Challenge: The Ultimate Pairing Drabble Competition

Pairing: Parvati/Lavender

Prompt: Phone

Parvati walks out of the master bathroom clad only in a towel to find her beloved girlfriend, Lavender, talking on the phone. She hears Lavender telling the person on the other end of the call, "Madeline, we have worked on your wedding gown for the last three months and it's perfect for your wedding…"

However, Parvati notices that the blonde beauty standing before her is only have half dressed.

Parvati carefully watches her move around the room as she collects her sketch pad that contains the wedding gown for this certain client.

Lavender says gently "Of course, we could add a strapless sweetheart neckline instead of the sweetheart design we had originally." She erases the straps on the wedding gown on the sketch before adding, "Yes, I could add a corset to the design as well"

Listening carefully to other demands or changes that Madeline, the bride, wishes to see in their next appointment. She never noticed Parvati slipping her arms around her waist.

Not receiving the attention that she wished from her beloved blonde girlfriend, Parvati begins to kiss Lavender's neck until she received the message to finish this particular business call.

"Madeline, I will bring the changes made on your wedding gown to our meeting tomorrow" Lavender begins to say before adding, "We will talk tomorrow about any more changes but I have to go now," as she ends the call.

Parvati takes the phone out of Lavender's hands to toss the phone(change to 'it') on the desk before kissing her passionately on the mouth.