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"Is something wrong?" The pale man leaning over her asked. His pale flawless skin was a dead giveaway that this man was a vampire, and Hermione had to struggle to ignore the urge to shout at him that there was very clearly something wrong, and instead asked him in the most polite manner possible to "get lost."

Instead of leaving, the vampire moved her aside and stepped into the bathroom, closing the broken door behind him. "That's just rude little one, I was merely showing concern to your apparent distress."

"There are plenty of places you can shove you concern," Hermione snapped. "Towards my distress is not one of them. Now if you don't mind, I have to get dressed for the feast!"

The vampire laughed, shaking his head and turning for the door. "Fine, I'll leave you to sulk, but you really should watch your mouth before speaking to a teacher like that. It's a shame a pretty young girl like yourself is going to have to spend her first night at school in detention." With a smirk the vampire left, leaving Hermione's mouth hanging open.

"Teacher?" She mouthed to herself in astonishment. Why would professor McGonagall hire somebody that couldn't do magic to be a teacher? She quickly rushed to get dressed, and gave her face a splash with water before heading back to her friends, and Malfoy.

"You won't beli-" She began as she opened the door to the compartment, but quickly shut her mouth as she saw the man who had taken her seat. She had only been rid of that wretched vampire five minutes!

"Nice to see you again so soon, miss... I'm sorry you were too busy shouting at me before to give me your name." The vampire smiled sexily at her while Ginny sat mouthing "you shouted at a teacher?"

"Hermione Granger," she told him in a more polite tone than she had earlier used. "I'm sorry for the way I spoke to you before Professor, it was quite out of character I can assure you."

The vampire nodded, "you will have plenty of time to show me how out of character it was tonight in detention. I was just here to introduce myself to your friends as the new muggle studies teacher."

Hermione looked at the floor, shame faced as she realized she had shouted at a professor, though feeling pleased she would not have him for a teacher herself as she had dropped muggle studies after third year.

"I'll see you all at the feast," he told them as he walked past. "I might just have one of you as the main course!" He flashed his fangs at them jokingly, but it was enough to send Neville flying out of his seat. Poor Neville that had destroyed Voldemort's most frightening horcrux was afraid of vampires, Hermione hoped for the sake of his "cool factor" that the news would not get out.

In a flash the teacher was gone, and Luna helped Neville to his seat. Then they all turned to Hermione with one question written all over their lips.

"You shouted at a teacher?" Malfoy asked with a grin, clapping as if he found the idea hilarious. "Teacher's pet Granger actually shouted at a teacher!"

Hermione made an extra special attempt to elbow Malfoy as she sat down. "And now I have detention on my first night back at school. Yes Malfoy, bloody hilarious!"

"I just can't believe we have a vampire teaching muggle studies. What use will he be?" Neville asked.

"My Dad says some vampires can fly! I wonder if he can?" Luna commented dreamily.

"Don't be silly Luna," Ginny told her. "Vampires can fly about as well as Spectrespecs can see nargles!"

"But they can see nargles!" Luna told her affrontedly. "I designed them remember!"

Hermione sensed this would be a good time to get things back down to reality and answered Neville's question. "I suppose it does make sense. Who would know better than a vampire what muggles are really like. They've spent hundreds of years trying to imitate their behaviour as a way to fit in with them."

"Well I don't like him!" Malfoy announced. "Did yo see that look on his face? He thinks he's better than everyone else!"

"Where does that sound familiar?" Ginny asked, causing everyone to giggle at Malfoy's expense.

"I'm a reformed character," Malfoy said while glaring at Ginny. "It's not my fault I was born being told how brilliant I am."

"Yes Ginny!" Hermione said, elbowing her playfully. "Let us all bask in the brilliance that is Draco Malfoy!"

The rest of the journey seemed to fly by, the majority of it being spent teasing Malfoy mercilessly. Hermione found herself wishing she never had to leave the train, but quickly shot up as her stomach started to grumble.

They exited the train and chose a carriage to take them up to the castle. Hermione noted miserably that there were less carriages than usual. She also noticed that she could finally see the creatures that pulled them. "There's not many of you left now," she said sadly as she stroked the thestral's skeletal head. It nuzzled up against her hand in response.

She spotted the vampire professor staring at the creature in awe. Clearly he had never seen a thestral before, though she should have expected that from someone that was not of wizard descent. The professor caught her staring and grinned mischeviously. "I suppose I'll just get a ride with you five then," he told her, and Hermione groaned inwardly.

"I don't think I told you before, I'm Eric- I mean Professor Northman. Sorry, but it's strange calling myself a professor." Professor Eric Northman climbed up into the carriage first, giving Hermione a good look at his backside. Ginny caught her staring and gave her a playful shove before the professor turned towards them and offered Hermione his hand to pull herself up.

She accepted it cautiously, almost gasping as she felt the coldness of his hand. Though he wasn't freezing she had almost forgotten he would not have a human temperature. Ginny climbed in next followed by Malfoy, who squeezed himself in between Hermione and Professor Northman. When everyone was sat down the thestral began taking them to Hogwarts, and Hermione glanced up at the castle in amazement.

The witches and wizards involved in restoring the castle had done a brilliant job. All of the towers looked as though nothing as devastating as the final battle could ever have happened there. Hermione wasn't sure how to feel about this, and she feared she would struggle going back into the Great Hall without remembering all of the bodies that lay there less than half a year ago.

She grabbed Draco's hand as images of Fred, and Lavender and Tonks flooded her mind. After a second of unsurety, Draco squeezed Hermione's hand. Instead of being annoyed at him comforting her, she found herself relaxing. That was until Ginny kicked her hard.

"You have a boyfriend remember!" She hissed from across the carriage. Hermione blushed and removed her hand from Malfoy's. Why Ginny would think there were any feelings between Hermione and Malfoy, she had no idea. She was only seeking comfort, something she knew Ginny would need in a few moments. It was for that reason she stopped herself from becoming annoyed at her friend, and forced herself to be strong.

When they decended the carriages and looked towards the gates of Hogwarts Castle, Hermione heard Ginny whimper. Without a second's thought she grabbed her friend's hand and helped her take those difficult first steps back to where it all began.