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Nobody had seen, or heard from Shawn since the night of Lassiter's wedding. The last time we spoke was when I picked him up from his and Juliet's house and he insisted I drop him off at a motel instead of his fathers. He needed time alone and I understood that. But that was a week ago and we were all starting to worry. I hatched a plan with Henry that if he found Shawn, I'd talk to Juliet and we'd get things back to the way they were supposed to be.

I walked into the SBPD and went straight to her desk where I found her going over paperwork. "Juliet."

She looked up me confused. "Gus, what are you doing here?" She asked exasperated.

"We need to talk." I explained, looking around nervously not sure that she'd want to have this conversation here.

She sighed, obviously having seen this coming. "If this is about Shawn I don't want to hear it."

I tried anyway. "Look, I know what he did was wrong-"

"Save it." She interrupted. "I'm not interested in hearing any of his excuses."

"Just hear me out." I pleaded.

"You knew." She stated, ignoring my request.

I pulled back surprised. "It wasn't my place to say anything."

"But he told you." She specified.

"I'm his best friend, his partner. He had to tell me." I told her, reminding her I was the other half of Psych.

"I suppose Henry knew too? You all just lied to me." She realized, grilling me with her eyes.

"When this thing first started out you were just the new transferred detective he thought was cute."

"So that's all I was to him? An easy target with a crush on the psychic."

"No. You were never easy to Shawn." When I was sure I had her attention I tried again to tell her what I wanted to earlier. "I know what he did was wrong and you're probably still mad and questioning your relationship with him."

"What's your point?" She sighed, clearly fed up with this conversation.

"He's selfish about you but never with you. He'd take a serial killer to save you. He never once lied to you about his feelings for you." I assured her. Anyone that's been near the two of them could see the way he felt about her. His love for her radiated off him. I felt my pocket for plan B when she began to speak.

"Gus I know you're just trying to help but I think you should- what is that?" She asked when I pulled out Shawn's "emergency" ring.

"Gus?" She pushed.

"Shawn hasn't taken anything in his life serious until he met you. I was just as speechless when I found this in his Nintendo. I never thought I'd see the day when Shawn got a diamond ring and settled down, especially before me." I frowned. Then, realizing I was getting off topic I turned the conversations back to what it was supposed to be about, them. "Something about you changed him, matured him for the better. Now I know he hurt you but it was never intentionally. It started out as way to keep him out of prison and then it became some huge lie that he was afraid to tell you about because he knew he'd lose you."

"I didn't-"

"He tried telling you once but then Declan beat him to the punch. If you had just gone on that walk with him you would have known sooner." I told her, letting her know there were times he tried.

"Hey, I wasn't the one that lied in the first place don't put this on me." She defended, sitting up straighter in her office chair.

"You're right Juliet, I'm sorry I wasn't trying to insinuate this was your fault. Shawn knows what he did and it's been eating him up even from before you found out." She had to understand that. That she wasn't the only one hurt by this.

"Gus, I don't know what you want me to do here." She exhaled.

"Forgive him. Get my best friend back." I told her simple as that.

"Just like that?" She questioned unconvinced.

"Relationships are hard, but they're worth it at the end of the day when you're with the one you love."

"Loving someone isn't always enough." She replied.

"I'm wasting my time." I scoffed realizing for the first time what she'd been saying all along. She doesn't want to work on this and fix, she just wants it over.

As I was walking away she called me back, "Gus!"

I turned around just as she was pushing away from her desk coming over to me.

"Where is he?" She asked, causing a smile to break out across my face.

"At a motel a couple miles away from your place." I informed her.

"Could you show me?" She asked, making me hopeful.

"You can follow the blueberry." I grinned. Maybe I did just save their relationship. Although, maybe it didn't need fixed at all, maybe she just needed to be reminded it's worth.

************************************************** ******************SHULES***********

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