Epilogue: Discovery of Antarctica!

It blew heavily in the night, and, march first, was right around the corner. In the morning, Antarctica, was left dark, desolate, and isolated with no visitors, and no more company except the penguins, seals, whales, and other fish, and squid of the sea. It snowed, and then it froze all over; all over Antarctica. Over the glacial grounds, mountains. Over the ice fields, and dry valleys. Over the streams, and outlets; and over all the other things as such the domes, and the submarine.

The submarine, the nuclear submarine lab sat there, and froze there with only a cure inside. It solidified more, and more, as the ice, and snow stuck onto it from the wind. It stood there like some sort of symbol or figure. Just as abandoned, and alone as Antarctica, was itself.

Yet, there was one; only one that had desolate flightless bird which stood there right in front of the submarine, it squawked, and honked until another penguin came by as it did the same. Then another one, and another one until the whole area of the submarine, was covered by penguins. Their cries called out the submarine, but there was nothing; nothing except a little special connection between human, and animal. These phenomenal singles, reached the electronics in the outer parts of the world, out of the Antarctic world. Not only have reached single; they've reached the hearts of many others, such as Tatewaki, and Ranma, themselves. Jin's message was clear, and the two would never forget it.

All home to one:



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