Chapter 13-Voldemort screw up

"HOW COULD THEY LET THEMSELVES GET CAUGHT?" was screamed by a snake like figure, to his inner circle of followers and his low level spy in the ministry, the latter of who was the messenger delivering the news. The question was still echoing off the walls of the Death Eater hideout, before the answer came from a member with silvery blonde hair poking out from his hood, who said, "Milord, with all do respect to you and my fellow members beside me, but the members you sent are the warriors, when what we needed was our stealth operatives," threw his pavement kissing bow.

His answer caused Voldemort to intone, "Crucio," as he launched a torture curse towards and then ended it, saying a few parting words, "It was rhetorical Lucius," and then said, "But you should know that stealth never worked on Goblins and the only way to go is to storm the bank with as many numbers as possible, while letting Wormtail, sneak in from there," before pausing and continuing with, "But I had made the mistake trusting a group, made from nothing but wanna be Gryffindors," with a sigh at the end.

Later on in the school of British magical learning, Dumbledore was in his office with his spy death eater Snape, with of which was getting chewed out by the former for not informing him of the impending attack and their goals. Moments later, Dumbledore dismissed Snape, with orders to found out what their goals were and see if they'll try again, while he would also arrange a meeting with Harry, believing the he and Ginny were somehow involved with the capture and his plan going to pot.

At the ministry however, Delores Umbridge was watched as the trial by Veritaserum, disproves all of what Cornelius said, about Voldemort not returning and was forced to take notes for the files. But Cornelius being forced to now accept that Voldemort has indeed returned from the dead, she also had to suffer the indignation of the having to give the seat she had fought to get, back to Sirius Black, due to Peter Pettigrew's confession of what really happened that night 15 years ago.

The indignation was from the fact that Delores had used the seat to further the more pureblooded laws and restrict the in her opinions, the taint of the magical world, with Sirius regaining the seat, he will be able to review All of the laws his seat and decrees his seat had passed, and removed his support from them, ultimately reversing all decisions made by her and her slaves (I mean Allies-yeah Allies). Once Peter Pettigrew was sentenced, the courts summoned the now freed Sirius Black, who was sworn in and they immediately went on to the emergency meeting, to discuss the restart of the war and Sirius started with, "I Lord Sirius Orion Black, believe that we must place a vote of no confidence towards the Minister For Magic: Cornelius Osward Fudge," to the now silent fury of Delores and the now pale: Fudge.

When the declaration was made, many in the crowd demanded, "WHY?" in very loud voices. The demand was answered with, "Because under the administration of Mr. Fudge: the wizarding world's ethics took a giant nose dive – to use a muggle term, alliances with several sentient magic beings were severed, due to stealing by a couple of Pureblood families and unnecessarily murdering of them, causing way to many wars with the Goblins and bypassing the law just to get what he or other paying parties wants," putting emphasis on paying parties. After several more reason were released by: Sirius, the vote was second by: Augusta Longbottom and was voted in the majority of: no confidence and Fudge was kicked ceremonially out of office, being replaced by Amelia Susan Bones, of the Department of Law Enforcement, who declared a state of emergency at the suggestion of: Sirius Black, and the Wizarding community was now ready for war.

(A.N. Amelia won't be restoring Dumbledore's positions in Wizengamot save for his seat, due to the belief that Dumbledore has a lot on his plate with his Headmaster duties.)

With the removal of Fudge, come the reassignment of Delores, as Amelia had discovered her use of the Blood quill before McGonagall stepped in and stopped it, and by reassignment I actually mean she was fired and was place into unemployment, but due to the state of affairs with: Azkaban and the successful liberation of the imprisoned Death Eaters (which was kept quiet by: Fudge), couple with the blood quill possession being a minor charge of 2000000 galleon to the victims account.

Now the next morning came with the crows of roosters and the fluttering of owls, delivering the prophet, which bore the front page article of the night befores trial and meetings. The info on the trials wasn't that interesting, due to the fact that they already knew the outcome, what actually had called their attention, especially that of: Dumbledore whom repeated what he had done previously and spewed out mouthful of hot coffee, though it wasn't because of the reinstatement of Sirius Blacks seat or the vote against Cornelius that drew his attention, but a paragraph explaining how he won't returning to his seat as Chief Wizard, due to have to much responsibilities at Hogwarts, which was true but Dumbledore needed that power for his other plans concerning both: the wizarding world and the muggle world, this mean he only had his family seat to work with and the declaration of a state of emergency also caught his eye, because it means the Order of Phoenix needed to operate with more secrecy than before and all criminal members will have to be kept in close watch, something he has no time for.

Back at Death Eater HQ, Voldemort had just gotten his report from his spy in the Wizengamot: (A.N. in this story: Lucius' seat in court was one for diplomats, as the Malfoy family was still not a British Pureblood Family, but a French one and could only use if the meeting concerns magical France or when no other diplomat was there.) Theodore Nott Sr. who informed his lord that Britain now knows of his return and has begun to set up arms. Theodore's report was strangely met with silence, but no one dared to move less their master's wraith occurs and finally, Voldemort spoke, "It is of little consequents, the World will be mine to rule and the current government has little chance in defeating us," as he sat on his throne, before dismissing his servants.

Return to Dumbledore, whom now had received word from his agent in the ministry, of 2 armored figures whom were responsible for the capture of Death Eaters and deduced that they were Harry, and Ginny, before resolving to speak with the 2 later, hopefully he regain his control over them and Harry will, return to Ron's friend. Outside of the Headmasters office, Harry, Hermione and Ginny were studying for their assignments that were due next Monday, so they were pretty much camping out in the library.

(Another note: Harry had applied for third year Ancient Runes and Arithmacy to replace Divination. If had not yet said so yet.)

Potterformers Legends:

In this story, a pureblood family can only be given a true seat on the wizengamot if: their family has to at least living in Britain for 50 generations and the Malfoy family only has 10 generations of settlers in Britain, before living in France for 40 generations.

Also Harry has dropped divination because he is sick having to make it up as he goes along. That and he found a natural affinity for both courses.

Harry and Ginny also have completed this animagus training and they can transform at will.

Potterformers challengers you to make an alternate story to go along with these future stories:

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