Drarry SLASH. AU 6th year. After the DOM and a horrible summer where Vernon's treatment of him takes a turn for the worse, Harry is back and he worries his mentor and friends by hanging around with the wrong person. They don't know what Harry's been though or what's really going on with Draco, and anyway, Harry knows what he's doing, right? Well maybe not, but does he even care? Rated M for a reason!

IMPORTANT NOTE - This started off as a Drarry version of New Alliances. I didn't look at it for about two years, then decided to write a dark!Harry fic. I used a lot of the stuff I had already started, because I wanted to get into the juicy plot, and all I did was make Harry gay (it's introduced slowly though, don't worry) and made the Dursleys hurt him far worse than in canon and New Alliances. It's mainly the start which is the same. The plot is going in a very different direction though. Dark!Harry (See, told you it turns out different!) and SLASH WARNING BEEP BEEP BEEP. Oh, and I should give a warning of attempted rape too.

The story: As I wrote New Alliances, my first fic, I was getting into Drarry, and I found myself thinking of what if? situations as I wrote Dramione. I wrote that stuff down, and it was mostly scenes straight from New Alliances with a Drarry twist. Later, I wanted to write Dark!Harry. I used the notes I had written, but used a new plot. I've ended up with a half written fic which I really like, and to take out the stuff which was also used in New Alliances just wouldn't work. I could have decided not to post it, and I did just that for a long time, but in the end, because I don't share my fanfic with anyone in real life, it seemed a shame to let my hard work go to waste.