A random Chalant drabble because I felt like it, and I've been having angsty Chalant feels

Disclaimer: I do not own Young Justice

You see them together, you see them run off to his room inside the Watchtower. That's when you remember, you remember that that was where you guys used to go. It was YOUR place, your sacred hideout. It was where you guys would laugh at each other's insecurities and act like the giggly teenagers you were.

Later, when you were older it would be where you lie down together, your body flush against his as you flexed your legs around his toned hips. You would suck on his shoulder while another hard thrust sent you over the edge. He would run his tongue along your shoulder and up your neck then nip at your ear,and then he would join your mouths together to keep that low mewl from escaping you.

By the time you were done everything would be hot and sweaty and you would rest contently in his arms,your head tucked underneath his chin while he stroked your hair lovingly and your seemingly warm bodies melded into each other to make one. But that was all over. You could tell,
he had somebody else now.

Someone to ask him "how was your day" or "want to go patrolling together". Someone to caress his back and stitch his wounds when he was in too much pain to do it himself.

But that's all over now because he has someone else. Someone who will make him their first priority. Someone who willingly turns her attention to him even when she knows she has responsibilities. Someone that isn't her,anymore.

Kind of half-assed and I also feel like I let you all down considering the dramatization of the summary,but oh well. Review? X3