Challenge: The Ultimate Pairing Drabble Competition

Pairing: Lucius/Narcissa

Prompt: Open

Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy always looked to be the perfect pure-blood family with their only child, Draco. Yet,this family, like everyone else, had plenty of secrets hidden away. Not the least of which was their affiliation with the Dark Lord. Both Lucius and Narcissa had the same ideology in concern to the Dark Lord's philosophy in which they would raise their children in. As their dream for a family when they first where married did not become a reality.

Both Lucius and Narcissa dreamed of having three children because they knew that the world needed more pure-bloods. Secretly, Narcissa hoped that her future children would get to experience the same childhood that she had with her two sisters but with different outcome. However, that dream would never come experienced problems of getting pregnant, but also carrying the child to term.

It was a blessing that Narcissa managed to carry their only living child to term. That is why Draco is the centre of their world and the spoilt pure-blood prince that he was born to be.