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Chapter 2: Dealing with the Aftermath

Gotham: 3:00 am

When Dr. Leslie arrived at the batcave, she was shocked. Everything was in disarray. Well, as in disarray as the batcave could get. Alfred was pacing back and forth, shut out of the medical room by a very anxious bat. And Robin, well, she could here the alternating screams of agony and grief intermixed with demented, crazy laughter.

She took a deep breath, steeled herself, and walked in. Bruce was holding the thrashing boy down, trying to keep him from hurting himself. It wasn't working. He had broken bones, and his sudden movements were agitating them. A bit of bone had even broken through the skin of his right forearm.

"A little help here, Leslie," Bruce basically screamed it in her ear.

"Of course, Bruce." She said, coming over. "What on earth happened?"

"Joker and Scarecrow." Bruce's face darkened, and Dr. Leslie paled.

"Oh my, there's no time to waste then."

She rushed to the cabinets that lined the walls, and searched for the cure for Joker venom. They always had a vast supply. You never knew when you might need a cure, whether for the two superheroes or a large population. When she found it, she turned to Bruce.

"How long was he subject to the venom?"

"Ten minutes."

She loaded out a large dose; it was a long time to have a high concentrated gas inhaled, especially Joker venom. Even small amounts could be deadly if that was all you were breathing in. And who knew how much oxygen Robin had gotten during those long ten minutes.

But when it came to injecting the antidote, there was a problem. Robin wouldn't take it. He screamed and thrashed so much that the needle couldn't be put into a vein. Not to mention the tiny detail of one of his arms being broken.

In all, it was a difficult battle.

But hard won. Dr. Leslie and Bruce worked for a full fifteen minutes and thirty-eight seconds, not that Bruce was counting or anything, to insert the needle into Robin's arm. And then they had to wait another forty-nine seconds, at this point Dr. Leslie was thinking that Bruce was OCD, for the serum to take effect and stop the laughter.

They shared a moment of mutual relief, but it was short lived. They had to flush the fear toxin from Scarecrow out of Robin's system, it was a new strain that the madman had developed and there were no cures yet, and that would take all night.

And after that was accomplished, there were still his physical injuries to care for. All in all, it was going to be a long night.

**********four hours have now passed**********

When Alfred went to check on the young master, his heart broke. A multitude of blinking machines were hooked up to the young teenager, and the white sheets of the cots leeched the life out of his thin face. In this moment, never did Dick look more young and vulnerable. It was an awful reminder of what could happen in the instant of the moment.

Dr. Leslie had left an hour ago, saying that she had other patients to tend to. She had suggested that Bruce get some sleep, since he had received injuries in the battle, but Bruce had declined. He had been determined to stay by Dick's side until he woke up. He wouldn't leave his little bird to face the nightmares alone.

But that didn't mean that the nightmares would leave the Batman. Bruce muttered in his sleep, tossing and turning in the chair.

"No…Dick…no…stay away from him…not him…" his brow was furrowed, and his hands clenched the armrests.

"Master Bruce, wake up, it is just a nightmare, Master Dick is safe." Alfred whispered.

"No…Dick. Dick, NO!" Bruce shot away, starting from his chair in his panic.

He relaxed when he saw Dick, but only slightly. He sank back into his seat with a groan.

"What have I done, Alfred? Dragging Dick into this mess of a life." He sounded so dejected and hopeless. It broke Alfred's heart further to hear Bruce sound this way.

"May I remind you, Master Bruce, that Richard chose this life, he was not forced into it anyway by you," Alfred cleared his throat. "And this life is a good deal better than he would have had anywhere else. You have both done each other wonders of good."

"I know, Alfred, I know."

Both men sat by Dick's bed until the late morning, watching his chest rise and fall with each and every breath. They didn't eat breakfast and they didn't venture up into the mansion.

They were still there when a call came in from the watchtower.

"What could they be calling about?" Bruce wondered as he eased stiff muscles and walked to the computer to answer it.

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