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There was a burst of fire in an alley off Diagon Alley as multiple armored figures appeared. Harry changed back from a phoenix and took out his trunk. He took out some cloaks and gave them to Kaede, Mana, Yue, Haruna, Nodoka, and Gabrielle to cover their armor while Konoka, Setsuna, and Chao brought their hoods over their heads. Harry then took out a robe and put it on and brought up its hood while Evangeline brought down her hat shadowing her face.

They all left the alley and started down Diagon Alley towards Gringotts.

"This looks a lot like Hogsmeade" said Haruna looking around

"But we are in the middle of London" said Harry

They arrived at Gringotts and went inside.

"It would be best that only Konoka, Setsuna, and Nodoka come with me" said Harry

The others nodded their heads as Harry went up to a teller with Konoka, Setsuna, and Nodoka following behind him.

"What do you want" asked the teller seeing them

"I need to see my account manager" said Harry flashing his Lord rings

"Of course," said the teller

They were led into the back to the office of the old families. They went inside and Harry, Konoka, and Setsuna took off their hoods before sitting down while Nodoka stood behind them.

"Welcome Lord Potter-Black" said Ripfang

"What do you need" he asked

"I believe there is a Horcrux in the Lestrange Vault" said Harry

"This is a very serious accusation" said Ripfang

"Do you have proof" he asked

"I do" said Harry

"My Ministra possess an artifact that allows them to read the mind of anyone whose name they say and save it for later" he explained

Nodoka walked up to Ripfang's desk and handed him her diary. Ripfang's eyes gained an interested look seeing her armor.

"That is interesting looking armor you have there" said Ripfang

"I take their protection very seriously" said Harry

Ripfang read the entry in the diary before handing it back to Nodoka. She took it and put it away before going back to standing behind Harry.

"That is enough proof" said Ripfang

"I will see to it that abomination is destroyed" he said

"I would like to see it destroyed" said Harry

"Of course," said Ripfang

All four of them were led out of Ripfang's office while Harry, Konoka, and Setsuna put their hoods back up.

They were led deeper into the bank and watched as the cup was thrown in a pit of fire. Harry felt the soul shard die as the cup was destroyed.

"Thank you for your time" said Harry

"May your gold always flow" he said

"May your enemies fall before you" said Ripfang

The four of them were led back to the lobby where the others were waiting for them.

"Is it destroyed" asked Evangeline seeing them

"It is" said Harry

"We can go home now" asked Haruna

"Yes" said Harry

"But it would be best to leave tomorrow night" he said

"Ok" said Haruna

They all left Gringotts and went into an alley off Diagon Alley. He took off his robe and took the cloaks from Mana, Haruna, Yue, Nodoka, Kaede, and Gabrielle before putting them all away. Harry changed into a phoenix and everyone grabbed on him before flaming away.

There was a burst of fire in an alley as they all appeared, and Harry changed back. Everyone dispelled their armor before going into a nearby hotel for the night.

In the Dean's office at Mahora, there was a burst of fire. A phoenix appeared with Harry's friends as Harry changed back.

"You're late" said Konoemon

"We found out that he made horcruxes and had to destroy them" said Harry

"He made more than one" exclaimed Konoemon

"Six" said Harry

"How did he have any power left" asked Konoemon

"We don't know" said Evangeline

"He is no more" asked Konoemon

"Correct" said Harry

"Good" said Konoemon

"Now who is the young girl with you" he asked

"My name Gabrielle Delacour" she said bowing

Feeling her Allure, Konoemon said "You bonded to Harry then."

"She bonded to me" huffed Konoka

"How were you in a position to save her" asked Konoemon

They explained what happened during the second task and its aftermath. They left out the real reason it happened and just said Konoka felt her being taken away from the other hostages.

"That idiot" growled Konoemon

"I'm glad that training under Harry is paying off" he said

Konoka smiled at that.

"Is she all caught up" asked Konoemon

"She is" said Harry

"She will be joining your class then" said Konoemon

"You will take your finals in a few days to give you time to relax and study" he said

They all nodded their heads and left his office.

A few days later they all took their finals and aced them. Later that day Konoemon called Evangeline to his office.

"I'm impressed" said Konoemon once she sat down

"They all aced their finals" he said

"Of course, they did" said Evangeline smirking

"Maybe I should have hired you as a teacher" said Konoemon smiling

"Hell no" shouted Evangeline

"I would have killed the brats I had to deal with before" she said

"Enjoy your summer" said Konoemon

"I will" said Evangeline leaving

Mana, Kaede, Yue, and Haruna had already left for the summer. Leaving Konoka, Setsuna, Nodoka, Chao, and Gabrielle with Rose waiting for Evangeline to come back. She eventually showed up with Chachamaru carrying a few bags.

"What did Grandpa want" asked Konoka

"He said he should have hired me as a teacher given how good everyone did" said Evangeline

"I told him I would have killed the brats I had to deal with before" she said

"Yours is the first class that I tolerated" she said

"I knew you loved us" said Konoka hugging Evangeline

"Let go" shouted Evangeline breaking free while looking away blushing

"I take it you have a place where we can stay" asked Setsuna

"Of course," said Rose

"I bought a large enough place after we all became partners" she said

She then changed into a phoenix and everyone grabbed onto her before flaming away.


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