Writhers note: I was inspired by the story called voice of reason. I hope you will enjoy this story. I must also say that my other story The dragonborn and the goblet of fire will have slow progress because of a writhers block in that story. Don't get me wrong I have many great ideas but I don't know how to get to it. So here is my second story called Harry Potter and the way it should be. There will be so references to the elder scrolls V Skyrim and Dragon's Dogma but this isn't a crossover.

Harry Potter and the way it should be.

Chapter 01

The last few words he heard before everything turned black were "Tonight the boy who lived comes to die. AVADA KADAVRA!" before everything turned dark he saw the green light that he saw a few times before. When he woke up he saw that he was in a giant hall but didn't knew how he got there. He then heard a cold voice say "Help me." Harry looked down and saw the ugliest thing he ever saw. When he looked up he saw a person walking towards him. The person wore a very large black robe that covered the person completely. When the person stood in front of Harry he said "Welcome Harry-James Potter I am Death and I will bring you to Fate so she can judge you on your actions. And you Tom Riddle will stay here until every piece of your soul is here so they can judges you on your actions. And remember no one escape Death no one.

Death and Harry then walked through a door into some kind of court. Harry was placed in front of Fate who said "Harry-James Potter during the fact that you couldn't kill Voldemort because you were manipulated by those you call friends. Those are for example Albus Dumbledore, Ronald Weasley and Molly Weasley (nee Perwitt)". Fate took a moment to collect her thoughts before she spoke again. To say that Harry was angry is the same as to say that dementors are cute. When Harry had calmed himself Fate spoke again. "For these reasons we will send you back in time to your second year before everything started. Oh and two more things the first is, you will have nine soul bonds to complete. You will have seven primary soul-mates. Your primary soul mates will remember everything that happened until the time they were also sent back in time. And the second is we will send someone with you see him as a guide for your path." She continued "If it wasn't for Voldemort you would have lived around 400 years with your soul mates three of those those are Daphne Greengrass, Susan Bones and Hermione Yean Grander.

Harry's mouth dropped and thought to himself "how is this possible Hermione is with Ron and I don't even know Susan or Daphne that good." He then said With all due respect but I think you are mistaken I've never loved Hermione that way and for Susan and Daphne I don't even know them that well, the only person I've ever loved was Ginny Weasley. Fate then said "Harry the only reason that you fell in love with Ginny is for the reason that she or her brother Ronald slipped some love potion in the drinks of yourself and Miss Granger. That is also the reason for the fact that the two of you started develop feelings for each other during the horcrux hunt." Harry was about to protest about the whole thing, but then he thought back to the time Ron was gone and He and Hermione danced in the tent he had the urge to kiss her right after the dance. On that moment he thought it was normal for that kind of situation, but now he knew he truly loved Hermione and he was pissed for the fact that their love for the two Weasleys was fabricated. Harry was about to ask about the other two when Fate said "And for Miss Greengrass why do you think the sorting hat wanted to put you in Slytherin? And for Miss Bones there are a couple of things you must do when you go to Gringotts." When Fate was finished a giant door opened and a man in his thirties stepped in and said "Hello Harry my name is Olaf Severus Snape and I will guide you" Harry was about to say something when the spirit of Olaf vanished and heard his voice say in his head "Yes Severus Sape is my father. I was born in Skyrim were the time is different compared with your time."

When he woke up Harry saw that he was at the Dursleys. He remembered that Dobby would be here at any moment he also saw that he was back in his twelve year old body. He then asked Olaf "Who are my other soul mates?" Olaf knew that this question was coming so before they left he asked Fate to reveal his other soul-mates, but Fate decided to be a bitsh and said no and that Harry had to discover it on his own. Then like before Dobby appeared and said "Harry Potter sire must not return to Hogwarts. Bad things will happen this year at school." So like the last time Harry and Dobby had a fight about returning to Hogwarts and like last time this resulted in a cake landing on the head of his uncle's bosses head. When the guests had left Vernon spoke "FREAK! Get your ass down here this instant." It would have been smart of Vernon not to mention the freak part, but then again we are talking about Harry's uncle. When he heard the word freak Olaf took over Harry's body to teach that fat walrus looking man a very painful lesson. Harry/Olaf walked down the stairs and when Vernon saw his eyes he froze in his tracks. Instead of being emerald green Harry's eyes were now glowing ruby red. (This is the color of Olaf's eyes.) With a voice not of his own Harry spoke "You will no longer torture this boy and if you think to stop us then think again." Before Vernon had an opportunity to say something Harry shouted "OD AH VIING" then not one minute later the wall in the front of the house was blown up by a giant dragon. Harry then said "I will be leaving in a minute" and with a flick of his wand all the stuff he needed was packed in his trunk. He then shrunk his trunk, placed it in his pocket and climbed on the back of the dragon and flew away. It was far in the afternoon when Harry arrived at the Leaky cauldron were he rented a room. When he arrived in his room Olaf said "Alright Harry the first thing on the list for tomorrow is going to Gringotts to discover your full inheritance. So let's get some sleep because we have a big day tomorrow." Soon after Harry lay in his bed he drifted into a peaceful sleep the first in seventeen years.

Same time at Hogwarts.

The devices Dumbledore had connected to Harry exploded at the moment Olaf took control over Harry's body. Dumbledore was fuming not only were his devices blown up but the wards around the house of Harry's relatives were also down. Fawkes looked at his master with a sad look and asked himself "When did he walk down that dark path." He then decided that his Dumbledore was not capable to be his master so he went up into flames and broke the familiar bond. Fawkes then flamed out of the office into the room of a young sleeping Harry potter.

The next day.

Harry woke up thanks to the song of Fawkes that he remembered from his second year in the past. After breakfast Harry walked into Gringotts Harry looked around and walked towards a teller and said "Excuse me, but I wish to speak to the Potter account manager. I'm interested in hearing my parents will and taking my lord ship as the last living descendent of the Potter line." The goblin looked down and could see Harry's scar. The goblin then hoped from his chair and led the way to the office of the account manager of the ancient and noble house of Potter. (Harry still didn't knew about this.) The goblin knocked on the door and waited until they heard "enter". The goblin led Harry in and said "My lord, Mister Potter is here to claim the title as Lord Potter." Griphook (the account manager of the Potters) told Harry about an inheritance test by blood. After Harry dropped some of his blood on a piece of paper his inheritance showed.

Harry James Potter

Father: Lord James Hadrian Potter

Mother: Lady Lily Potter

Family and vaults heir to

Lord Harry James Potter trust vault: 250,000 galleons

Potter vault: 25,000,000 galleons, books, jewels and armour

Gryffindor vault: 10,000,000 galleons, books and armour

Hufflepuff vault: 10,000,000 galleons, books and jewels

RavenClaw vault: 10,000,000 galleons and books

Slytherin vault (conquest): 10,000,000 galleons, potion ingredients, books (mostly about parsletongue) and armour

Peverell vault: 15,000,000 galleons

Septim vault: 500,000,000,000,000 galleons, potion ingredients, jewels, books and armour

Abilities and natural learning

Animagus: Gryffin, Basilisk, Raven, Badger and Hungarian Horntail (blocked by A.P.W.B.D)

Potion natural: (blocked by A.P.W.B.D)

Defense natural: (blocked by A.P.W.B.D)

Natural Occlumence: (blocked by A.P.W.B.D)

Destruction magic master: (blocked by A.P.W.B.D)

Restoration magic master: (blocked by A.P.W.B.D)

Illusion magic master: (blocked by A.P.W.B.D)

Alteration magic master: (blocked by A.P.W.B.D)

Dragon shouts master: (blocked by A.P.W.B.D)

Magical core (blocked by A.P.W.B.D) for 90%

Outstanding contracts

Marriage contract between Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter approved by A.P.W.B.D and Molly Weasley

When he finished the piece of paper Harry was in full rage. His magic was swarming around him, objects in the office were floating even Griphook was flying. When Harry calmed down the only thing he was, was surprised by the amount of galleons he had.

Griphook was not surprised by the reaction of Harry and Harry had every reason to be pissed. Griphook felt sick when he thought about the blocks on the magic and magical core of the young lord. Griphook swore there and then that he would do everything in his power to bring everyone to justice who crossed Harry's path in the wrong way. Griphook was sweating when he remembered that he still had two other envelopes and hoped for the safety of the bank that there wasn't anymore bad news.

Bones Manor

Susan wasn't having a good day. In fact it was worst day in 17 years. The problem was that she wasn't seventeen but twelve AGAIN! Susan had no clue how she returned to thirteen, except for a note on her bedside that read

Find Harry James Potter. He will explain.

Truth be told Susan was very grateful to come back. She shivered as she remembered everything before she woke up.

Flash back

Susan was fighting against a couple of death eaters. As she heard the two terrifying words AVADA KADAVRA spoken she saw the green beam hit her best friend (Hanna Abbot) and killed her. She was so pissed that she lost control over her rage and shouted "YOL TOOR SHUL". The giant flame from her mouth killed ten death eaters, but exhausted her even more. She was then knocked against the wall when she heard "So Bones finally I can have my way with you." Susan looked up and saw no one other then Draco Malfoy. She knew what was coming next and prepared herself, but it never came.

End flash back

Susan who was a pure-blood witch knew that Harry was the heir of the most ancient and noble house of Potter. The mystery was that for someone so wealthy he had clothes that were torn or were hand me downs. Susan wasn't someone who acted on wealth knew something wasn't right. So she decided that since she would spend some time with Harry she would help him with being a lord and would ask him about his situation. Susan was torn apart when she learned that Harry was with Ginny. So this time she would make a move first. She decided to go downstairs and talk to her aunt. An hour later she decided that she would be going to Diagon Alley to find Harry and get some answers. Unknown to Susan two other witches experienced the same thing. They woke up, found the note, had a flash back and went down stairs.

Gringotts (around the same time when Susan talked to her aunt)

Harry was reading the will of his parents over and over. When he finished for the fifth time his anger could easily outmatch the wrath of ten Hungarian Horntails. The will said that if something would happen to Sirius that Harry should be send to Amelia Bones (one of his two god mothers) who was also his legal magical guardian. The will also said that on whatever circumstance he shouldn't not be raised by lily's sister and her husband. It also said that Snape was his other god father and McGonagall was his other god mother. And finally it said that Pettigrew was their secret keeper and that Albus-i-have-to-many-bloody-names-and-titles-that- it-went-to-my-head-Dumbledore knew about it. Griphook was about to give Harry more bad news when a goblin entered the office and said "My lord one Susan Bones wish to speak to Lord Potter". Griphook said quickly "Yes send her in please". Griphook hoped that with Miss Bones in the office Harry's anger wouldn't explode because he knew that didn't happen YET. When Susan entered the office she saw immediately that Harry was very close to let all of his emotions go. When Harry saw Susan he handed her the will and the piece of paper with his blocks on it. When she saw how rich he was and that he was the heir to the founders she was stunned with amazement, but when she saw the blocks placed on Harry by Dumbledore she was stunned with rage. When she saw the thing about the marriage contract she almost lost it. When she was done with the will she invited her aunt to take a look at the will. When Amelia was done with the will she and Susan welcomed Harry to their family. Harry then received the Potter, Peverell, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, RavenClaw, Slytherin and finally the Septim ring. The rings besides the Septim ring removed the blocks from Harry, but the Septim ring doubled the size of Harry's magical core. After this Harry used an INCINDIO MAXIMA on the contract and destroyed it and the desk.

It was time for Harry and Susan to get their school stuff and to tell at least Susan about the soul bond. Harry and Susan both entered a familiar shop and looked around. After a couple of minutes they heard four voices when they turned around they saw to hydras and two basilisks. Susan then asked to Harry "Do you hear those snake talking as well?" Harry was too stunned either to the fact that Susan also knows parsletongue or to the fact that this shop sells hydras and basilisks so he just nodded. Harry bought the four snakes and gave one hydra and one basilisk to Susan. They also bought a parsletongue slot for their trunks. An hour later the only thing they needed to do was to get their books. It was then that Susan stopped Harry and asked him why she was twelve again. Harry told her about his meeting with Death and the fight with Voldemort. He also told her that she was together with six other witches one of his primary soul mates and finally he told her about Olaf. Susan then warped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips. What they didn't know was that they were surrounded by a bright light. When they stopped kissing they saw that there was a small crowd around them. The small crowd was clapping because they all knew what that light meant. When Susan and Harry walked in the shop for their books they saw that the Weasleys and Gilderoy Lockhart were still there. To raise no suspicion Harry walked over to the Weasleys and got the photo shoot with Lockhart. When Harry intends to walk out of the shop he sees that Draco is harassing Susan. On this moment Olaf takes over and tells Harry that somehow Susan is his daughter. Draco is then knocked into the wall after hearing FUS RO DAH. Draco wants to hex Harry when his father interferes and says that he didn't knew that the potters are protecting bloodtraiters and mudbloods. This time it is Susan who shouts FUS RO DAH and with that Lucius joined his son at the wall. When Suan and Harry left the shop Both Hermione and Daphne decided to follow and flank them. When they were alone Hermione and Daphne cornered Harry and demanded to tell them why they were back in their second year. After everything was explained both Daphne and Hermione were kissed by Harry sealing the soul-bond. The four of them then meet up with Amelia and they told her about the soul-bond. When they were finished Amelia said "This sort of thing can only happens to you Harry isn't it. It was on this moment that Olaf showed himself to everyone and told them his story. When Amelia heard that Olaf is Susan's real father and that Severus Snape was her grandfather she spewed her butter beer in Harry's face and ordered something stronger. It was around 4 pm when Daphne and Hermione went to their parents and Harry and Susan to Bones Manor.

Two weeks later

Harry, Susan, Daphne and Hermione were on Kings Cross station in London and were about to go through the portal to platform 9 ¾ when Harry remembered that the portal was sealed by Dobby so he walked to the pillar and felt that it was indeed sealed so they had to find another way to Hogwarts.

Authors note: So I think this is a good place to end this chapter and I have one question for the readers. "What is the way Harry, Susan, Daphne and Hermione will get to Hogwarts?"

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