It was New Year's Eve. The last day of the year. But Jimmy wasn't in the mood for celebrating. He hid himself behind loads of work the whole day and did everything he could find to do. But finally the evening came and with it the time at which the family didn't need them anymore. And the point at which Jimmy didn't have any more work to do. He should be in a good mood, celebrating the New Year but he didn't felt like it. He sneaked away from the others as soon as possible. He decided to go out. Maybe a bit of fresh air would blow his sorrows away. Jimmy exceptionally left the house through the main entrance. He had made only a few steps as he jerked to a stop. In front of him, a few metres away from the entrance, there stood somebody.


What does he do outside?

Jimmy took a deep breath.

That's your chance. Maybe the last one you'll get, so what are you waiting for?

He did some unsure steps towards Thomas. The snow crunched under his feet. Only a few more metres separated him from his friend. He finally came to a stop next to him.

"Hello, Thomas."

Thomas looked up, startled. When he saw Jimmy, his face darkened. "Jimmy" he just said in a toneless voice and nodded at him.

"Here you are, then."

"Hm" came the monosyllabic answer.

"Thomas, I…I'm sorry. " Jimmy didn't know how to start.

"What for?" Thomas still sounded cold and unfriendly.

Almost hostile.

The tone of his voice scared Jimmy. He completely forgot what he wanted to say.

"Ehm…I…I noticed that you saw us in the kitchen. At Christmas."

"That's what you want to talk about?"

"Yes, that's it and I wanted to tell you that there was nothing between…me and Ivy. Really, there was absolutely nothing!" Jimmy assured him.

"And why should I be interested in that?"

He still acts like it's nothing to him.

"Because…because…I thought you liked me!"

"And? What's the point? We're friends, at least I think so."

He cannot be serious!

Jimmy grabbed Thomas' arm when he wanted to leave.


"What do you want?" Thomas snapped angrily.

"I need to talk to you!"

"Again? I thought you already told me everything."

Jimmy could barely stand the way he was speaking with him.

Now I'm absolutely certain. There's no doubt to it anymore.

"Yes but…Did you figure out what I wanted to tell you?"


Jimmy sighed.

Now or never. Go ahead, then.

"I wanted to tell you that…Thomas, the last two weeks, it was all my fault. I shouldn't have been so rude to you. I didn't mean to hurt you!"

Thomas features seemed to mellow a bit.

"As I said, I…" But suddenly Jimmy cut himself off. "No. First you need to promise me something."

Thomas looked at him in confusion. "Promise? Promise you what? Honestly I don't know what you want from me, Jimmy."

"Promise me that we will stay friends forever. No matter what happens." He didn't look at Thomas while saying that but he felt his gaze lingering on him.

For a moment Thomas said nothing. Then he mumbled with a hint of confusion in his voice, "Of course. Of course we will stay friends. Why shouldn't we?"

"Because…maybe you won't like me anymore when you know what I…"

"Jimmy, it would be much easier if you just told me instead of beating about the bush."

He's right. I'm only making things worse.

For a moment Jimmy was tempted to run away but he changed his mind.

No, this time you tell him!

"I saw you. The night you were in courtyard and cried" he finally muttered under his breath.

That made Thomas completely perplex and speechless.

"You…" he began but his voice broke off.

"I was standing at my window and then I saw you." Eventually Jimmy raised his head and looked at him. "I'm so terribly sorry, Thomas!"

"It's ok, Jimmy, that's past. Forgive and forget, ok?"

"Really?" Jimmy asked meekly and glanced at him tentatively.

"Of course. Besides…Do you really think I can be cross with you for long?"

Jimmy smiled shyly. But then the expression on his face changed back to seriousness and he said, "You may ask yourself why I hugged you."

Thomas stared at him, with an unreadable look on his face. "Well, I…felt a bit…surprised" he admitted.

"But that doesn't mean that…" he wanted to add hastily but was interrupted by Jimmy.

"I did that all for a suitable reason. Well, not entirely, this was more a spontaneous action but…I said that I needed to come to terms with something, right?"

"You did, yes."

"And I said that my feelings have changed."

"That's true but I don't see what you're getting at…"

"It's like this…I…I think…" Jimmy swallowed hard. "What I'm trying to say is that…I think I fell in love you." Jimmy couldn't look him in the eyes at this moment. He felt himself blushing. Every bit of blood seemed to rush into his cheeks.

Thomas said nothing.

Why is he so silent? Why doesn't he say anything? Oh no. I knew it. He doesn't feel like this anymore. I knew it!

"I'm sorry, I…" Jimmy looked away.

"No, Jimmy! Please, don't be! I…I just can't believe that you said that just now!" Thomas' voice trembled.

Because of the cold or because of what I said?

Tentatively Jimmy raised his head again. Finally he dared to look at Thomas. There was happiness in his eyes. Overwhelming happiness but also incredulity.

Does he still not believe me?

Jimmy sighed. "What's the use" he mumbled. Then he suddenly leaned closer and kissed Thomas. When their lips met Jimmy felt his heart skipping a beat.

He slowly detached himself from his friend.

"Oh", Thomas voiced.

"You said you can't be cross with me for too long" Jimmy tried to justify himself.

But Thomas just smiled. "Now everything falls into place!"

Jimmy smirked. "Good" he said. Then he couldn't resist kissing Thomas a second time.

This time Thomas returned the kiss.

"And you…really love me? This is not just a wonderful dream and I'm going to wake up in a minute?"

Jimmy laughed. "Of course not! And yes, I love you."

Now he had eventually said it.

"It wasn't that difficult to say that, actually" he said. "And I made such a fuss about it."

Thomas smiled. "Better this way than none." After a short pause he added, "Love is simple. It sometimes seems like it's not, but it is." His eyes wandered into the distance.

Jimmy let his head rest on Thomas' shoulder. "You're right."
Thomas looked at him, tenderness speaking from his eyes. Jimmy tilted his head so that he could look his friend in the eyes. The smile on his face grew wider. Thomas leaned towards him and placed a gentle kiss on his lips.

"I love you, Jimmy Kent" he whispered in his ear. "You can't imagine how indescribably happy you made me."

Jimmy snuggled up to him. "Oh, I think I can. Because I'm just feeling the same."

They stood in the thick snow, nestled close to each other, their hands linked. Jimmy didn't feel the cold anymore. The warmth that Thomas body was spreading wrapped him comfortingly.

Together they watched the snowflakes dance in the cool air like little white pearls.


(Thomas' point of view)

Thomas was happy. Unbelievably happy. He could barely believe that Jimmy really felt the same.

So I was right after all.

But from where could he have taken the affirmation that this was really the case? Jimmy hadn't really given him reason to do so.

That doesn't matter anymore. He loves me and I love him. That's all that matters now.

Thomas wrapped his arms around Jimmy. He heard loud noises from behind his back. The fireworks began. Thomas looked up into the dark sky. The first fireworks exploded in the black night sky and displayed grand shower of sparks.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" he whispered.

He felt Jimmy nodding. "Yes. It's beautiful."

After a while Thomas suddenly asked, "Would you play something for me? On the piano, I mean. I love to listen to you."

"If you want me to" Jimmy said.

"Yes, I do."

Hand in hand they trudged through the deep snow back to the abbey. In the servant's hall Jimmy sat in front of the piano. "What would you like to hear?"

Thomas shrugged. "Doesn't matter. Just something. I just want to hear you play."

"Ok." Jimmy splayed his fingers and began to play a light melody. First it was tender and quiet but then it grew louder and livelier.

Thomas stood beside him at the piano and watched him. The music filled the whole room. When Jimmy looked up Thomas smiled. Jimmy returned the smile. He looked happy. For the first time in weeks.

And so are you. Perfectly happy.

You couldn't give me a better belated Christmas present, Jimmy.

Finally his desire was fulfilled.

Thomas smiled.


So, here we are. This was the last chapter. Tell me if you liked the ending. Of course it's a happy one. I couldn't let it end without them getting together ;D.