Love is All That Matters

Stanton was eager to hear Vanessa's answer. He had waited so long for someone like Vanessa, someone who accepted and never judged, and someone who protected all that she cared about no matter what, someone to love him. It was this moment in time that would forever make his eternity worth living or make his eternal life a living hell.

"Stanton…I… I know I care about you, but you are asking me to give up my friends, my mother, my destiny," Vanessa said not sure what she really wanted. "I want to be with you, but I can't abandon everything that means so much to me either."

"Vanessa, have you ever considered that your destiny is what you make of it?" Stanton asked looking into her conflicted eyes.

"What I make of it? Stanton even if I went with you I could never hurt the people I love, I couldn't betray Selene," she said keeping his gaze.

"So what are you saying Vanessa?" Stanton asked feeling his heart constrict. It felt like everything he had ever wanted was again being denied to him. He didn't know what he would do if Vanessa turned him down.

"Stanton, I….I want to be with you, but I am not going to abandon those that I love either," she said hoping he would understand what she was saying. She wanted both. Why should she give up him before she got to know if he would be her true love and why should she give up her family and friends for a guy.

"So, you choose both?" Stanton asked to clarify.

"Yes. I want to see where this thing goes between us, but I just can't leave everyone who means so much to me," Vanessa said taking his hands in hers. "I know it was hard being with Serena, knowing there were times you had to fight her and possibly hurt her. All I ask is that we give it chance between us because if we can overcome it, then I know in my heart we can handle anything," Vanessa said looking intently into his eyes.

"Vanessa, you should know I would do anything for you. So, I'll try this your way and I'll do all that I can to protect you and those you love," Stanton promised wrapping his arms around her.

With Tianna

Tianna continued to watch the waves. A feeling of contentment washed over her knowing that she had helped Vanessa. Everything she said to Vanessa, she had meant. She had a lot of respect for her. There was one thing Tianna knew for certain Vanessa truly had sacrificed a lot for her friends even going against a lot of her own morals to help them and protect innocent people from the Atrox and its Followers. She hoped in her heart that Vanessa really found peace with her darker side, by embracing it and accepting it, it would not control her but become just another part of her.

With Stanton and Vanessa

The pair were now walking the streets of Hollywood blending into the crowd. Stanton's fingers were laced with Vanessa's and he had never felt more complete. He finally had what he desired most and he was determined to cherish her and protect her anyway he could.

Both knew the risk they were taking by being together, but Vanessa refused to keep their relationship hidden. Stanton was shocked by Vanessa suggesting they walk the crowded and popular streets of Hollywood. Many Followers were shocked to see the pair.

Love had bonded them. Many trials ahead would truly test them and their relationship, but in her heart Vanessa knew as long as they never gave up and they stood by each other everything would be alright.