Chapter 1:
When Authors Get Bored or In Which the Problem Starts

From an author's point of view being bored is horrible. Your muse and characters won't understand it because they'll all complain about how either A) you should be writing something you don't want to or B) you should be doing something more productive with your life.

From a character's point of view, a bored author is terrifying. When authors get bored they tend to write whatever comes to their mind in an attempt to rid themselves of the boredom. (Such as a story about boredom.) The characters then beg the muse to give the author ideas for a story that the author will refuse to write in hopes of avoiding any later complications. Very rarely does the muse ever listen without a few coins in hand after doing so.

From the muse's point of view, a bored author is good news. Not only does the muse get to torture the author and laugh when the author replies, "But I don't want to write that!" to its ideas but the muse also gets paid by the characters to give the author those ideas.

In a lose-lose situation for the author and characters, only the muse comes out on top. The reason for this is simple. Authors are unable to see or speak to their fictional characters. If the author was somehow able to speak with and learn about their characters then the muse would no longer act as the go between. This, as one can imagine, will not be tolerated by the muse so strict barriers are put into place in an attempt to keep the author and his/her characters separate. If this barrier was ever to be broken, chaos would descend the like of which the written word has never seen before. For this reason, the muse keeps the author and characters separate and continues to profit from this separation. However, nothing lasts forever. As an author continues to type a story in which she meets her characters, she does not understand the cracks she is putting in the delicate balance called reality.

With the final taps of the keys, she finished the intro and the barriers breaks. The characters are free and they have something to say.

With a content sigh, Sue stretched in her chair. She had finally found a way to combat her boredom. It had taken half a dozen rewrites but she had done it. She had finished a half decent intro to introduce her story in which she met her characters. Sue still wasn't sure if she was going to meet only her original characters or if she was going to meet their copyrighted friends (or enemies) as well but she had a feeling it was going to be fun. Unfortunately, now that she had finished her intro she was left staring at the page, unsure how to introduce her characters. Would it be better to have them break down the door and kidnape her? Or should she pretend she lived with them?

In an attempt to figure it all out, she continued to write. One could almost say she was writing to buy time as she waited for the ideas to knock the door in. The white door to her room remained stubbornly in its place in the wall so she continued to write. Hoping. Almost praying that something would happen to break down the walls of her reality.

She continued to write many sentences. Hoping. Praying. Begging.

But the door remained as it was. Nothing was going to happen. No inspiration. No helpful hint. She was on her own. Again. Just like she always was. Her muse was silent. Happy to watch her stumble towards a story and laughing behind its hand. She supposed it was fair. The muse had wanted her to write for her other stories, especially one that had been overdue but Sue was determined to write the plot bunny she had found. It would have been far simpler to give in but Sue was stubborn. She knew it was a good story when she thought of it without the aid of the muse. She kept going. Wandering. Stumbling. Seeking the next chapter of the story she had started.

And then she had it and her muse was no longer laughing. The shadow of her subconscious stirred as it floated over the back of her chair to read over her shoulder as the girl continued to type. The words appearing on the white page with frightening speed. Just a few words more and she would have it.

The muse let out a hiss of displeasure as it read. The girl was close. Too close. There was no other option.

Sue did not see the shadow take a step away from the desk and human girl. She did not see it raise itself up and spread out its arms like wings. It was not until the darkness started to shine in its own magic that Sue became aware that her words on the page were describing more than she realized. Pausing in her typing to correct a small typo, Sue glanced over her shoulder. Her mouth became dry and her eyes wide as she searched the room for signs of danger. There were none that she could see. A bed. A dresser. A small stereo. A few posters. That was all she could see. But Sue still bit her lip. Her heart was pounding in her chest and her breath was coming out in small pants.

The muse continued to stand with its arms outstretched like the wings of an angel— an evil angel. It was no longer even frowning. It simply watched as the girl slowly turned back to her computer. The girl had been an amusing toy but now it was over.

As Sue slowly became to type again, the muse lowered its arms. It sighed and took a step forward. It reached out towards the young author. An orb of nothingness appeared in its other hand. The muse placed its hand on the girl's head.

Sue, sensing the touch, raised her hand and ran it over her head. The mortal's hand passed through the muse's hand. Feeling only hair, the girl returned to her typing. However, the words came slower. Sue frowned as she paused. What was she about to do again? How was she going to phrase that sentence again? Where was she going with this description?

The muse nodded as it removed its hand from the girl's head. Glancing at the orb in its other hand, it shook its head. The orb sparkled as if the muse was holding a mini universe in its hands. Glancing at the girl again, it patted her head before turning to the door. Writer's block was often a hard obstacle for young authors to overcome. If the muse had taken enough of her ideas, the girl would never write for pleasure again.

Behind it, Sue let out a frustrated groan as she stared at the screen. How could she forget an idea so easily?! Her face was pulled back into a self-loathing glower as she scrolled back to the top of the page. What was she trying to do? What was the point again? She let out another groan and her hands clenched and unclenched into fists. Where did her idea go! Her arm twitched with the desire to throw the computer. Glancing at the items on her desk, she reached and grabbed her water bottle. Turning in her chair, she took aim at the middle of the bull's-eye she had specially made for this. Pulling her arm back, she forced all her anger into the bottle. Leaning forward, she moved her arm and released the bottle.

The muse jerked as the bottle hit its arm. It turned back to hiss at the wide-eyed girl before its eyes widened as well. On the ground were the remains of the orb and the swirling of ideas as they escaped and took form.

Reality was finished.

A/N: Those of you who have read "Twisted Logic" (ID 5848680) or its baby brother, "Sayonara" (ID 6270451), probably know where this is headed. I was toying around with the thought of posting this chapter as a third chapter to Sayonara to show how the fictional characters came to life but while talking with ayamari no Goshi, she oh so helpfully gave me this idea. Goshi, if fictional characters come for me, I'm taking you with me.

Anyways, I have a feeling it will be similar to my other story Anime/Manga Revolution but I can't be sure. My muses are playing basketball their crystal balls so that can never be good. Anyways, characters from various sources of fan fiction will appear. In an attempt to make this story readable to everyone, notes will follow the chapter explaining each fictional source and the fictional characters who appear in the stories. This notes will depend on my level of familiarity with the source but I will try to keep myself from gushing too much.

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