It looked strange on her face, and even better when I knew who was actually embarrassed.

"I am not doing that, you-!"

"Relax!" Amy stepped between them, flaunting her own compact mirror, "You can use mine."

'Rouge' snatched it off her with a grateful growl, as he unclipped it and angled it in front of 'Cheese'. The bat smirked, as the chao's eyes grew and grew, "Yeah. Not fun, is it?"

'Cheese' said nothing, instead spinning on his heel and facing his real body. 'Shadow' was still clinging onto 'Cream', but he paused to blink and work out what was going on, as his body whined in a different voice.

The chao leapt into the air, frantically flapping his wings like an amateur, but he managed to reach a height and attach himself to my face, having failed at trying to strangle me, "Hedgehog. Fix this. Now. Explain it. And fix it."

"Soooo, which one do you want me to do first?" I plucked him off, holding him by the scruff of his neck and smirking, as he grew angrier and angrier. There was nothing he could do about it.

Except rant, "Listen here, Faker, and listen well. I will, no, I promise... I will make you suffer for leaving me in this lesser state. I will personally extract your quills from your spine and shove them so far up your ass that you will-!"

'Shadow' and 'Tails' clung respectively to Amy and 'Cream', who attempted to comfort them and drown out the threats with mindless babble. 'Rouge' punched 'Knuckles' arm in amusement and promptly received a scolding glare. Their bickering erupted, as 'Cheese' continued to spit out colourful ways to make me suffer.

I closed my eyes and sighed, remembering when Tails had once taught me to channel peace and ignore my surroundings. It hadn't worked at the time but, hey, second time's the charm?


Well, there we have it! Identity Theft has finally drawn to a close and, just saying, but the latest Sonic Boom episode (Episode 14: The Meteor) totally used this story for reference xP It has got to be my favourite episode and it's brilliant how the comments on YouTube all consist of "Okay, Sonamy is definitely happening". YOU'D BETTER BELIEVE IT, BABY! :D

I am so eternally grateful to those who have supported me with this story, in a variety of ways, through comments, favourites and interest! I have had so much fun with this premise. I love writing humour like this and I will treasure this journey that we have gone on together!