A Time to Kill

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After Effects of Dark Spells

It was early July when Headmaster Dumbledore had allowed the students one final trip to Hogsmeade before they had to focus on their upcoming exams. It was also during this trip that Voldemort and his Death Eaters attacked, filling the once happy town with screams of pain and fear.

Unfortunately, Harry had decided to do some shopping for his friends as he was too focused on feeling guilty for Sirius' death; he had to relive that nightmare every night and he could tell that his friends and pseudo family were getting worried about him and to take his mind off things, they suggested that he do some shopping so that he would have something to focus on.

Harry was happy that he was doing it alone as the walk to Hogsmeade would help clear his head a bit. Standing face-to-face with Voldemort himself, Harry suddenly regretted coming to Hogsmeade alone.

"Potter," Voldemort said with a sneer, caressing his wand in his hand before quickly aiming it at Harry who ducked out of the way just as a bright red spell was descending towards him.

Harry cursed and kept dodging Voldemort's constant array of spells until he heard pops of apparition and he turned around then grinned when he saw Dumbledore and what looked like Aurors and some of the Professors and it was at that moment that Harry was hit simultaneously with two spells by Voldemort whom he had forgotten up until that moment.

"Shit," He murmured slowly before falling unconscious.

Six hours later

Harry groaned and slowly opened his eyes mindful to the light he could feel shining down of him; he slowly sat up and looked around him and saw a curtain around him and then he looked down at the bed he was currently on and groaned.

"I just had to end up here, didn't I," He muttered.

He got up off the bed and moved away the curtain only to come face-to-face with Madame Pomphrey who was holding a vial with green liquid inside.

"Oh… Harry you're awake."

Harry nodded then bit his lip to stop a whimper from escaping his mouth when his stomach clenched in pain.

Madame Pomphrey seemed to have snapped out of her surprise and she quickly ushered him back to bed and gave him the vial.

"Go ahead and drink that, Harry. It should help with the stomach ache."

Harry nodded then quickly downed the potion, his face contorting when he tasted its vileness.

"I bet Snape made that extra nasty for me," He murmured.

Madame Pomphrey rolled her eyes but smiled at him. "The Headmaster informed me that Voldemort managed to hit you with two spells which are still unknown to me even after countless examinations. Though, there doesn't seem to be any bad side effects that I can see but if anything happens to you over the course of the following weeks, be sure to tell me."

Harry nodded in understanding then breathed a sigh of relief when his stomach ache went away.

"Have a happy Christmas, Harry," She said with a smile before turning around and going back to her office.

Harry smiled at her then got up off the bed and left the Hospital Wing. Hopefully, he wouldn't have to come back anytime soon.

During the following months, Harry kept throwing up and sometimes he even had to quit Quidditch because both he and his team were afraid that he'll seriously injure himself because of his random dizzy spells.

Other than his health, Harry was being terrorized by Voldemort who kept sending him dreams of Sirius being pushed into the Veil and his friends could see how much it was taking its toll on Harry who was now sporting some rather impressive bags under his eyes.

Harry even stopped talking to Dumbledore who did nothing to help him get over his grief. The old man didn't even seems like he cared that Sirius was dead and that just caused Harry to get angry and because of that, he began ignoring the man.

Other than Dumbledore, Harry's hate for Voldemort couldn't even go higher than it already was but it seemed that Dumbledore himself was now number one on his hate list when Harry found out that the man kept the prophecy from him and that proved to be his breaking point.

From that day forward, Harry had realized that the only one he could trust was himself so he stopped going to Dumbledore about anything and he stopped telling Ron and Hermione anything because he realized that every time he told them anything, Dumbledore would call him up to his office and warn him about the same thing.

July 31st

It was his birthday and he decided to spend it at Hogwarts where everyone had decided to throw him a birthday party.

"Happy Birthday, Mate!" Ron yelled with a large grin while stuffing himself with Harry's birthday cake, baked for him by the House Elves.

Harry only grimaced then continued drinking his butterbeer.

"Hey, Harry," Hermione said with a small smile after hugging him.

"Hey, 'Mione."

Hermione frowned and looked him over before grabbing a hold of his arms and pulling him away from the party where everyone was getting drunk.

"Are you okay, Harry?" She asked softly, her bottom lip worrying between her teeth.

Harry nodded slowly at her then bit his lip when the smell of Pumpkin juice wafted over to him and he had to control himself so as to not puke.

"You sure, Harry? Maybe Madame Pomphrey can check you over or you can ask Dumbled-"

Harry clenched his fist and cut her off then pushed past her.

He was sick and tired of hearing Hermione telling him to go to Dumbledore. If something is happening to him then he would find out himself as he knew that whatever Madame Pomphrey found then Dumbledore would be alerted.

It was because of this that Harry found himself three months later in the library looking for any information about the reason why he seemed to be getting bigger and his moods going haywire.

After weeks of useless searching, he was about ready to give up when he was struck with something he realised that searching in the effects of being subjected to Dark spells and others to do with the spells themselves was going about it all wrong. What he should've been searching was the symptoms he was experiencing in the healing books.

It was after going through all the healing books in the library that Harry realised that there was still the Room of Requirement left which would be sure to give him the answers that he needed and give it did.

He was sitting on a couch in the RoR and staring unseeingly down at the book which explained just what was happening to him.

He was… was… Pregnant.

At first he was in denial but after he felt an unknown yet strangely familiar pulse of magic surround him, he realised that he was indeed pregnant and he had cried for the rest of the day, no one knowing where he was as he had skipped classes.

After he broke down, he went back to the passage to get an explanation on why he as a mal could get pregnant and that's when he realized that male wizards could get pregnant if they are in a homosexual relationship just like female could get pregnant even if they are with another woman, as long as they were a Half-blood or Pure-blood wizard or witch then they could get pregnant. Muggleborns not being able to get pregnant was self-explanatory.

After reading about that, he read that there were few spells in existence that could cause someone to get pregnant without intercourse and two of those spells were sent towards him by Voldemort who he doubted wanted him to get pregnant.

The first spell that Voldemort had cast was meant to overload Harry's core with Voldemort's magic causing their magic to set off a reaction where Harry's magic would be overpowered by the foreign magic which would ultimately cause him to die after being exposed to it too long and the second spell was meant to solidify Voldemort's magic inside him so that no matter how much he fought, he would not be able to get rid of the magic and he would die quickly from the overexposure.

After panicking when he realized that he had been carrying Voldemort's spawn since early Juluy, he calmed down when his subconscious told him to have an abortion. It was already too late to have an abortion as it was already the middle of May and there was no way that he's kill an innocent baby just because it belonged to Voldemort.

"Okay… First order of business, I can't tell anybody or go back to the Dursleys," He muttered, sighing when he realized that Voldemort was ruining his life even when not present.

It was a couple days later that Harry was able to leave after he had been chastised by McGonagall and Ron and Hermione for missing classes.

He didn't even bother writing a letter as he didn't owe anyone anything. He simply packed his trunk, shrunk it then put it in his pocket then grabbed both his broom and cloak and quickly left the castle. Luck was on his side that night as Snape and Filch failed to catch him and he quickly left Hogwarts and ran into the Forbidden Forest, knowing that an alarm would sound shortly afterwards.

He then mounted his broom then flew off when he heard yells sounding behind him. He was lucky that he kept his cloak on because a strong 'Lumos' light up the entire forest and it was strong enough to illuminate where he was flying.

Two days later

After successfully hiding from everyone by glamouring himself, Harry smirked as he looked down at the daily prophet informing everyone that he was still missing when he was right under their noses.

During the first day he spent at the Hogshead Inn, he had visited Gringotts and read the will left by his parents and Sirius a found out that Dumbledore had his nose buried too deep into his life and he ended up getting all of his stolen money returned to him from Dumbledore, Fudge and Molly Weasley who had been using his money to purchase countless amounts of love potions because of the contract Dumbledore had drawn up for him and Ginny which was ow null and void now that he was emancipated.

He was also now living in the Potter ancestral home with five house elves who had been taking care of the castle to make sure that it hadn't deteriorated overtime.

Back to the present, he ended up paying for the services of a Goblin healer who made sure that his pregnancy was going along smoothly, which it was. He found out that he was having a baby boy and he had already bought numerous amounts of clothing and such.

He stared down at his slightly round stomach then sighed softly before apparating back home before anyone paid too much attention to his glamour.


It was now the 8th of May, a month over his due date when he went into labour while finishing his breakfast.


A House Elf wearing a dress which had the Potter insignia on it appeared and bowed to him.

"Master," It said, bowing lowly to him.

"I need you to fire call the Goblin healer, Tener and inform her that I'm currently going into LabOUR!" He screamed, holding his stomach as a contract ripped through him.

Minnie nodded then disappeared with a pop.

The next day

It was after countless hours of waiting for Harry to fully dilate then push that his son was born, shaking the room with his cries.

"Here's your son, Mr. Potter," The Goblin healer said softly after cleaning the boy, measuring him then performing a full scan to make sure that he was healthy, which he was.

Harry carefully took the baby boy wrapped in his purple blanket and held him close to his chest.

"He's so beautiful," He murmured softly, placing a kiss on his son's forehead. He then pushed back the hat and he bit his lip when he saw the copious amount of straight, brown-black hair on his head.

The Goblin cleared her throat causing Harry to look up and he looked at her in confusion before he saw the parchment floating in the air which turned out to be the birth certificate.

He handed his son to the Goblin and plucked the parchment out of the air and picked up a quill and began filling it out. He didn't want any mistakes at all.

Name: Bailey Ash James Riddle-Potter

D.O.B: 9th May, 1997.

Mother: Harry James Potter-Black-Gryffindor

Father: Thomas Marvolo Riddle-Gaunt-Slytherin

He then handed the certificate back at the Goblin and looked at her seriously.

"I want you to create another copy then put the fake one at the MoM."

The Goblin raised an eyebrow then did as was told after handing Harry his son.

"Have a good day, Mr. Potter," She said with a bow before flooing away, leaving Harry with the original birth certificate.

"Hey there, Bailey," He murmured, looking down at his sleeping son after he had finished bottle-feeding him.

It was a couple hours later that Hedwig flew through the open window and seemed to be cooing at the sleeping boy.

Harry smiled at his familiar then sat down at his writing table, deciding to tell Tom about his son; he rather not have it on his conscious.

After numerous times of drafting the letter only to throw it away, he decided that the current one would do. He looked down and reread it once more to make sure that he didn't miss anything.

Dear Tom,

I guess you're wondering exactly why I'm writing you this letter but please read it to the end instead of throwing it away. I just wanted to inform you that you are now a Father… Yeah, I know you're wondering how you could be when we never had sex and that's what I'm about to explain.

You remember that time, early July when you attacked Hogsmeade? I know you do because that was also the time that you managed to hit me with two spells that should've killed me but instead allowed me to be able to carry your child without having intercourse.

At first I wanted to have it aborted but then I realized that I didn't want the murder of my child on my subconscious even though it's also yours. Congratulation, Tom, you now have a Son and his name's Bailey.

Other than informing you about him, I just wanted to beg that you let us be, I'll happily stay away from Britain and thus the war. I will only return when Bailey is Eleven so that he can go to Hogwarts.

Please leave us alone, I won't involve myself in the war anymore. It'll now be between you and Dumbledore. I'll also send you progress reports about Bailey with Hedwig and don't worry, you don't have to send me any money or anything, I can take care of both of us on my own.

Yours Sincerely,

Harry James Potter-Black-Gryffindor and Bailey Ash James Riddle-Potter

He breather out deeply then rolled the parchment up then attached the birth certificate and a picture to it then tied it to Hedwig's legs when she flew over to him."

"Please take that to Voldemort, Hedwig. Make sure to leave quickly after," He said softly, smiling at the incredulous looks Hedwig sent him before he flew out of the window.


After his triumph in Hogsmeade in July, every raid they went on were successful. He had managed to kill four order members, Mundungus Fletcher, Dorcas Meadows, Elphias Doge and Emmaline Vance.

Life was looking up for the Dark side and Voldemort couldn't be happier. Voldemort sat behind his desk and read over the reports made by his Death Eaters.

Everything was going good except for the report made by Lucius. It seems like Snape isn't that loyal… that's not even a shocker.

He had decided to lay low after the successful raids as the idiot Fudge was blaming the attacks on a rebel group.

Perfect cover for them.

He leaned back into his chair and took a little nap only to be awaken by a loud bark and he quickly got up and brandished his wand at an… Owl.

"How peculiar," He murmured, observing the snowy white owl who he knew belonged to the one and only Harry Potter.

"And what exactly are you doing so far from home?" He asked, leveling his wand at the owl who looked at him in what appeared to be boredom.

It barked at him and took flight, landing in front of him and holding out its leg.

He hummed and detached the parchment then raised an eyebrow when the owl took off quickly out of the window.

"Potter sending me a letter."

He quickly cast detection charms on the parchment then narrowed his eyes when he realized that the package was clean of any spells or curses.

He quickly unraveled the parchment then read the contents, his eyes widening as he read then he quickly picked up the other paper which turned out to be a birth certificate and then he finally picked up the picture which showed a picture of his sleeping son.

His eyes widened and he had to bite his lip to keep from smiling at the picture when he saw the little boy's eyes open to reveal beautiful grey eyes with green around the outer ring.

"Mine," He murmured softly, tracing a finger down the picture cheek of his son.

They only barrier was Harry. They were enemies, he tried to kill the boy numerous times already and he doubted that Harry would let him see his son. Bailey was his heir whether Harry really realized it or not and he would see his son even if it was the last thing he di-… Even if Harry greatly disagreed.

There would be no talking about death from him.

He had to see his son and that was something that Harry would not be keeping from him.

Two years later

The Wizarding world was easily taken over after Harry had left and there was absolutely no hope after Dumbledore was killed. Harry's past friend, Ron and Hermione ended up married and had two children who they always told stories about Harry to.

Harry hadn't kept in contact with them and he ignored the letters that they sent to him; he still hadn't forgiven them for reporting to Dumbledore his business and they… well Hermione figured out that that must be the reason why he avoided them and even if they apologized numerously, he still hasn't forgiven them.

During the years, Tom received weekly reports about Bailey and he looked at the pictures showing his son's growth over the two year period. No matter how had he looked, he still hadn't figured out where Harry was and he couldn't put a tracking charm on Harry's owl, Hedwig as the owl would just shake them off and he couldn't send any letters with other owl as it would be blocked so he had to rely on Harry's reports to be able to see his son.

He recently received a letter from Harry stating that Bailey started saying Mama and Dada a lot lately and he would normally be pointing at the picture Tom had managed to get Hedwig to give to Harry about him. He had changed over the years, resorting to his handsome looks as he didn't want to scare his son if he ever saw him.

He smiled when he saw the piece of string Harry had attached to the letter with a small message at the bottom stating that he could come and see Bailey by using the string which was a portkey and it would activate at 8:00 Am the next day.

The Next day

It was a nervous Tom who woke up at 6:30 Am the next day. He quickly brushed his teeth and took a good shower then he quickly walked back into his room and shrunk the trunk which he had a talented French man make for his son. It was shaped as a very fluffy bear and he had dumped all of the toys he had bought inside to give to his son and he had placed the clothing he bought in another trunk shaped as a unicorn.

When it was 7:59 Am he quickly grabbed a hold of the string and prepared himself to be whisked away to finally meet his son.

When 8:00 Am rolled around, Tom was whisked away to wherever Harry was. He held himself together so as to not stumble upon landing and make a fool of himself.

Appearing in a beautifully decorated living room, Tom looked into the eyes of Harry then into the silver-green eyes of his one year old son, Bailey who was looking up at him in awe.

Tom could feel water gathering at the corner of his eyes and he slowly and hesitantly approached a cautious looking Harry and stared at Bailey who was staring back.

"Hey," He murmured softly, his eyes focused on his son.

Harry smiled and handed Bailey over to Tom who immediately plucked him out of his hand and close to his chest.

"Tom meet Bailey, Bailey meet your Daddy," Harry said softly, smiling when Bailey's arms eagerly wrapped around Tom who hugged back just as tightly.

Within seconds, tears flowed down Tom's cheeks and he sniffled, breathing in the scent of his son who he had never seen till that day.

"Dada!" Bailey squealed happily, kissing Tom's cheek enthusiastically.

Tom sobbed and hugged his son tighter to his body and he looked at Harry and mouthed a 'Thank you' to Harry who smiled at him.

Harry hid his surprise at seeing Tom's looks up close. It was different looking at the changes on a picture then up-close.

It was half an hour later, Tom released Bailey from his hold and placed the grinning boy on the ground. He smiled when he saw the boy's neck length, straight hair and his bright silver-green eyes then how aristocrat-like his features were.

"Hey, buddy, I've got something for you," He whispered, pushing his hand down in his pocket and pulling out both trunk which he placed on the floor.

He then stood up and pulled Bailey away from the shrunken trunks and walked towards Harry then pulled out his wand, ignoring how stiff Harry had gotten and he pointed at the trunks and returned them to their original size, smiling at the squeal Bailey let out before letting go of his hand and running towards the trunks, eagerly opening the bear trunk and pulling out his toys.

"You shouldn't have bought all of those, Tom," Harry murmured, his eyes widening at the amount of toys Bailey was pulling out of the trunk which he knew had wizard space.

Tom snorted then looked at him before replying, "Nonsense, this is the first time I've seen him and I want to spoil him as much as I can before I have to leave. I don't know when I'll see him again so I want him to remember me and what better way than give him toys which he would grow up with."

Harry looked down at his hands then looked at Tom who went back to looking at Bailey whose face brightened when he realized that there were more toys in the trunk.

"We had planned to go to the stables where the Abraxan horses are. If you want you can join us in feeding them."

Tom's eyes brightened at the prospect and he quickly nodded to Harry.

"I'd love to."

Harry smiled at him then looked back at Bailey.

Tom spent the whole day with Harry and Bailey, first they fed the Abraxan horses then rode them around the large yard then after that they had a picnic next to the fountain with food provided by the house elves and then after that they hung out in the living room then in Bailey's room.

It was 7:30 Pm when Bailey went to bed after a long day of having fun. He had five of his new toys with him on the bed and he was hugging the toy dragon Tom got him.

After walking soundlessly out of the room and leaving the door open, Tom and Harry walked to the living room where they sat down and looked at one another.

"So… Can I visit again anytime soon?" He asked hesitantly.

Harry bit his lip and shrugged. "I don't know. I can see Bailey already loves you but I don't know if I can trust you that much after our past."

Tom nodded sadly then breathed deeply before replying, "I know nothing I say can justify my actions towards you but you have to understand, Harry. We were at war, your parents and I were on different sides and it was either I kill them or they kill me. I was afraid of dying when I worked so hard to be immortal, when that prophecy came out I knew that if I didn't get rid of you then it would be the end of me and it was my fear of death that made up end up at Godric's Hollow."

He knew if he wanted a chance to see his son again then he had to be honest with Harry and he didn't want to lose his son because of any lies.

"I know that my words aren't enough but I've been trying, Harry. I left your little friends, I didn't harm any students, Muggleborns included. I've been trying hard to make wizarding Britain better. I've even introduced orphanages so that children won't have to be abused because of their magic like I was. All I'm asking is to see my son, Harry. He's the only child I have and I want to be in his life."

Harry bit his lip and avoided Tom's eyes.

Tom sighed then abruptly stood. "I understand that you still don't feel comfortable around me so I'll leave, but please send me more reports about Bailey so I won't miss out if I won't be able to see him again."

Harry looked up at him then stood up.

"You don't have to leave yet, Tom. You can stay the night and spend tomorrow with Bailey. You're right though, I don't trust you but I'll make an effort to for Bailey. If he can have both parents in his life then I can try and put away my differences and accept that the past is the past and now is the present. I don't think that I can forgive you for killing my parents, Tom, and I don't think that I ever can but I try to be civil with you."

Tom smiled at him then nodded quickly before responding, "I can accept that. Thank you for this chance, Harry."

Harry nodded at him then showed him his room.

"Good night, Tom," He murmured softly.

Tom smiled at him then bid him good night before going into his room for the night.

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