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Right after that moment, a familiar figure stepped inside the room, rubbing his black locks with a raised eyebrow. Looking up, Hichigo gave a small sigh. "Izaya."

Crimson hues wandered around, spotting the half-passed-out wolf. Izaya blinked. "Oi, I just came and heard some ruckus nearby. What's going on?"

While with Rukimii-

Scarlet ruby hues could be seen like lasers as they passed by with lightning speed. Her footsteps tapped quietly like an assassin's with her hand clenched tightly around the sword's handle, her expression as blank as a plain paper that has nothing written on it.

Nothing was on her mind but the wolf as she imagined him writhing in pain, a scene of his death being replayed over and over again. Though she didn't even know where his current location is at, Himitsuki used her skill to sense his aura even from a faraway distance, and soon spotted him.

Few moments have passed as Rukimii leaped from tree to tree branched deeper into the lush green forest, before stopping abruptly and perched on one branch silently. She didn't even bat an eye as she finally spotted. Him.

Even if there's some protest saying he isn't the murderer, the smell of copper blood stained exactly where he used to murder the parents. Rukimii- no, Himitsuki used her skill to level down Rukimii's presence to zero to keep from being noticed. And without another second to waste, she shot down with lightning speed that left behind a small crater mark on the branch.

The target didn't even react, even for a nano second. Before he was sliced in half. Not a single voice escaped his throat as it was soon shortly then stabbed dead-on the neck. Only thing out of his mouth are blood being splat everywhere. Though it's just nearly instant death and a mere five second life before death, even Rukimii could make it painful as hell.

Giving the almost-dead target the finishing touches, Rukimii made a quick accurate calculation before letting her black sword pierce through the wolf's head with ease. Blood spurted out like a fountain as she stood there frozen for a moment as it splattered over her clothes, some staining on her expressionless features.

After a while when the blood finally died down as it created a big pool, she tugged her sword out of the corpse's head. She didn't even bother to hide the evidence away as she then walked away from the scene, making a trail of blood as her scarlet-painted katana dragged on the ground.

A few moments of past and her breaths are starting to get uneven with her confident gait started to weather down as she soon then stagger towards back to Hichigo's mansion. Mocha hues were half-lidded as her vision were hazy, the heat inside her started to overwhelm and burn the raven up.

"Ugh.." She groaned, holding on to her head while letting her black katana disappear into the shadows. Despite the fatigue and aftermath, she continued to head towards her direction. It felt like it didn't take long to reach to the mansion with the heat and dizziness distracting her attention.

"... Shut up Himi.."

Back at Hichigo's Mansion-

"I see..." Izaya mumbled, having his fingers on his chin with a slight frown on his face. Hichigo had just explained the current situation to him while still trying to get Wolfy to stay awake, but she seem about to pass out soon anyway.

"Tch... This isn't going anywhere." Frowning, Hichigo grumbled in a fit of struggle. Suddenly a portion of ice-blue mist came flowing out of the edge of the open window, swirling around the exhausted wolf as it glowed a dim light.

A bit surprised, Hichigo backed away as his golden hues widened slightly while Izaya watched silently unmoved. In just mere moments, the ice mist soon stopped its glow and created a familiar figure on the floor, leaving Wolfy. Nothing happened. The only difference is that Wolfy was resting peacefully without a strained expression anymore.

And it's all thanks to 'him'. Realizing that the wolf is fine now, Hichigo let out a sigh of relief. But he didn't have time to relax any further as the figure kneeling shortly collapsed on the ground with a loud thump. He whipped his head up instinctively before starting to rush over the fallen male and hauling him on a spare couch. Later then, Izaya checked his pulse.

"... At this rate, he won't last." Izaya frowned, feeling the pulse slower than normal.

"What-" Shock was clearly over his pale features but soon fade away as he tried to stay calm and thinking up of ways to prevent that happening. He rubbed his head in frustration, before finally coming up something. Without a second thought he quickly rushed to his jacket.

"U-uh.. Tell her.." The boy's words were incoherent as he tried to stay conscious, laying limp like a doll at the couch.

"Don't say a word, just rest." Hichigo told him, his voice firm as he quickly took out a shot filled with clear liquid. "This might hurt a little."

"W-wait wha- AAAGH-" His ice eyes shot open at the sudden sharp needle's stabbed inside his chest, recoiling away from the pain. But Hichigo restricted his retreat and let the liquid seep into the boy's body forcefully. "This'll do."

Wincing, he endured the pain. Just as soon as all the liquid was gone away, Hichigo pulled out the shot, quickly replacing with a band-aid to keep it from bleeding out. "You haven't told us.. What's your name?" He had asked as he finished aiding the shot treatment.

It took him for a moment to catch his breath before he breathed out, "Ice."

Hichigo's golden orbs blinked softly. "Ice huh..? Well jus-"


A loud sound of a door slamming echoed throughout the house- ahem, mansion that made both the informant and assassin turn around to look at where it came from. There stood in the doorway was a certain raven girl, panting out with half-lidded hazed mocha eyes.

But that didn't catch their attention; their gaze lowered down immediately towards to the big red splotch over Rukimii's white dress. She, however, did not pay heed to their stares as she staggered in. It's amazing how not even a red blood droplet was able to drip and stain on the floor.

"Any.. hah.. extra.. clothes?" She had asked between breaths. Her eyes glanced at Wolfy, who seemed to be in a good condition now. She's okay... I gotta thanks to who saved her.. Rukimii thought with a small relieved smile.

Immediately, Hichigo quickly rushed towards to his room and shortly came back with neatly folded clothes in his hands. "Here," He handed them to the raven, a frown etched its way over his pale face.

Not saying another word, she gently took the clothes with shaking hands and headed toward to the nearest bathroom, leaving them to have some thoughts on their own. She was too tired to even mutter out a word, let alone saying thanks.

Rukimii's POV

Once I got in the bathroom, I quickly locked the door before haphazardly throwing the clothes on the sink. I could barely think. The loud ring resounded in my head like an annoying bell and I could feel my whole body heat up, ready to burst there and then. Probably too tired to even check myself on the mirror. Despite it, I was able to quickly in change in the new clothes. Not to mention in sloppy manner, causing the results to turn out as expected.

After changing in the decent attire, my hands grasped on to my dress and went out of the bathroom. As I was just about to head into the living room, I could see an unfamiliar figure out of my blurred vision. A girl with long black hair that reached down to her waist and tanned skin that seemed to be around in her teen years is running around the room in circles. Her screams only making it worse for my headache as I try to walk over to the couch.

Just as I was about to trip and come into contact with the floor, I could feel strong arms wrap around me. my eyelids peeked out, only to encounter with golden eyes. Hichigo.

"O-oh, sorry," I mumbled and tried to stand back up. But Hichigo insisted and let my arm wrap around his neck for balance, helping my way over to a seat. "No prob,"

"WHAT'S GOING ON HEREEE-" She yelled out.

... Welp, she's weird for my first impression on her. Wait a sec- since when did she got here? Seeing that it's not a big deal, I shoved that question in the back of my distressed head.

"Calm down Kira! Nothing isn't really going on now!" Hichigo was able to catch Kira by the arm, causing the girl to stop from her run and breathed out a relief sigh. "Oh ok."

"Loud as always." Izaya commented with a closed eye, his crimson hues contradicting Kira's emerald ones. Kira crossed her arms and puffed her cheeks out into a childish pout. "Well sorry! I'm just being who I am!"

I sweat dropped. She's an awkward one. Rather, what's with the outburst before this?

Too tired to greet, I heaved out a sigh and relaxed back on my seat, hoping that she won't be noticing me. It would be troublesome to, especially someone like her.

But much to my dismay; Kira was soon in front of me before I even knew it. My eyes trailed up from her foot, only to meet bright green hues staring at my brown orbs. "Hello! What's your name?" She asked with a wide grin.

I blinked my half-lidded eyes softly. "Uh, Rukimii. Hello." I answered. If it hadn't been for my fatigue, I would've done a proper greet. But I don't care about it now.

"Hm~" Kira leaned close into mine as she examined my face. The feeling of my personal space being intruded made me surprised and snap out of my drowsy state. "Wh-what?" I stuttered as I leaned back, hoping to get some space between us. Did I have something on my face? What's wrong with it? Wait- forget that, why is she doing this though?

"... You're pretty cute!"

... eh? I blinked. Then twice.

You just don't go say that to a person you just met- "U-uh, thank..?" I said in an unsure tone. Who wouldn't be? Kira just giggled with a smile before giving my head a soft pat. "Well I guess you are too." I complimented with a small smile.

Before we could talk any further, I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned my head around. Hichigo said, "Ice wants to say something to you."

"Ice?" I questioned. "Oh- ya, it's that guy's name. He's also the one who helped Wolfy out. " He nodded over to him. Said teen was on the couch resting. ".. Oh-"

Since my health has cured for a bit, I was able to pull myself off my seat easier and walked towards him as Kira just trailed behind me. "You ok now?" Hichigo questioned me with a worried frown. My head nodded in response. "Ya."

Ice looked pretty exhausted too, I thought as I come closer to him. "Um... Yes? I uh, got rid of the murderer.." I started out, figuring that it's the one he's been wanting to hear about.

I could only hear incoherent mumbles coming from him, causing me to move closer.

".. Thanks."

I find myself smiling softly at him as I curl my knees to my chest. A warm fuzzy feeling burned inside my chest. Not in a bad way though. "Well, just rest. Must have been tiring huh?" I chuckled. "And thank you.."

A settling silence overcame the room, before a soft groan came from Wolfy shortly afterwards. "Ugh... huh?"

"Wolfy!" Forgetting about Ice completely, I abruptly stood up and rushed over to where my friend is. "You ok?" My brows furrowed into a frown. "Ehh... Ya, I can't remember what happened though. It's very vague."

"I see.." Hichigo mumbled.

"Well, I guess at least you're fine n-" My sentence stopped mid-way as I noticed something. Her eyes aren't red anymore. Rather it reverted back to its own colors. Wolfy's ears twitched as she blinked, staring back at me. "Hm? What's wrong?"

"Eh-" I shook my head lightly and gave a small smile. It might be better not to mention about this to her. Hichigo seem to have gotten the message from my action too. You perceiving assassin bastard- "No. It's nothing."

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