Chapter 17-It is over and Epilogue

With the fall of Voldemort by Harry's hand, showed the wizarding community of Britain that they don't need Dumbledore to save them, that Voldemort was not as all powerful as he showed himself and most of all, it showed them that to make a difference in the world. While elsewhere Dumbledore was back in his office, having confirmed his fear: the Horcruxes were dead, Voldemort was dead and the world in his head was thanking Harry Potter and not himself, this of course infuriated him, not believing Harry could kill Tom Riddle and survived the fight himself or without his training.

Harry after he defeated Voldemort returned to his somewhat normal life, with his girlfriend and family, while also enduring the onslaught of marriage requests from multiple families and several awards for bravery, valor and heroics. Now that peace had settled across the wizarding London, the magical community began to pick up were they had left off and with the exception the wizengamot court trials for the currently and future caught Death Eaters, all of whom got the Death by Veil sentence as Dumbledore was not in a position to given them their freedom, only those who were not convicted were those placed in their positions by spousal slavery like Narcissa Malfoy nee Black, whom had testified against her husband in exchanged for Sirius Black annulling her marriage with Lucius.

With his father sent threw the Veil, and what he felt as betrayal from his mother, Draco Malfoy emancipated himself from his family and went into hiding, with the intention of exacting his revenge on those who had wronged him. When Draco went into hiding, many of his loyal followers followed and the next day, talk of Draco and Pansy eloping rung throughout the community surfaced, as well as a chat of Pansy being pregnant.

19 years later after Harrys Seventh year:

A little red haired girl was walking along side her father, in the station known as: Kings Cross, "Not long now, until you can go Lily," the father told the little girl, his green eyes burning brightly, while Lily responds, "but it is still 2 years, I want to go now," she wines, as the follow another older Red haired woman, whom was accompanying 2 other boys, both of whom with the exception of age and eyes, looked identical and behind them was a bushy brown haired Woman, whom had her eyes on a Black bushy haired 11 year old girl, this family was the Potters: Harry, his wives Hermione and Ginny (an award for defeating Voldemort was Harry was able to marry to women [original to get their family fame, but Hermione won the right to marry Harry]), with their children: James Sirius Potter, Andrew Arthur Potter and Lily Luna Potter, whom Harry had with Ginny and Rose Raven Potter the first born of Hermione and Harry. Once the family made it to the third barrier between platforms 9 and 10, Ginny said, "Right James your first," making him run at the barrier, but just as he was about to hit it, he went threw it and the next 2 to go threw were: Andrew and Rose, then Ginny and Lily dashed threw after them, with Harry and Hermione bringing up the rear.

On the otherside of the Barrier stood the scarlet engine of the Hogwarts Express, in its beauty and splendor, as steam from the engines chimney wafted across the station sign stating: [Platform 9¾] and the hustle and bustle of students young and old. Checking his watch, Harry saw that there was an hour until the train left, so says to everyone, "James you go and get yourself and compartment, while Ginny, Hermione and I help Andrew and Rose," not that he need to saying anything to James though, as his oldest vanished before Harry finished what he was gonna say.

Find a spot in the middle of the train, Harry lift Andrews' trunk to the luggage racks above the seats, while Ginny and Hermione had helped Rose with hers. Once the task was done, they returned to the Platform to wait for the arrival the rest of their family.

It was half an hour when a family of red heads (with one a silvery blonde) showed up had showed up with a family of 3: 1 with brown hair, 1 with hot pink hair and another with pale blue. Each of the family members gave the Potters a hug, while the brown haired man stated, "This is a first Harry, normally we beat you here by 25 minutes," patting Harry on the back, as Harry responded, "I know Remus, but I had always wanted get to the train earlier," before spy his son James, "But certain people always like to leave their packing to the last second, so this time I packed the trunks Yesterday and made the kids get an early night," finished Harry.

After the greetings, Harry helped his godson Teddy Lupin store his trunk and owl, as Hermione helped Fleur with Dominic's' trunk, while Fleurs oldest went to find her friends and once Teddy was finished, he joined Vicky in search of their friends. Back on the platform, Fred and George showed up with Percy's family and they helped their kids load the train.

5 minutes before the departure time, Molly, Arthur and Lavender arrived with Lavenders son Hugo Gilderoy Weasley, whom she had with Ron (Ron had grown, over the intervening years - a pathological hatred for Harry [for Marrying Ginny] and Hermione [for marrying Harry and Ginny], so much so that he never goes anywhere where he might run into Harry or Hermione, so when Hugo goes off to his first year of Hogwarts, Ron says goodbye at home), as they rush Hugo on the train, before it left the station.