Human Revelation

By Fallen Gods

AN: Just a quick story that occurred to me inspired obviously by the world of Deus Ex but also by a drabble I may have read on a long time ago about Andrew getting Mjolnir armour without the enhancement to wear it safely. So credit to anyone who has inspired me or has added to the tangled mess of ideas I call my mind. Also Warren Spector had the idea for Deus Ex in 1994 so credit to him as well

Warren Mears was in his own humble yet flawless opinion a genius. Right now he was celebrating his choice of Halloween costume, obviously selected as a result of his superior intellect. After all a mechanically augmented agent from the back story of a game that may never even get made was pretty unique. Under other circumstances Warren would be cursing the executives for holding back a creative god like his namesake, and preventing Deus Ex from being made. Right now however he had much more important things to focus on. namely himself, well more his cybernetic arms.

"Holy shit! I mean... Holy shit!"

He moved his newly enhanced arms again deploying blades and other gadgets and revelled in all of it. He didn't know how his Halloween costume had become real and he didn't care. This was the best thing that had ever happened to him, no more getting pushed around by his parents, by the jocks. No now he'd be the one doing the pushing. The smile dominating his face would not have comforted anyone who saw it. "A god am I" Even without screaming it the conviction of Warrens claim would have made anyone hearing it shiver with dread.

The part of Warren that was a scientist wanted to examine the changes, study them, find out why they happened. He wouldn't be listening to that part after all he had real power now he'd use it and the world would respect him the way it always should have. His infolink finally broke through into local transmissions he could see and hear anything broadcast, no contemporary security could beat his software suite.

"Hmm, Damn" Apparently he couldn't access the right part of the banks computers to alter his balance from here he'd have to be on site. "Oh well, it's not like they can stop me" but that could wait until tomorrow. He was getting tired and sore from being awake god knows how many hours, rest now and when he woke up he would never have to endure his previous pedestrian life again.

Warren woke not to the bright new future of control and power he'd dreamed of but to pain, a white hot pain that seemed to follow his nerves through every twist and turn of his body, before detonating in his optic nerve. He tried to focus his mind, tried to understand. If he could isolate the problem he could fix it. The thought that technology from almost three decades into the future might be beyond him didn't even occur. He was Warren Mears. He was a god!

He couldn't move over the past hour he had deteriorated he couldn't even wipe the moisture from his eyes. "How can this be happening" his voice had taken a decidedly plaintive edge. It was only when the moisture from his eyes ran down to his mouth and he tasted blood that he understood. Neuropozyne, there wasn't so much as a molecule in his body and no way to get some. "Oh god, oh please no" For the first time in his life Warren hated his intelligence, hated that he knew what he was going to endure and couldn't do a thing to stop it. He wept.

No one else ever knew what had killed Warren, but the look of horror and desperation frozen on his countenance chilled everyone that saw it . They buried it deeply in the part of their psyches that concealed everything the people of Sunnydale needed to deny. To maintain their sanity his death was listed as organ failure and if that didn't explain the high tech prosthetics, well what did it matter once they were buried in his grave.