i found my self somewhere in la push.

ever since jake imprinted on renesmee, the treaty between the vampires and the werewolves is void, we live together in we don't live together we are just allowed to go to la push. based on the facts that no one hunts on la push.

this is better in a way. after all thats happened, this might be a way to finally in force peace between to enemies.

i stopped running and found myself at the top of a cliff.i had never been here before. but then again i don't think any human had been up here. judging by the density of the air it would have been extremely difficult to breathe. this looked rather sacred to me.

i looked around and was stunned. the scenery was beautiful. opposite the cliff was a giant water fall. lining the way around the secluded around the cliff was filled with trees and vines.i went to the water fall and touched it with my hand. the pureness of it was amazing.

right near the top of the water fall was a rathe old bleached tree. there was a gigantic eagle perched on the branch. it had its wings speed out and its golden feathers shone in the sun.i watched as the massive bird took flight letting out a shrill shrill as it passed.

i was still looking i noticed sone kind of herbs. they looked like the sacred ones from the tribal legends. looking at them they would most probably be used by the medicine man, also known as the shaman. there are old legends of these herbs being used. many with magical abilities.

from the information i know i t was usually special tribal rituals. only a true shaman can use these and as far as i now there are none left.

i picked some up. they smelt strange, i've never smelt anything similar which is why i can't describe the smell.i carefully picked some and crumbled them in my some reason these seemed to be magical. or well at least thats what i thought.

i decided that i didn't care if they were or not. but i did what what came naturally to me. i clasped them in my hands and thrum the over the cliff edge, making a wish as they feel into the water."i wish i could go back" i whispered.

even though i knew it wasn't going to do anything i felt as if it did.i carefully sat down at the edge of the cliff.i has my eyes closed just listening to the sound of the water cascading down. it was so was strange it was as though the water was speaking to me. intact for a minute i could of sworn that i could almost hear is saying"don't be afraid.

thats impossible was probably just hallucinating. but then i heard it again. except louder this time.

"bella, don't be afraid. i am here to help you." the voice whispered.

"w-who are you."

"i, young one am the spirit of life."

"i- i dont understand. I'm hallucinating."

"hallucinating? no my dear, you have called upon me."

"what? i didn't... did i?"

"yes my child"

"ok, if I'm not hallucinating let me see you."


" ! let me see you."

"fair enough young one."the voice whispers faded.

a bright light blinded me and suddenly a women appeared. he skin was tan kind of like Jacobs but has kind eyes and a warm smile. she was dressed in a white tribal dress with a white wolf headdress. she was stunning.

"my child, you have called upon me in a time of need?"

"umm, yes but how?"

"how? well you performed the ritual. that brought me here."

"what are you- i didn't do any ritual!"

"ah! but you crushed up a magical herb and made a wish didn't you. and them it into the sacred water fall"

"i remember"

"so my child, i understand you wish to of back in time?"

"yes,yes i do"

"but why?"

"b-becuse i made some mistakes"i whispered

"in order for me to help you. you must explain why and how."

" i don't want to lose jacob. i made a mistake in leaving him when i loved him. i never fought for him.i love him" i chocked out

"ahh, i see. does he love you?"


"well my dear. i have seen what you have been i understand now that you have made some very wrong i am willing to give you another chance. but be warned. you won't get another use it wisely."

"thank you"

"you are welcome child."and with that she disappeared.