(A/N: It's probably out of character…I suck at keeping them in character. Also…I ovoiusly don't own Ninjago or the song that inspired me to write this…if I did own either it wouldn't be FANfiction now would it…)

Zane sighed. He looked up at the moon. Peace had returned to Ninjago, but he wasn't sure peace had returned to him.

Why not though? He thought. What was holding him back?

His father and creator walked over. "Zane, are you okay?"

Zane looked up from his thoughts. "Hello father," he said.

Dr. Julien sat next to Zane. "Why are you so sad?"

The nindroid looked at his father and smiled. "Everything is so peaceful, but I do not understand why I am still slightly worried."

Dr. Julien nodded. "About what?"

Zane sighed. "I don't know. I just feel bothered by something," Zane admitted. He looked up at his creator. "Why exactly did you make me?"

Dr. Julien smiled softly. "To protect those who cannot defend themselves."

Zane nodded, but frowned. "I know that, but there must have been another reason."

Dr. Julien sighed. "Being own my own was really lonely," he admitted.

Zane smiled and nodded his head. He looked out the window. "I know…" he said.

Dr. Julien looked out the window also. "How about we go and check on the others," he said.

Zane looked at him and nodded. "Yes."

They both got up and left to go see how the others were doing. Dr. Julien was curios though, what was his son looking out at. He took a closer look out the window. Down below was a soft light out in the middle of the desert. Suddenly it disappeared. What could it have been?