Disclamer:I don't own Yugioh. If I did, I would forget world domination.

Forever by my side
You said you would always stay
I never thought the day would come,
The day you would go away
You promised to stay by me
Until the very end
You were my dark, my other
Most of all, my best friend
You said no light without darkness
No darkness without light
You always came through for me
So courageous in the dark of night
I looked up to you
With my soul and heart
Sticking by your side
Never wanting to be apart
I now understand why you left me
You had to leave even if you were my other
But I'll be waiting for the day
When we will see one another

Heh, that's my first poem for Yugioh. Don't hurt me! Shields herself Are you gonna hurt me? Well I'll be ready. Please tell me what you think. I know you probably won't like it. But I am very sensitive. Please R&R and no flames. If you must, please do it gently or I will be very hurt.