Hey! ((If you want to go straight to the story, skip this chapter)) So I'm back, and this is a completely new fanfic born previously from another fanfic called Sidequest to the Past. And it's a completely new storyline. I didn't like where I was going with the previous one, so I thought, if I make it half-AU where everyone still lives in the two separate world, but due to the Cruxis Angels and Mithos' betrayal, Ratatosk was forced into a core state. Where he is taken by Mithos to control the flow of mana.

Years later, Tenebrae and Yuan work together to release Ratatosk from his core state, and succeed, but because of Ratatosk's still weakened state, he transforms into a human, sealing off his memories and taking on the persona of Emil. Because of his sealed memories, Emil is left in Luin, who is taken in by the mayor. However, due to the mayor's busy schedule, he leaves the boy in the care of a couple who ran an inn, and was hoping for a helping hand.

At the same time, Tenebrae goes with him to Luin. Emil lives with Flora and Alba, but due to his ability to befriend monsters, is persecuted by the town, only leaving with the help of Richter, who will not be after Marta because she no longer will be hosting the core.

Aster would still be dead. He was killed during an excavation incident gone wrong. Since then, Aster left Sybak and became a wanderer, never staying in one place for too long. That changed when Emil came along though, and they settled down in Iselia for a while until the events of Symphonia, with educating Emil as an excuse. Richter may be smart, but he knows he doesn't believe he is the best teacher for anything academic.

With Marta, the Vanguard will still exist, but as a Desian Resistance Force that is not corrupt, with Brute as a commander, yet they are still somewhat untrusted by many due to their acceptance of half-elves. Marta is also a member, since there's really no reason for her to quit with the stuff they are doing: Helping villages and towns out with resources and providing protection and aid wherever they can.

Lloyd's group will be the only characters who will probably have the least amount of changes. Collette and Zelos will still be the Chosen for their respective worlds, and Lloyd will still be raised by Dirk and blood-related to Kratos, and Kratos will still be a brooding mercenary who is still in love with Anna. I guess the only changes would be that their group will just be even bigger than the original number of people in the game.

Aqua, as the only other known centurion with a sentience, helps be a distraction to help Ratatosk and Tenebrae escape, before fleeing herself. Aqua meets Richter and falls in love with him when he saves her from monsters that were too strong for her to handle, and after feeling him her story, he decides to accompany her. They find and reunite with Emil and Tenebrae in Luin.

How this will all pull together is that Marta is going to get permission from her father, Brute, to aid the Chosen's group after a negotiation with Kratos ((I'm still thinking on how the negotiation will occur)) while Richter, Emil, and the two Centurions arrive in Iselia. This will occur a year before the Oracle appears. Richter and Emil agree to finally settle down as a change of pace, and end up befriending Lloyd and friends. A year later, Collette receives the Oracle, and Kratos arrives with Marta, and during the huge incident with the violation of the peace treaty, Richter's origins are revealed by accident along with Emil's secret and Lloyd, Richter, and Emil are exiled, with Genis and Raine following close behind. And after that, it's pretty much two journeys in one.

The journey of Lloyd's group stays mostly the same with Sheena's attack, and the journey through Tethe'Alla, but with the addition of Emil, Richter and Marta, it will be slightly more chaotic. Emil will start to have pieces of Ratatosk's power manifest in him, causing his personality to occasionally do a complete 180 degrees, and Kratos, as a Seraphim and with someone who has been with Ratatosk before, senses the summon spirit's mana in Emil and allows him to stay, while he recognizes Richter's skills in battles and judges that he will be a good asset to the team. Marta will also be lovey-dovey and clingy with Emil, as usual, but any romance would be more or less hinted, and not official.

And that is the plan for the whole story. I hope you guys will enjoy it. I'll be getting the prologue out today, and hopefully the first chapter around the same time. If you guys have any questions, just PM me or review, and I'll be happy to answer them to the best of my abilities. Thank you!

Also, pre-betrayal Ratatosk was more like Emil, according to Tales of the Rays, so I'm going to use that. I'm actually going to mix the two together, so it's not too much Ratatosk and too much Emil.


I have returned to writing fanfictions after a long unplanned hiatus. I'm going to rewrite this entire story, not completely, but with some large edits to make more sense with the Symphonia Universe, along with keeping up with as much canon as possible. Therefore, the above plan will be edited as well to keep up with the changes.

Thank you for your patience.