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Title: To go Back

Chapter Title: The Days they Left

Summary: They decided they needed to move on, to leave. Maybe all they really needed was to go back. Maybe to be taken all the way back to the start.

Pairings: Dante/Nero, Dante/Jak, Jak/Torn, Torn/Nero

Warnings: Yaoi, crossover and naughty usage of words

Rating: T, may go up, if encouraged.

Disclaimer: As awesome as it would be to own either the Devil May Cry or Jak and Daxter franchises, I do not. They belong, respectively, to Capcom and Naughty Dog.

Dante tried not to be bothered by what his partner was doing. Well, I suppose he's not my partner anymore… the half-breed reminded himself.

Nero was packing to leave. Not just on a job that could take a while to return. No, Nero was packing for good. For permanence. For ever. He wasn't coming back home, not there. The DMC office was no longer his home… and Dante was no longer his lover.

"You sure about this, Nero?" the elder hunter questioned, trying not to seem as upset as he was.

Nero didn't miss the way that he called his name. 'Nero,' not 'kid.' He knew it was done as not to further upset him. It was something Dante did when things got bad. They'd never been this bad, of course.

Nero's devil side practically screeched at him in anger as he uttered the words that meant there was no going back. "Yeah. I'm sure." Try as he might, the tears were heard in his voice. The taller male could practically taste them on his tongue. Only, those were his tears, weren't they? If you could only see the state you've put me in, kid, he mused to the now teen-less room.

Everything was messed up now. Nothing could be fixed. It wasn't as if he'd meant to screw it all up in the worst possible way; he just did. Like I always do, he thought, a single tear escaping his control before they all could.

The teen didn't know where he was going, but he couldn't care less. Though he didn't know, his devil did, and was actually leading him there. He was going to an island that had been forgotten for years. It was further south than the island of Fortuna and much, much bigger. Only ancient maps showed it; it was practically a forgotten continent and something seemed to steer people from it.

He'd been traveling the last couple days aimlessly and was now in a place called Dark Town. Something about the people of it kept him on edge, and he was fairly certain that it wasn't their pointy tipped ears or their sickly pale skin. It wasn't demonic, though, so he just carried on with caution. As he came across the docks, an eerie feeling crossed him as a certain darkness seemed to come from across the sea, as if tainting its waters.

An old fisherman stared at him from his boat. The fisherman, he noticed was half blind. "What's past the horizon?" he asked curiously, suddenly noticing that not only were the old man's ears pointier than the other civilians, but also much longer. They seemed to droop with his age.

The man suddenly laughed, Nero first thinking that it was to be rude at his lack of knowledge on the place, but soon realized it was just the hoarseness of his voice. "You won't be wanting to go there, lad. It's an awful place with a ruler to order the end of any who might threaten his rule. Creatures always blastin' the place to hell. It's a place you won't want to visit, and most certainly won't come back from," the fisherman explained.

"Sounds like my kind of place. Would you mind taking me? I could pay for the trip, of course," Nero said, reaching for his wallet.

The aged man stared at him as though he'd grown a second head before his harsh laughter came again. "Yer one crazy bastard," the man said through his laughter. "Just the kind I like," he continued, the last of his chuckles dying on his tongue. "I'll take you over free of charge. I'm headed that way, anyway."

"You're…really leaving?" the rasping voice of a dreadlocked man floated through the room, sounding broken.

"Just…just give it a rest," came a well-preserved voice. "I can't take it here anymore. If you feel obligated to keep taking care of this Mar-forsaken city, then go ahead, your choice, but I'm not taking care of these ungrateful people any longer," he justified crossing the room to gather his remaining few items and shoving them into a small pack.

Something snapped in the slightly older faerie, sudden emotion escaping him. "I love you and I always will. Do you really have to go and do this? You don't have to keep saving their asses, but why leave?!" he burst from behind his table.

The teen's response was alarmingly quiet. "Because I'll end up doing it if I stay here. I need to let go…" he said, before turning around. "I'm sorry, Torn, but it's over. I need to leave. I need to move on…"

Torn vaguely heard the second door close behind the young savior. No one heard his curse or his fist hit the table. No one was there to hear them, not anymore… not now that Jak… now that he was gone…

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