I failed you.
I made a promise, and i broke it.
Dont blame yourself.
Even know theres no one to blame it on.
As you said "Part of the clouds"
We now i am.
Around you,
Watching you,
In the air.
Part of the clouds.
I broke that promise.
You did warn me.
Not to go out,
To places like that,
To meet people like them.
I failed you, I failed myself.
Dont cry at night,
Its not your fault.
You deserve better then me,
I remember it,
Standing there.
They pushed me down,
Mugged me.
Then shot a bullet through me head.
Im sorry i lied to you, Batman.
I made a promise,
My heart wasn't in it.
I hope you can forgive me, Batman.
Hope the same thing dose not happen again.
I love you buddie.

Here lies Robin,
A great hero, brother, bestfriend.

Batman: You were my brother, you were my best mate, you were my other. Now its too late. Best whishes, Batman.
Alfred: Im gonna miss you old pal.x Alfred.
Town hall: Such a charmer, just like Batman. Goodbye Robbin.