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By the way, I have not finished watching the first season, yep, I'm a late comer. And I don't know what happens completely, as of now, I just finished the episode with the Terror Twins, so sorry if any of the facts are wrong because of it. But there will be no Zatanna or Rocket since I don't know nothing about them, sorry.

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Chapter 1: If only

Star City: 10:00 pm

Wally sat on his couch at home, watching the TV. He saw the breaking news of a joint escape of Scarecrow and Joker. He saw the abandoned warehouse that they had barricaded themselves in (why was it always warehouses, what was with originality people). He saw and heard the cheers of the crowd when the dynamic duo arrived.

Wally turned off the television.

He had seen that sort of thing time and time again. Villain escapes, Robin and Batman drag them back to Arkham. Same old, same old. You could only watch them so many times before they became boring.

If only he had stayed.

If only he had stayed. He would have seen the mushroom cloud of gas erupt from the building. He would have seen the people of Gotham screaming and running in terror. He would have seen them succumbing to Joker venom. He would have heard the maniacal laugh that the Joker was famous for. And he would have heard a tortured scream.

Gotham: 11:00 pm

The batmobile raced into the batcave, startling Alfred out of his wits. He had been dusting, awaiting the dynamic duo's return.

"Goodness gracious, Master Bruce! Are you trying to give your old butler a heart attack?" said the Englishman, walking towards the car.

He stopped when the black-clad superhero exited the vehicle and bent to lift an unconscious Robin from the passenger seat.

"Good grief!" was all the butler could say.

Robin was a mess. His uniform was torn in numerous places, and he was covered with blood. His face was deadly pale, contrasting with the wide-spread grin that distorted his lips.

"Joker venom, I see." Alfred managed again. He didn't know what to say, and Bruce was ignoring him completely.

"And scarecrow as well." Bruce said. It broke the silence, but it didn't comfort the butler. If filled him with even more fear.

Alfred looked at the small boy again. He could see that his eyes were shut, only black showing on his mask. And he was twitching. Moans escaped his bloody lips and an occasional cry as well. And with each one, Bruce flinched.

"You cannot blame yourself, Master Bruce."

"Yes I can."

"No you can't. This wasn't your fault."


"Here, let me help you with him."

"No, this I can handle myself, Alfred." Bruce's tone was biting, but Alfred knew not to take offence. Bruce was just worried.

"Shall I call Dr. Leslie?"

"Yes, yes. And tell her it's an emergency." Throughout all of this, Bruce's eyes stayed riveted on Dick, as if afraid that he would vanish if he looked away.

As Alfred hurried off, the silence was broken with a piercing scream.

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