Chapter 3:
Writing Under Cover OR In Which a Warning is Spoken

"We're going to get caught. You know that right?"

Her companion was silent as he read the pages she had been scribbling on for the past week. The man's blond hair seemed to stand on end with one or two strands acting as a reverse cowlick and falling towards his gray-green eyes. He pouted as he handed the pages back. "I thought you liked the suggestion of using my Rainbow Cyclone Redux as a finishing move," he said as he held the pages out to her.

Denise sighed as she accepted the pages back. Her black with man-made blue highlights hair flew into her face as the wind travelled through the small dark alley. The woman's long coat hid her tall figure and prevented her from feeling the chill of the wind, but she frowned and brushed her hair from her face as she accepted the papers from the man. "I did but you have to admit the vanishing act followed by the—"

"Yes, it was very impressive," he said as he cut her off. "But it lacked style. That's something Hiei would do. I prefer to fight face-to-face and the way you wrote it made it seem as though I pulled the attack from out of the air."

"Suzuka, you did. All your attacks come out of nowhere because you weren't on screen long enough to show them off. You have nine hundred and ninety-nine other attacks. It was time to show some of them off."

The fictional character frowned and rolled his eyes. "Not all of us get to be heroes." Seeing the woman about to open her mouth to argue her point further, he hastily changed the subject. "Now what did you say about getting caught?"

The woman frowned as she stuffed the papers under the false bottom in her messenger bag. "I said we're going to get caught one of these days. This drug deal cover isn't going to work much longer. Especially if your friends search me and find only blocks of sugar with blank papers in the false bottom."

"Nonsense. That would imply they have brain power. I may lose in a battle of strength but not a battle of wits."

Denise couldn't help the smile from coming to her face. "Funny. That's not what I recall from the manga. By the way, how did you heal so quickly from Genkai's beating your face in?"

Suzuka frowned and again turned the conversation away from his failings. "They cannot charge you without evidence and as long as you write with my special invisible ink, they will have none."

"Bu if they know you've been following me for months since the murders and haven't arrested me yet, they may come to the conclusion you're acting as my muse and then they'll have the idea to check the papers with youki—"

"It's called demonic energy, not youki."

Denise sighed again and continued. "Fine, demon energy and then they'll see the words and then…" Her voice trailed off as visions of the consequences flashed before her eyes. Broken bones, prison walls, and maybe a coffin if she was lucky. She couldn't do that to her family. Not after her sister had been taken away. Which caused her to wonder why she was playing this dangerous game. Her conscious began to battle with her desire to create again and Denise stared thoughtfully at the ground as she tried to find the right answer.

Suzuka open his mouth to reply but paused before speaking. He closed his mouth and turned his back on the human woman. "If you no longer wish to write, then this is at its end."

Denise's thoughtful look vanished in a look of rage. She hit the fictional character over the head with her messenger bag. "Who said anything about not wanting to write anymore! I just want to be sure that your need for attention isn't going to get me killed!"

"I told you I would do everything in my power to help and as an S class demon—"

"And look how that helped that Serena chick!"

Something crashed in the alley to their left, and Suzuka jumped to stand protectively in front of Denise. A cat waltzed out of the shadows, and Suzuka lowered his arms. "It seems this partnership is at an end. Burn those papers just to be sure though." He turned and started to walk down the alley, but a shout caused him to pause and a small smile to appear on his face.

"Fine! I'll work on chapter five, but you owe me an interview later!"

The smile on his face grew when he heard the woman turn and stamp down the alley muttering profanity and phrases such as "stupid hot clown."

He wondered briefly why more fictional characters didn't take the opportunity to act as muses to a few authors. Yes, it had taken careful study and selection to find the right match of adoration for his character, a willing ear, and unique creative touch. However, as Denise's story grew, Suzuka had to admit he was enjoying himself. It was a shame no other characters seemed to realize the potential. Kurama might have if he was thinking clearly, but the fox seemed to have pushed all rational thought from his head. Unless the subject of conversation involved finding, charging, or punishing authors, the fox did not seem to care. Of course, the same could be said for many of the so-called main characters of popular fiction.

Suzuka frowned as his eyes scanned the area for watchers. It was odd. Many lead characters, including villains, seemed to believe they had always belonged in this realm although Suzuka could easily prove this as false. Odder still was the fact that most of the characters seemed to think authors knew that everything they wrote would be transferred to the characters' minds, forcing the characters to live the story and thus torturing them. Other seemed to know the truth but still felt authors should pay, and he seemed to be the only reasonable character left alive.

A shadow moved in the darkness and Suzuka frowned. Someone had been watching. From the shadows came a golden glow. As the glow grew, Suzuka frowned. Just his luck, it was one of them.

"Working a bit late, aren't you, Suzuka?" asked the man in a long black coat as he leaned against the wall of the stone building. Hanging from a brown cord and sitting on the man's chest was the source of the golden glow. About the size of a dessert plate, the pendant was made up of a golden ring with five small, needle-like points hanging from the ring at regular intervals. In the centre of the ring was a golden triangle with an Egyptian eye staring from the heart of the triangle.

The odd pendant's glow seemed to grow as the man pushed away from the wall and stand to face Suzuka. Although the golden light made the man seem blonde, Suzuka knew the man's long hair was naturally white.

"I could ask you the same thing, Bakura," he replied as the glow dimmed and allowed Suzuka to see the man's long white hair and cruel brown eyes. The man seemed to have been playing with black eye liner again. "Don't you have some kid to torture?"

"No more than usual," Bakura replied as the glow of the pendant vanished. The white haired man fingered one of the needle-like points absentmindedly as he glanced in the direction Denise had gone. "I see your little experiment is going well."

Suzuka was silent as he waited to see what the so-called spirit would do. Within hours of the police force forming, Suzuka and many of the other 'officers' had seen the spirit play a 'shadow game' with an unwitting author. Apparently, the girl hadn't watched Yu-Gi-Oh and had no idea the card game she had agreed to as a sentence was going to steal her soul. It hadn't been a pleasant experience, and it caused many of the characters to realize how little they knew of their fellow officers. Naturally, the smart ones had turned to the internet to learn what they could. Those who did not have the time to spend decided to never accept a game from anyone just in case they were from the same fictional source.

Unfortunately, Suzuka was one of the officers who did not have the time to spend reading useless information on the human invention called the internet. Because of this, he was cautious as Bakura took a step forward. He had no way of knowing what Bakura was capable and for all he knew, the playing of games to steal souls might be only a strange compulsion. The white haired man might be able to steal souls on a whim and that was not something Suzuka could guard against with his demonic energy.

"I don't know what your game is but that is my suspect," Suzuka said which caused a large grin to appear on Bakura's face.

"You seem to be pretty close for an officer and a suspect." Bakura took another step forward in the direction of Denise. "I wonder what I would find if I searched her bag."

Normally, Suzuka would have been comforted by the fact that few officers wore voice recording devices but at the moment, Suzuka felt a small stab of fear. The spirit knew! He knew he should have insisted on meeting at Denise's house, but the woman had insisted on meeting in the alley. He had been overruled, and now they had been overheard.

Bakura seemed to sense this small piece of fear because his grin widened. "Is there a problem, demon?" he asked in a sickening tone as though he was a doctor.

"Bakura!" The grin on the spirit's face seemed to vanish instantly as a third character walked from the shadows. Bakura took a step back and half turned so that he could see the new arrival. He was silent as the man stood a few steps away from them.

The new character's hair caused Suzuka to wonder if the boy had been hit by lightning. Black, red, and yellow strands of hair merged and defied gravity to become an unusual hair style. From the man's neck hung a golden pyramid with an Egyptian eye similar to the one on Bakura's pendant. However, while Bakura wore his pendant on a brown cord, this man wore his on a chain. Also, unlike most pyramids though, the pendant was attached to its chain from the base rather than the point.

The alley was silent for a moment as Bakura stared in distaste at the new arrival, and Suzuka stood braced to stop them from arresting Denise. The new character was the first to speak, and he addressed Bakura. Suzuka had the feeling he was being ignored but squashed the desire to demand the new arrival address him as well.

"Why did you leave your patrol? You were ordered to—" the tri-colour haired man asked.

"I think it is a bit obvious why I left my patrol, Pharaoh. Those idiots wouldn't know the difference between fact and fiction. Even a great pharaoh like yourself wouldn't have been able to stand them for five minutes let alone an hour." The spirit seemed to place emphasis on the word 'great' although Suzuka did not know why. If anything, Suzuka would have thought the spirit would have put emphasis on 'pharaoh'.

The other character seemed unaffected by the spirit's mocking and merely smirked. "Thanks to your actions you are stuck with me for an hour. Now get moving."

The white haired man seemed to pause as though he was about to disagree when the pharaoh's pyramid began to glow gold. Suzuka also noticed an Egyptian eye seemed to appear on the man's forehead. After a moment, Bakura nodded.

"Very well."

The glow faded and the Egyptian eye disappeared as the pharaoh began to walk in Suzuka's direction, most likely heading for the street. Bakura man waited until the pharaoh had passed him and was walking before he frowned. Suzuka did not notice though because he had moved to allow the pharaoh to walk past him. Bakura slowly followed but paused as he passed Suzuka. For a second, he stood beside the demon and Suzuka wondered if he was going to hear a threat. Instead, the spirit stared at the back of the pharaoh as the man continued to walk towards the street. Quickly and quietly, the spirit muttered, "We have something in common so I recommend you be more careful, clown."

The next instant the two spirits had vanished into the darkness leaving Suzuka staring down the alley. What had Bakura meant? Was the spirit also acting as a muse or was he just playing with him? Suzuka grit his teeth as he turned to walk towards the police station. The second he walked through the door, he was going to grab the nearest human and force them to explain the internet. He needed information and he needed it now.

A/N: Oddly enough, I'm happy with Bakura. I had a lot of trouble writing him on my first account, but I think he is coming along nicely. If he seems too nice, let me know. I was and still am a Bakura fan so it makes it a bit hard to be objective when writing him. I have a bad habit of softening his character so please let me know. Thanks for reading!


Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh or Yu Yu Hakusho.

Yu-Gi-Oh! (Pharaoh, Bakura) – A manga and a multiple anime series. One anime series never left Japan and has been called Season 0 by fans. It follows the first bridge of the manga. The other is the Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters most are probably familiar with as it actually left Japan and began famous. It follows the later manga which has some differences from the first bridge. Both series star a boy called Yugi who solved a magical puzzle and unleashes the shadow games. When Yugi solves the puzzle, Pharaoh was released and begins to share a body with Yugi. Not knowing Pharaoh was a spirit from Ancient Egypt with his own life and memories (although they are forgotten), Yugi believed the Pharaoh to be another side of himself. Pharaoh is usually called Yami in the English version or 'Other Yugi' in the Japanese version. Likewise Bakura is a spirit from Ancient Egypt (although his memories are intact) and he shares a body with a boy called Ryo (or Ryou) Bakura. Like Yugi, Bakura is thought to be Ryou's other side. Since both Pharaoh and Bakura are far darker than their counterparts they are often called "yamis" or "the dark side" of Yugi and Ryou.

Yu Yu Hakusho (Suzuka) – A manga and an anime series. It stars Yusuke Urameshi who grows (both in age and in maturity) over the series length. The basics of the series are: ghosts are dead people, there is an afterlife, demons are real (and usually evil) but exist in a world parallel to our own, and the people who run the afterlife screw up often. Suzuka was originally one of the many demons Yusuke and his team had to face in a tournament. However, after being beaten by Genkai (Yusuke's mentor), Suzuka became an ally to Yusuke's team. When Suzuka originally appeared, he was dressed like a clown and stated that he wanted to be a legend and die before he became old. Simply stated, Suzuka loves attention and never wants to be forgotten although how a clown costume would make him a legend is up for debate.