Chapter 14-The war returns, Delores' fury

After being kicked out of her: teaching position and undersecretary position, forced to pay royalties to the house of those few students she forced them to use a blood quill on and her boss losing his position, thus losing her immunity to do – in her opinion: Grey area deals and most importantly her blackmail material, Delores was now in a very low budget apartment. The apartment was nice, but lacks the splendor of her odd manor (which was a small manor under the shared ownership of the: Potter and Black family, for Sirius Black to use after he had left his Parents house) and not the place her overinflated ego felt she deserved, but when Sirius Black was freed from being a criminal, via what she still felt (even if the veritaserum worked) was a lie and what was worst than all this was the fact that the new minister believed the dark lord was alive and about to start the war anew.

Skip tempus a duobus diebus:

Days after Peter Pettigrew was captured by: Harry and Ginny, as well as his trial and sentence by: the Wizengamot, the 2 spellcasting Kamen Riders were using a lull in their course work (and in activity from Voldemort) to go on a date, where they spent the time in Hogsmeade: browsing threw shops with different knickknacks and a few jewelry stores, before raiding the sweet shop Honeydukes for their favorite candies, after that they went to a little café that was run by a Muggleborn witch, called: Lunch'n'Life, that was brilliant, not like Madam Puddifoot's Tea shop, which seems to take design choices from 'Author' Gilderoy Lockhart and was a normal place for people to come and eat lunch. After lunch, Harry and Ginny then went out again to browse the shops again, this time they found another shop run by a Muggleborn wizard, who thought it was time to introduce the wizarding world, to what muggles collectables were and the shop was thriving, if the 30 students already in the internally expanded shop proved that.

In the shop, Harry was able to startup his old collection of: Yugioh cards and bought 10 packs worth of Yugioh booster packs for 3 Galleons (the price per pack in AUS $ is 6 to 7 dollars for a non promotional pack [A.N. I am a Yugioh card fanatic and have a homemade toolbox full of non keepers, with 1.5 level arch files full of keepers]) half of them being a legacy Promotional packs which held cards from: Zexal, Arc-V and 5ds eras, allowing Harry to get caught up with new mechanics since he had being forced to stop at the end of the GX era. After visiting the shop, Harry and Ginny decide it is time to head back to Hogwarts, meeting up with Hermione and the Patil twins as they head in to Hogwarts.

While in the headmasters office, a furious Dumbledore was pacing back and forth, he was angry, angry at having the positions he converted for his plans for the wizarding and muggle world were not returned to him, but most of all he was angry on how he couldn't use the new minister as he had: Cornelius Fudge, though the worst thing by a mile was how Harry was getting stronger by the second and soon Harry's strength will not only surpass him but also make him be the most powerful mage in existence. With Harry approaching Merlin levels of magic, mean that the prophecy would not get fulfilled, 'For neither can live will the other survives,' he thought, believing it meant that for Tom to lose: Both Harry and Tom must kill each other in combat, but with Harry increasing strength daily the prophecy will go unfulfilled and this means Tom will live.

While carving another chunk out of his office floor, Dumbledore thought, 'There must be a way to curb his learning a more acceptable level, perhaps it is his new belt or something along those line,' as he thought of the belt Harry now wears and began to plan a way to remove it from Harry. As the Dumbledore schemed, Harry was now in the Library, working on his assignment for Transfiguration and had just finished the second paragraph on he thoughts and beliefs of the origins of the vanishing charm and was ready to write the third paragraph on how they differ from the Chameleon Hex or the invisible potion (a skin applied potion to turn the applier invisible) when, "Harry mate what are you doing in here? It is the weekend save your schoolwork for class," coming from a familiar voice behind him, causing Harry to avert his gaze to his (ex) best friend: Ron Weasley, who of which he had a fight with after Ron had slapped Hermione for pestering him, last week and this is what caused the formally (affectionately) called: Golden Trio to split up, a fact that Ron has yet to process.

"Ron," Harry said in a tone begetting that been use on a small child, "The teachers assign work for us to complete, so it would allow us to better understand our courses!" as he answered Ron's question, before going back to ignore him and this was when Hermione showed up, from the section of the library she was getting her books from. Also ignoring Ron, Hermione sat down on the otherside of the table where her own work was laid out in front of her, before she picked up a self-inking quill and prepared to scratch out notes to help her with her Ancient Ruins assignment: Method of translating Australian Ancient Ruins and provide translations of a set of ruins. Realizing he was being ignored, Ron furiously stomped out of the library making a huge racket as he left and got in trouble for knocking over Madam Pince, on his way out.

Later that day Dumbledore made another attempt speak with Harry and Ginny, about their actions during the Death Eater raid and was rebuttaled by the school rules, stating that unless a student is having problems with: schoolwork, staff or fellow students, the Headmaster cannot speak to them about what they do outside of school hours (i.e. free periods, between the last class of the day and curfew, and weekends) and therefore neither Harry or Ginny have to defend their actions to Dumbledore. With that failed attempt made, Dumbledore was finally force to curb the line and admit he has no say in what goes on after hours, but this had not deterred him and he was now making plans to allow him to speak about their actions outside of school time.

Back with Delores, as she sat down to another burnt meal, which she ate grumpily and read the prophet, but only seeing the lies spouted by a false minister, she threw it into a large pile of newspapers that spouted the same thing, angry and spitting for revenge.