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This is taking place kind of after Jak 3, but expect a lot of inconsistencies that may or may not be explained (Like Tess being human again). I also kind of give a theory of how Mar/Jak does all that awesome stuff without him remembering.

"You must be Nero," a blonde assumes, looking up from a gun.

"How'd you guess?"

"Jak said you're young, but you have white hair, that's not too common around here," she waves off.

"You're Tess then, right?"

"That's right!"

The bubbly blonde banters with him for a while before she finishes tinkering with the large gun, setting it in a blue and white crate with an unfamiliar insignia, attaching a paper to it. She takes time to notice his appearance, eyes landing on his own gun and blade.

"A sword?" she questions. "That's a little out of date."

"I guess a lot of people don't use swords anymore, but it's what I was trained with," Nero shrugs.

"I've never seen anyone with a sword before, but the original Mar is depicted using one."

The name strikes a chord in Nero. It sounded familiar, like he'd read it in one of his books. "Who's Mar?"

"Oh, I forget; you're not from around here," she taps her chin, thinking of a simple and appropriate response. "Well there are hundreds of Mar. Each one is a reincarnation of the original. It's said that Mar, the messiah, is only born again when he is needed for that generation. We have our own Mar in this generation: that guy you met when you first came in; Jak."

"You're kidding right? I actually ran into your savior on my way in?"

"As much as I like to make people laugh, I'm not. That Mar has saved this world three times already and, due to a run-in with time travel, prevented the disaster of a second Mar being born into the same time frame."

"But, if Mar is such a good thing to have, then what's wrong with there being two at once?"

"Well, if you think about it, reincarnation is the same soul in a different body, right?"

"Right…" Nero agrees slowly, not understanding where she's going.

"Then that would logically mean that the soul was split into two bodies at once, meaning that not only is the soul of one half as strong, but one side has probably taken more of the purity the longer they reside together, meaning…"

"One side would be darker…" Nero catches.

"Right. We nearly had that very problem in this generation, about a year and a half ago."

"How did you stop it?"

"Well, both of the Mar reincarnations were of Jak; a Jak pushing on eighteen, and a Jak that was barely three. The older Jak was having a hard time holding on to the light that was left inside him, but after he saved the world we were able to send the young Jak through a time rift to many years ago so he could grow up into the Jak that we have today. He's still recovering his soul, now, but I don't think that he can get all of his light back this time, thanks to the damage Praxis did to his mind and body," she explains carefully.

"So there's a sort of time loop where they've gone through the rifts, but the time when they were actually in the same place isn't very long, right?" Nero summarizes.

"Yeah, that's about right," Tess agrees. "Any other questions?"

"Well, just two more," he says a little embarrassed.

"Fire away," the blonde offers.

"You said that Mar is a reincarnation that only shows up when the world needs him, but how do they know when and where he'll show up?"

"All of them are born into the House of Mar and the Seals of Mar will glow at their birth. The symbol painted on the floor is a model of the Seal of Mar," she answers waving her hand around the room at the giant black and white symbol. Nero recognizes it as the same red symbol on the necklace Jak wore. "Your other question?"

"What did the original Mar do to save the world?"

"That's a relatively long one to condense," she smiles. "Around two thousand years ago, demons began to invade our land and the faeries of that time just couldn't match up to them," she starts. It occurs to Nero that with that beginning, Mar may very well be their name for Sparda, or was at least tied to the demon. "Mar was the first faerie that was able to channel eco directly, but that still wasn't enough; it was like every demon he killed, ten more came up.

"When Sparda came, they thought the demon would kill them, but because of Mar's eco channeling abilities, he was able to see the demon's aura and knew that he would help them," How did I see him coming into the picture? the human thought. "With the quantity and skill of the demons, Sparda knew that even he and Mar wouldn't be able to take them all and succeed, so he offered a sort of…deal with Mar. It wasn't particularly something that either wanted to do, but it was the only thing Sparda knew would give them at least a chance to beat the demons and put them on the same level," Tess takes a moment to pause, wondering how to go about the next part.

Nero thinks he remembers where that was going. "Sparda… didn't he turn Mar into a demon and mark him as his mate?"

"How'd you guess?"

"I read a lot; it sounded familiar," he explains reaching in his bag for that specific book. "I think it was here, in Sparda's World Liberation," he flips through a few pages. "'Sparda's fight for the Lost Continent.' It doesn't mention Mar's reincarnations, but it has a picture of his seal and talks about their agreement, Mar's turning, how the mark empowered both of them…says Eva was captured and killed by demons before she could find out…"

"Who was Eva?"

"Sparda was in love with her and she was pregnant towards the end of the war. I don't know if she got the chance to have them or not."

"What's it talk about after all that? It looks around the end of the book."

Nero looks down. "This was the last place he freed of demons, so it's near the end of the book. It says Mar asked to be sealed away, distrusting himself, and Sparda sealed himself away with him. Maybe the way Sparda sealed him away is why he can be reincarnated."

Tess ponders a moment. "Do you think that Sparda loved Mar at all?"

"Why would you think that?"

"Well, he marked him as his mate, didn't he?"

Nero can't suppress a small laugh. "If anything, I think he felt bad about having to turn him into a demon. There's more, here, but it's in devil tongue and I can't make much of it."

"That looks like the language of the ancient Precursors…" Tess compares.

The door opens and a redhead and brunet, both donning dreadlocks, stumble in.

"Where's Jak," the woman asks as the man's eyes fall on Nero.

Tess frowns at the new visitors in a 'you-know-better-than-that' kind of way. Nero didn't know what to do.

A/N: Well this was mostly a way to connect the worlds together so it doesn't seem as random. It will help you understand things later in the story line better. What I'm saying is it's a filler. But it's an important filler.

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