To my friends who are reading this, thank you so much and enjoy! And to others? I am very pleased to have you read it! This story is based off on what happened on the chatsite we are in, and role-playing. Inspired by my friends :3

I DO NOT OWN DURARARA! OR OTHERS... Except the story maybe.. :P Or the chatsite: It belongs to its rightful owners!

Delic: Just get on with the story!

Rukimii: Be patient! And what are you doing here?! Shouldn't Kumiko be here instead? Or my other alter-egos?

Delic:...*sniffs* So you...hate me..?

Rukimii: Oh no! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it that way! -hugs you-

Delic: Yay! Now on to the story!

Rukimii: Is that all you want...a hug to make you happy...?

It was night, the full moon shining at the crazy place, Starbucks to be precise. Weird right? All of us having fun, telling jokes and laughing together as if we want this night to last forever. Even if it's one sinful night.

And here I am, sitting on the bench enjoying the view of life. Some cried for joy, some drank and got drunk, especially the alcoholic ones. Even the mayor and daughter of Ikebukuro are here! People danced, sing, and if I may add, making out. I chuckled.

You might think how it ended up all like this. Well, it's a long story. Many suffered, cried, and bleed, but it was all worth it. Oops! That's rude of me not to introduce myself to you guys.

My name is Rukimii. I'm 18 years old, a clansmen part of HOMRA and an adopted sister of Delic, accepted by many of my friends. Taken by Hichigo. And I have little teleportation skills. It's very convienent if I must say.

The others are Delic, Hibiya, Suin, Excalibur, Luana, Izaya, Shizuo, Espeon, Psyche, Kumiko, Hichigo, Wolfy, Himitsuki, Iseki, and Alexia. There will be more from now on, but these people are important to me. Meeting these people? To me felt like fate.

Delic, an alcoholic boss of the cafe. Hibiya, the royal prince with the liking of strawberries. Suin, the mayor's daughter of Ikebukuro and also a trickster. Excalibur, an awesome dad of Suin, known as the mayor of Ikebukuro. Luana, a girl that has powers to protect herself, a demon. Izaya, the king of trolls and an informant broker. Shizuo, Ikebukuro's stongest person.

Espeon, a Pokemon that is really a great animal. Psyche, Delic's lover. Kumiko, my trusty friend. Hichigo, an assasin. Wolfy, a part-wolf friend of mine I like being around with. And Himitsuki, Iseki, and Alexia? Well I'm not gonna be a spoiler to that. Many more will be found.

"Hey, why won't you come and join with us, dollface?~" said Delic, staggering up to me with a dreamy face. Hmph, probably drunk. I thought, obviously not that stupid. I scrunched up my nose a little as I could smell the strong scent of alcohol. Geez, he shouldn't drink this much.

I sighed exhausted from everything that happened and prepared here.

"It's fine. I like being alone sometimes, plus looking back at what nostalgic." He tilts his head a bit to the right, as if questioning. Pfft, his dreamy and foolish face just makes me wanna laugh.

"Nostalgic? C'mon at least have fun now!~" I shook my head kindly with a hand up as if saying 'no thanks'. Since Hichigo is just relaxing like me and I'm just next to him. "I don't wanna~ I wanna be with Hichi."

The blond just pouted and went back chugging back the wine drink and dancing with Suin. I slumped back on the bench, thinking of course.'s good enough that I'm seeing everybody happy. I cracked a smile.

How did this happen? Well, it all started way back in the past. I'd say about...3 years ago? The very first time I've met everybody, and the used-to-be-here bar and cafe...

Rukimii: I THANK YOU ALL YOU READERS FOR READING IT! *throws cookies in the air*

Delic: A little cliffhanger? Really?

Rukimii: What?~ *laughs evilly* Isn't that how we lure in more readers? JK JK

Delic: ...You sure are like a demon...