Flame Princess sat up, alert. As if there was danger.
"Yeah Finn?"
"Are you alright?"
"Finn sit up."
"Sit up."
Finn sat up, confused. 'Is FP alright?'
"Finn, someones here."
"What the? Who?"
"At your door. A girl."
Finn stood up and checked who it is.
"Oh FP, its just PB, shes a friend of mine. I'll deal with her."
"You wanna come with?"
"No thank you, Finn. I'll just follow you downstairs."
"Sure, FP."
As they went downstairs, Flame Princess was scared. She sat in the nook and watched Finn talk to PB.
"Hello, Finn."
"Hey, PB. What're you doing here?"
"I just wanted to thank you for helping me find Cinnamon Bun the other day. Also, arenyou busy today?"
"Yeah, Im sorta busy. Why PB?"
"I needed someone to get this serum from the Ice King."
"Can't PB I'm on a date."
"Aww, who will get it now?! My chemical test for the newest disease breakout is incomplete!"
"How 'bout Marcy? Shes friends with Ice King."
"I guess I have no choice then, what about Jake?"
"Puppysitting with LM. Sorry, Peebles. Im sure Marcy is okay with it anyway she doesn't really have anything to do usually."
"I guess I have no choice anymore. Have a good date."
"Thanks, PB! Also, Im sure Marcy will enjoy you visiting her."
"Nothing, PB. Good luck."
"Thanks? Again, have a good date."
Finn waved goodbye and closed the door once she left, as courtesy.
"See FP. She's just a friend, and anyway shes sorta taken."
"Oh! She has a BF?"
"Not a BF but more of a love-hate relationship with her Marcy."
"They like each other?!"
"I guess, they're all mean to each other but once we leave they're all cutesy. They sorta have a 'secret relationship' almost everyone knows about it though."
"Why o they keep it secret?"
Finn shrugged and stood up.
"You want anything? What do you wanna eat?"
"Do you have anything spicy?"
"Uhm I got dried Chili with no seeds, some Paprika, oh and Kimchi!"
"Kimchi sounds good."
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah. As a fire elemental, spicy is normal and cold foods are spicy. Nature for ya."
Finn grabbed a jar of Kimchi and put it in a bowl and grabbed a bowl of leftover fried rice for himself.
"Are you sure its fine to eat some of Jake's food?"
"Yeah. Jakes got 10 more jars of Kimchi."
"Thanks, Finn."
Finn blushed and sat closer to FP.
"Hey FP. Wanna sleep here tonight?"
"What? Here? I don't think I can."
"Why? You'll be alone in your house. I thought you want to be with someone tonight."
"Oh don't take it the wrong way, Finn. Im glad but am I allowed. You know, Jake could possibly come by with the thought of you and I together for the night."
Finn blushed with FP's thought
"N-no, I-I didn't mean it that way! I-I just thought you may want to stay for the night since Jake isn't gonna be home Im gonna be lonely. Im sure you will too. So i just thought I ca-"
"Finn, calm down. I get what you're saying. You know what? I'll stay for the night just as long as its allowed."
"Of course its allowed, this is my house too!"
"Alright then."
Finn grinned largely and it made FP smile too. They just ate and it was quiet for a long while until Finn broke the silence with a question he has been 'needing' to ask.
"Hey FP?"
"Would you know what tiers are? Tiers of a relationship?"
"Oh, uhhm yeah I guess."
"Jake told me last night while eating that you and I are only at tier 2. Thats kissing, right?"
FP nodded and finished her Kimchi.
"What are the other tiers?"
"Well, in order. 3 means having long dates, 4 is when a couple shares their inner most secrets and stories, 5 is being able to see those body parts."
FP started to blush
"FP, you can stop there if you want."
"Uh yeah, I can tell you what it is tonight, if you want."
"Sure, FP just as long as its okay."
"So, Jake is wrong, we're actually in tier 4 already."
"Oh yeah."
Finn stood up and put the dishes in the sink and cleaned up.
"Flame Princess, wanna play some BMO with me?"
"Whats a BMO?"
"Oh he's my friend. He's a living video game console"
"No thank you. I don't know how to play, and I can get destructive when it comes to competitive games"
"How about lets have some dessert from Tree Trunks? She makes the best Apple Pie. Its not far away from here."
"That sounds nice."
"Come on!"
Flame Princess grabbed Finn's arm and he led the way.
They went out the door and while Finn was running he hit himself again, not on a wall or tree, but a person.
"Finn? Are you alright?"
Flame Princess helped him stand up and he rubbed his neck.
"Sorry, FP. Sorry, M-marcy?"
Flame Princess went behind Finn and held his shoulders
"FP don't worry, this is Marceline. She's the one your pa is afraid of."
"Hey baby, Im Marceline. Marcy for short. Is she your little date, Finn?"
"Actually she is, Marcy, this is Flame Princess. We're just on our way to Tree Trunks to get some dessert for our date."
"Thats sweet. Anyway, if you see Bonni, tell her I got the serum and the time."
"Okay Marcy."
She left to the direction of the forest probably to get some apples and scare some of the folk there.
"FP, are you alright?"
"Im just not used to meeting so many people."
"Its fine, Im sorry."
"Don't worry, Finn. I like meeting them, Im just shy thats all."
"Don't be, I promise, I won't introduce you to bad people."
"Okay, Finn."
They walked to Tree Trunks' house and Finn knocked on the door.
"Whos there?"
"Come in! Apple Pie is fresh!" Finn opened the door and motioned Flame Princess to follow him inside.
"Aww hey Finn, is that pretty lady your GF?"
"Yeah, Tree trunks meet Flame Princess."
"Why hello there young lady. You're dang lucky to be with Finn here. Come on eat up."
FP smiled at Tree Trunks and followed Finn to the table.
"Flame Princess is sort of shy, though."
"Aww, don't be shy, sweetie. Old Tree Trunks here ain't no harm."
"See FP, I promised you."
Tree Trunks went outside her house to get some apples.
"Hey, Finn. Whats a pie?"
"Its whats in you plate right now. Its really good and sweet. Try it!"
Finn got a piece and put it on his fork and fed it to Flame Princess. Flame Princess ate it from his fork and smiled.
'This is good! I no wonder Finn brought me here.'
"Do you like it FP?"
"Yes, Finn! Its very good!"
"Im glad you like it, I wanted you to try the best pie in the world!"
Finn finished his pie quickly while Flame Princess was only halfway done. She was neatly eating it unlike Finn, who was eating it like a beast. She found it cute. FP finished the pie and started to giggle.
"FP? Are you alright?"
She grabbed a napkin and wiped her boyfriend's face.
"Finn, you cutie. Clean up, you got pie all over your face!"
"Oh, heh, sorry. Its just really good."
"Thanks for introducing me to so many people in only one afternoon! I would make you meet my friends but I don't really have any."
"You don't have to feel bad about the FP, you will meet many more people who will want to be your friend!"
"Aww, thanks Finn."
"C'mon, lets go say bye to TT and go back to the treehouse."
They walked out the door to see Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig making out.
"Uhh Finn does tha-"
"That happens a lot. I'll just say thanks next time I see her."
"Do they do that all the time?"
"We just let it pass. Its sorta a routine thing."
Finn walked away with FP following still confused with Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig.
"Sorry FP. They always show affection everywhere, we tried to separate them but they just found ways to get back together and kiss more."
"Its okay. Its cute actually."
FP started to frown and walk slower.
"FP, Whats wrong?"
"I think there is magic air around here."
"Oh, magic air? I-uh- I think we should just go to the treehouse c'mon, the magic air likes to stay in one place! Yeah-uh-darn you magic air!"
Finn was really guilty since he 'passed the gas' forgetting that Flame Princess was there to smell it. FP started to see Finn turn nervous.
"Oh, Finn. Don't worry, Im alright now." She said to make Finn feel better.