Writhers note: So if thought that Harry would use his animagus powers then you are wrong no one besides Susan, Daphne and Hermione knows about that and Harry intends to keep it that way for a long time. The way of traveling is calling Odahviing the dragon in the first chapter. So let's continue this story.

Harry Potter and the way it should be

Chapter 02

Harry told his soul-mates that the gate was sealed, but he knew another way to Hogwarts. When the group of four left the station they saw Ron entering a car and fly away. There was no one to be seen so Harry called Odahviing and asked him to fly the four of them to Hogwarts. On their way to Hogwarts Harry them about the marauders and their animagus ability. He also asked them to bring back the marauders to Hogwarts. Susan and Daphne agreed instantly and after some thinking Hermione also agreed. When they looked down they saw Ron flying besides the Hogwarts express and when Harry looked at Susan and they both nodded and jumped down. During the fall they both turned into one of their animagus forms the Hungarian Horntail. They both flew towards Ron and the train the students in the train saw the dragons first. When Ron looked on his right side he almost crashed against the train, but it was Harry who stopped it in time. Everyone was already on the station of Hosmeade when they saw a dragon approaching. When they the dragon land in front of them they all saw that Harry Potter along with three witches were on its back. When Draco saw Daphne besides Harry he walked towards them and asked "Greengrass what are you doing on Potter side? You know very well that is against the house rules and because of this you must show yourself against a house trail. And if we find you guilty you know what will happen right?" After Draco left Harry whispered to Daphne "I think we should be happy he didn't saw the Lady Potter ring." The group of four entered Hogwarts they met with a shocked professor Dumbledore. They then went to their separated seats at Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Slytherin table. The sorting was a bit awkward because Harry thought that he saw Death outside smiling or something like that. When they went to their common room Harry was worried about Daphne and the trail. When he entered his room time stopped as Death entered as well and gave Harry the ability to change into a wolf as well he also told Harry that with Christmas there was a big surprise for him and Susan.

It was late at night when he woke up to a voice who said "Lord Hogwarts you must go immediately to the Slytherin common room because Daphne is found guilty and now they are trying to get to her and they have the intention to force themselves on her." When Harry heard this his magic was circling around him as he ran out of the Gryffindor common room it was five minutes later when he arrived at the Slytherin common room. Harry could hear Daphne yelling at someone and knew what he had to do. And without another thought he shouted at the top of his lungs "REDUCTO MAXIMA!" and the entrance exploded into a million pieces. Every Slytherin were stunned by the explosion and the only thing they saw in the smoke were two emerald green eyes turning sometimes ruby red. No one knew what they saw, in the place were once was the entrance to their common room stood no one other than the Gryffindor golden boy Harry Potter and before they could do a thing he shouted "FUS RO DAH!" almost every Slytherin was knocked into the wall by the shout. It was then that professor McGonagall, professor Snape and of course the old fool as well came to the common room. All three the professors were shocked to see Potter standing were once was the entrance of the Slytherin common room. What shocked them more was the fact that there was a cyclone of magic around Harry. After everything was told (besides the fact that Hogwarts had talked to him which was still a surprise for the old fool) Snape was furious about his house and gave every male who was there detention for six months and for Draco no Quidditch. McGonagall was shocked by the amount of magic Harry had shown. And Dumb-as-a-door wasn't shocked or pissed at all. When Dumbledore was gone Harry said "Professors I think I need to show the two of you something." The two professors followed Harry to the Gryffindor common room were Harry showed his parents will and his inheritance test to the professors. When they both were done Snape was furious, but this time on the headmaster. Minerva was also pissed on the headmaster and promised Harry that she would do anything in her power to see him jailed. Minerva and Severus also found out about the soul-bond and that Susan was Lady Septim, Daphne was Lady Potter and Hermione was Lady Peverell. Severus told himself that he had a new mission and that was to help and protect his god-son.

It was two hours ago that he left his god-son and that fool was asking to brew a loyalty potion keyed to himself. Of course Severus knew it had no effect since the soul-bond so he agreed. Severus was smiling mentally at the thought that the headmaster would be working for Harry in no time. On that same moment Death entered and said "Hello Severus I'm here to tell you that when Christmas arrives three persons will be coming back to life. Those are your son and Susan's real father Olaf Severus Septim Snape, James Hadrian potter and Lily Potter." To say that Severus was pleased would be an understatement. He knew that Harry's parents were watching him and were furious about Dumbledore and to make it even better they are coming back to live. Severus knew about Harry's plan for the second generation Marauders and knew that Minerva wouldn't be happy about it so this was his Christmas present for when she found out. In that same week Harry destroyed the dark mark on Severus his arm, Harry, Susan, Daphne and Hermione were doing excellent in every class even potions.

Two weeks later

It was time for Harry to reveal himself as Lord Hogwarts and heir to all four of the founders. He would also tell that Voldemort was the last heir of Slytherin and by defeating him Harry earned the title lord Slytherin. After breakfast he was about to walk to Minerva when Flich entered the great hall and said "Headmaster there are three new ghosts in the castle." The person who looked closely to the stuff on the tables could see that everything was floating. (You all know that when Harry is pissed things are starting to float, but there is one other person who can do this and yes that is his mother.) Dumbledore was about to respond when the doors of the great hall opened and he lost all the colour in his face. In the door opening stood one James Hadrian Potter, one Olaf Severus Septim Snape and one every pissed off Lily Potter. Severus only thought "Damn you Death you are a marauder as well aren't you?" In the mean time everyone turned their heads to the doors when they heard "YOU BASTART HOW DARE YOU TO GO AGAINST OUR WILL AND PLACE OUR SON WITH MY SISTER AND HER BLOODY HUSBAND!" by now everyone knew where Harry's anger was coming from. Even Dumbledore thought only one thing and that was "shit." He was about to say something when James said "AND HOW DARE YOU TO SENT SIRIUS INNOCENT TO AZKABAN WITHOUT A TRAIL WHILE YOU KNEW IT WAS PETTER PETTIGREW. AND YOU KNEW THAT HE WAS AND STILL IS A SERVANT OF LORD VOLDEMORT!" When this was said everything was floating four meters above the tables and everyone was now looking to two glowing green eyes. This time it was Harry who shouted "YOU BASTARD FIRST I FIND OUT THAT I NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN SENT TO MY AUNT AND UNCLE, BUT I ALSO DISCOVERED MY HERITAGE AND THAT YOU BLOCKED MY MAGICAL CORE FOR NINETY PERCENT AND TO MAKE IT COMPLETE YOU BLOCKED MY ABILITIES AS WELL. AND NOW I DISCOVERE THAT YOU KNEW THAT PETTIGREW WAS A BLOODY DEATH-EATER WHO WAS RESPONCIBLE FOR MY PARENTS DEATH. AND DON'T MAKE ME START ABOUT THE MARRIAGE CONTRACT BETWEEN MYSELF AND GINNY WEASLEY." "DUMBLEDORE YOU KNOW VERLY WELL THAT THERE IS A BLOOD FEUD BETWEEN THE POTTERS AND WEASLEYS." Lily shouted. By now the great hall empty except for Susan, Daphne, Hermione and the staff with Olaf and Harry's parents of course. Death was by now scared to death by the rage of the Potters Dumbledore was about to draw his wand when he heard "EXPELIARMUS." He was then hit by the most powerful disarming charm he felt. Harry caught the elder wand and Death was now rolling on the ground from laughing. Dumbledore knew he couldn't win this so he grabbed a book and disappeared. Harry was about to ask his parents something when an note landed in his hand who what said

Dear Lord and Lady Septim

See this as an early Christmas present from both Fate and myself.

I hope you will enjoy it.


The next day

Everyone was now looking at Harry standing at the staff table he explained that he was in this castle Lord Hogwarts and he introduced the chances "First professor Snape Senior (Severus) will take over the defence against the dark arts lessons, then professor Snape junior (Olaf) will take over the history of magic lessons, then as third I will introduce you to professor Lily Potter who will take over the potion lessons, and for the transfigturium lessons we have professor James Potter because professor McGonagall is from now on the headmistress." The first lesson the second years had was history of magic. Olaf asked the class if they knew a legend. Harry pointed out the legend of the dragonborn and Alduin. Somehow after lunch Slytherin and Gryffindor discovered Harry's soul-bond with Hermione, Susan and Daphne. When Harry, Hermione and Daphne were on their way to their common room they were cornered by most of Gryffindor house and the whole Slytherin house besides Tracey Davis and Blaise Zabini. Both houses were very pissed off by the soul-bond between the four and sent cutting hexes towards Hermione and Daphne. It was Ron who said "Potter you betrayed your house, attacked the headmaster and finally tricked Death by resurrecting your parents." It was this moment that Death choose to show himself. The air went ice cold and before anyone cold do a thing Death stood before them and said "You stupid idiot no-one and I repeat no-one tricks me. It was I who sent Lily and James Potter back because they died before their time and I had to wait for the perfect moment." After Death disappeared everyone sent hexes and curses towards Harry. The three got some help from Hufflepuff house and Tracey and Blaise. After an intense fight Harry, Hermione, Daphne, Tracey and Blaise made their way to the office of professor McGonagall. When they arrived they saw Lily coming from the office and informed her about the situation. Lily was very pissed about her house. (Lily was the new head of house Gryffindor) The five students also said that they wanted to be re-sorted because if they returned to their common room they would be attacked. Lily then let them into the office.