They were just a few blocks away from the treehouse, since it was already sunset they needed a boost. Flame Princess offered for a quick fire ride to the treehouse. Finn quickly nodded smiling largely
"Are you sure, Finn?"
"Darn right, Im sure!"
Flame Princess had a fireball in her hand and shot it at the ground and it ignited to a massive fire ramp that made Flame Princess get to the treehouse in a matter of seconds, with Finn right beside her.
"FP, that was FLIPPIN' AWESOME!"
"Thanks, FH. I've been working on it for a while now."
Finn grabbed FP's hand and ran towards the door which led to Flame Princess to run towards him clumsily.
"I can't believe I forgot!"
"Apoy told me to give you this. He told me you will really like it."
"What is it?"
Finn grabbed it from his backpack, there were 2 blocks of wood. I was dusty and black while the other one was clean.
"Don't tell me."
"Applewood and Charcoal. I had it in my pack ever since we went to Tree Trunks, I keep some of the tree bark of her Apple Trees."
"Thank you, Finn! I've been needing this ever since! I wasn't able to find any since I had limited resource. Where'd you find this?"
"Well, I actually have a lot laying around, well, everywhere."
"Thanks again, Im glad Apoy told you!"
"Whats it for anyway?"
"Its sorta a secret. Sorry."
"Its fine FP, Apoy sure knows his ladies."
"You sure got that right. Fuego is a lucky woman."
"Anyway, so what do you wanna do now?"
"Uh, I don't know. We've been doing everything I've wanted how about you?"
"I don't know. You wanna just fix up in the room? We are gonna be sleeping there."
"Okay, but may I use your comfort room first?"
"Of course. Follow me."
They went upstairs and went to the first clean room.
"Here we are, M'lady."
FP went inside the room just to look at the mirror for motivation.
'You can do this. Just wait for the right time. Its will be alright.' She spoke to her reflection. She was able to keep up her confidence yet she was scared of the outcome. She all of a sudden realized that she was close to taking long in the comfort room. She automatically walked out of the room and went to Finn's room.
"Oh FP, you're right on time."
"What exactly are we doing?"
"Since Jake's not here, I thought we could make a fort!"
"A fort?"
"Its sorta like a little room made of pillows and blankets in our case. I've always wanted to do this, even better since its with you."
"Sounds like fun."
"Come on, grab some pillows and lets build!"
Flame Princess went to the closet near the bed. She found stacks and mounds of pillows, there were around 3 dozen pillows on the floor of the closet.
"How many do we need?"
"As many as we got!"
She grabbed 3 in each hand and brought them to Finn who was done smoothening his bed of fur. As Flame Princess walked, she was close to tripping until Finn grabbed her and just let the pillows fall. Flame Princess started to blush but at the same time Finn just smiled that she didn't fall.
"Sorry, FP! Let me get that for you." Finn grabbed 3 pillows and FP grabbed the 3 remaining. They both put it on the bed and grabbed more together 3 by 3 until there were around 2 dozen pillows. Finn started the assembly and FP just copied whatever Finn was doing to another end. There were stacks of aligned pillows and really liked it.
"Good job, FP. We'll just put the blanket later."
"Thanks FH. This looks like a really comfy place to sleep it! I cannot wait!"
"Im so glad the fort turned out great. Its no fun with Jake since he does all the work."
"Aww, don't be so hard on him. He may overdid himself and forgot to ask for your help."
"Okay, you want some dinner?"
"Sure. What are we having?"
"Well, I wanted to cook something up for us, but Im sure that won't work well, so you want me to order anything?"
"You know what? I can cook something for us both."
"Really?! Sounds great. What do you need?"
"What do you got?"
"Spaghetti, Bread, Fried Rice, Some Veggies, Eggs, and the spicy food from a while ago. Oh and some candy from Candy Kingdom."
FP told Finn to hang in his room, she wanted the food to be a surprise for him. It took 15 minutes all-in-all and she made Spaghetti with French Garlic Bread and a bowl of Chili Fried Rice.
"Finn! Its ready!" Finn ran down and was shocked. He's never seen such a well prepared home cooked meal.
"Do you like it?"
"It looks amazing, FP! I can't believe it only took you 15 minutes!"
"Eat up! Its made with love."
Finn took a spoonful of the rice and a bite of the bread. His eyes were in shock it was delicious. He couldn't have made it as close or as delicious.
"Wow FP. You should be really proud of yourself."
"You really think so?"
"Yeah! This is amazing!"
"Thanks, Finn."
Finn finished his plate quicker (and neater) than the Apple Pie of Tree Trunks. He really liked it. Flame Princess finished her food with content surprised how happy Finn was with her cooking.
"FP, lets settle down and then lets rest?"
"Sure but before we finish. Here."
FP brought out a plate that was hidden from Finn, it had bread and it smelled delicious.
"I made you French Bread. I know how much you like sweet dessert."
"FP, you are really surprising me! Best way possible."
"After today? You deserve it, boyfriend."
"Aww. Im glad you enjoyed today."
"Im glad I enjoyed it with you. Now eat up, I had too much to eat already."
Finn nodded and took a large bite of the bread. 'Oh glob, she may be good at cooking, but I think she burned the nightosphere off this bread.'
"So Finn, how'd you like it?"
"Its awesome. I'll save it for tomorrow, though. I ate too much of your great dinner, also."
"Okay. Hold on I just need to check on something quick."
"No probs."
Flame Princess went to the window and quietly shut it closed.
"Hey Finn, what time is it?"
"ADVENTU- Oh wait, its uh 9 o'clock."
'No sign of father. Great, 2 days, no father. He may have actually listened to me.'
Flame Princess ran back to Finn and watched him attempt to close a plastic bag of the French Toast she made.
"Let me help you with that." She picked up the bag and closed it with ease.
"Thanks" He got the plastic bag and put it in his fridge.
Finn climbed up the ladder to his room and Flame Princess followed. She saw her reflection again on a shattered piece of a mirror in the hallway. She started to get nervous again. Finn noticed her nervousness and stopped and put his arm around her.
"Whats wrong?"
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah. Im just full thats all."
They were on the door of the room and Finn let Flame Princess go inside first.
FP giggled and went in. Finn followed smiling.

"So, Finn. Do you want to continue the Tiers?"

"Oh yeah. We ended Tier 5?"

"I think, so Tier 6 and 7 are just a slow mix of Tiers 1-5, Tier 8 is being able to touch the areas that aren't supposed to be touched. Tier 9 is doing it to each other. Tier 10 is being able to kiss in the you knows. I think you know Tier 11 to 15 already."


"You really don't know?"

Finn rubbed the back of his neck and nodded, blushing.

"What's Tier 15, FP?"

Flame Princess whispered in his ear and Finn's eyes widened and he turned red.

"Oh glob… Does that mean Jake… Oh Glob, FP. Where'd you learn this?!"

"Fuego told me about it so I know what to do in relationships."

"We should sleep."

"Uhh yeah."
"Don't take it the wrong way. I really didn't know."

"Its fine, I'm glad you don't have to ask Jake anymore.
"So, Finn. Thanks for today. I know I've been thanking you the whole day, but I really mean them all."
"You're welcome. Thank you also for spending the day with me, Im really glad you enjoyed."
"Happy Anniversary, Finn." Flame Princess kissed his cheek and Finn blushed.
"Happy Anniversary, Flame Princess. Lets sleep we had a long day."
Flame Princes nodded and they both lay down inside the pillow fort they have made. They didn't need a blanket since Flame Princess didn't need one and she was pretty much a heater. They were cuddling and Flame Princess hugged Finn.
"Hey, Finn."
"Can you read me the poem you wrote again?"
"Of course."
Flame Princess snuggled in Finns embrace and read the poem as he read.
"... FP, I love you and Happy Anniversary."
"I love it so much."
"I love you so much."
They went closer and closer to each other. Their lips meet for an inviting kiss. It was their 'first' kiss after the incident. It felt really good. He knew how it felt but it was better knowing his face isn't getting burned and no one's life is on the line. When it ended they looked eye-to-eye and embraced tighter. They clasped their hands together.
They kissed once more and fell asleep.