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Set after the movie

"I hate you."

"You would have done the same to me."

The door swung open and Tooth fluttered in distractedly, only to freeze when she saw the two of them. Jack scowled heavily while Bunny desperately tried to repress the sniggers rocking through his body.

"Do I want to know?" she asked finally. Jack's scowl deepened.

"I lost a bet." Tooth's lips twitched and Bunny looked smug.

"I told you, but you wouldn't listen."

"What was the bet?"

"An anything goes, no holds barred speed challenge."

"So... a race?" Bunny shrugged.

"Sort of. Except you were allowed to trip, assault, or do whatever else. Frostbite thought he could win by freezing my feet to the floor."

"I almost won," said Jack defensively, his cheeks blushing blue.

"What happened?"

"I got him in the back of the head with my boomerang." Bunny put the finishing touch in place and stepped back to admire his handiwork. Tooth didn't think she'd ever seen Jack look so ready to murder someone, but she couldn't stop a small giggle from escaping her.

"If it makes you feel better," she told the winter spirit, desperately trying to keep a straight face, "I think you look dashing." His cheeks blushed a deeper red, and Bunny couldn't take it anymore. With a snort he fell backwards, clutching his sides as though he would explode with laughter. "How long do you have to... well..."

"The whole day," sighed Jack. Tooth's lips twitched again as she glanced at the clock in the corner: it was only ten in the morning. "And I have to show everyone." A sudden jolt of panic shot across his face. "Oh god!"

"What?" asked Tooth. Bunny was still incapacitated by hysteria.

"I promised Jamie I'd go visit him this afternoon." Bunny paused now, his face lighting up like a child's on Christmas. "Bunny, I don't suppose I could-"

"No chance, mate. A deal is a deal." Jack groaned, imagining Jamie's expression when he turned up. A golden hot air balloon floating past the window caught Tooth's attention.

"Sandy's here," she announced; Jack groaned again. "Oh, just go in and get it over with!" He huffed and pouted, but eventually nodded in agreement, trailing after Bunny and Tooth as they headed to the main living room.

After the defeat of Pitch, meetings between the guardians became much more frequent as they all agreed to take time out from their jobs now and then. As well as impromptu visits of one to another, once a month they would all meet up at Santoff Clausen to catch up. Four years later, this tradition was still going and today was the day of one of those meetings.

"Wait here," ordered Bunny when they reached the door, "and come in when I tell you." He and Tooth headed in, both of them smiling widely.

North had known Bunny for several centuries now, and they were good friends. So when he saw that grin on Bunny's face, and the matching one on Tooth's, his first instinct was to check and make sure nothing was on fire. The Pooka may have always been complaining about Jack's tricks, but he conveniently forgot how much of a prankster he'd been himself.

"Bunny," said North slowly. "What is going on? Where is Jack?" Bunny's grin somehow widened, and Sandy shot North a worried look.

"Jack's had a bit of an identity crisis," said the Pooka, "and wanted me to tell you he is no longer called Jack. She is now called Jade, and she would like you to respect her wishes." Tooth, who'd been shaking with silent laughter, collapsed on the floor as her wings gave out. North raised an eyebrow and Sandy shrugged. "Jade, dear!" called Bunny. "Please come in."

The door swung slowly open. North and Sandy froze, grins creeping onto their faces as well, though they tried to hide them. Bunny took one look at the winter spirit's face, scarlet with embarrassment, and he joined Tooth on the floor.

Jack was in a long pink dress with three layers of petticoats underneath. He was wearing three inch lilac stilettos and a large lilac bonnet on his head. Hot pink ribbons were wrapped around his staff in bright bows. His normally snow white hair was candyfloss pink, and curled into tight ringlets. He'd never felt so ridiculous.

"Jack... uh, Jade I mean," said North stiffly, trying to keep his expression under control. "You look lovely." A muscle twitched in his head as he tried not to laugh. "How many sheep did you say you lost again?" And with a great snort he fell back into the armchair, laughing hysterically as his booming voice echoed through the corridors. Sandy rolled through the air, tears of delight running down his face as he tried to regain control of his limbs. Jack felt his lips twitch, and he rolled his eyes, grinning as well.

"Yeah, well, cupid wanted to take some time out, so I agreed to fill in," he said with a shrug. North was going blue in the face, and Tooth seemed to be struggling to breath. A group of yetis had crowded around the door to see what the fuss was about, and they too were laughing. Jack waved at them cheerfully, but froze when a flash went off.

Two elves were grinning up at him, a large camera in hand. Jack raised an eyebrow and they giggled nervously, trying to look innocent.

"You have three seconds to delete that photo," he warned them. With excited squeals they fled down the corridor, Jack hot on their heels. He zapped them with ice and was about to crush the camera when Bunny snatched it with a smirk.

"I think I'll be keeping this." Jack scowled, but the Pooka laughed. "Don't worry; I'll only use it to blackmail you." The winter spirit rolled his eyes and returned to the living room, where the other guardians were still struggling to regain their composure.

"Jack?" Jamie's eyes widened as he took in the sight. Jack's lips twitched into a smile: he could handle Jamie seeing him like this. "What are you wearing?"

"I lost a bet against Bunny," he explained ruefully. Jamie spluttered with laughter as the door swung open and Sophie walked in. She stared up at Jack in awe.


"I know I am," he said, swinging her up.

"Jack a girl!" she squealed, wriggling back down again. "Jack a princess!" She was nearly six and had increased her vocabulary significantly.

"No," Jack laughed, "Jack a sexually ambiguous transgender." She paused, lips moving silently as she tried to grasp the words. Jamie punched Jack's arm.

"Don't say things like that! She's just a little kid!" Jamie was thirteen now, and thought he knew pretty much everything he could know on matters such as these. Claude and Caleb had a brother who was a senior, and they were quick to pass on his wisdom.

A sly look snuck into Jack's eyes, and Jamie paused. He'd seen that look before, usually right before Jack pulled some sort of prank.

"Hey Sophie," Jack smiled at the little girl. "Don't you think Jamie would want to be a princess?" Sophie nodded and clapped her hands, running out of the room to grab the stuff. Jamie backed away.

"Oh, no," he said. "Uh uh. I am not putting on a dress!"

"Wanna bet?" smirked Jack as Sophie ran back in clutching a sparkly orange get up. Jamie tried to run out the room but Jack snagged him around the waist, pinning him to the floor and tickling him as Sophie smeared their mother's lipstick over his face.

"Pretty," she breathed as Jamie was zipped into the dress, his other clothes still on underneath. He scowled at the winter spirit defiantly.

"At least I don't look as ridiculous as you!" At that moment the door swung open again.

"Jamie, Claude and Caleb have come to see if you want to..." She trailed off when she saw her son, Claude and Caleb peering around her. "Is that my lipstick?" she asked finally. Claude and Caleb could see Jack as well, and they were sniggering at the sight of both boys in dresses. Jamie blushed bright red.

"I lost a bet," he mumbled defeatedly.

Okay, so correct me if I'm wrong, but in the movie Jamie looked around nine, and Sophie was two-ish. I couldn't find any actual canon for this, so I'm guessing.

Also, is Jack's little sister called Pippa (because that's the name most people use) or is it just a well-spread headcanon?