This is just an update not a chapter.

As most of you (those who already read the first two chapters) can see is that Hermione is no longer in the head list. Make no mistake she will play a major role in the story. On another note the amount of money from the Septim vault will be changed to 500.000.000 below you will see the list with the future Ladies

Lady Potter: Fleur Delacour

Lady Black: Daphne Greengrass

Lady Peverell: Susan Bones

Lady Gryffindor: Katie Bell

Lady Hufflepuff: Nymphadora Tonks

Lady Raveclaw: Gabrielle Delacour

Lady Slytherin: Tracey Davis

Lady Septim:

To make it clear only Fleur, Daphne, Susan and Katie are Harry's soul-mates.

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