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Chapter 1

"Hey you youma! Yeah, you! Stay away from my cherry trees! Mars Celestial Fire Surround!"

"Jupiter Thunderclap Zap!"

"Agghhhh!" the youma exploded.

"Alright!" Jupiter and Mars high-five.

"Nice going girls," Uranus says from behind them.

"Wait a minute! Look!" Neptune points at something where the youma had exploded.

"What is it? Mercury?" Moon asks.

"I'm on it!" Mercury puts on her visor and brings out her computer.

"Ahhhh! It's growing and sucking stuff in!" Venus yelled over the wind racing for the hole.

"Hold on girls!" Luna called bracing herself against the suction of the anomaly.

Sailor Venus and Moon pick up their cats to keep them from being sucked into the growing hole.

"Oh no my temple! My stuff!" Sailor Mars exclaimed, watching helplessly as her things were being sucked in.

"Guys it's pulling me in! I'm too light!" Sailor Mercury cried out as she started skidding towards the hole.

"Senshi hold onto each other. Maybe our combined weight will keep us from being pulled in or at least we'll stay together!" Artemis's voice could barely be heard over the howling.

"Right," Sailor Jupiter ran for Sailor Mercury, "We got you. You're not going anywhere with out us!"

"Omigosh! We're being lifted up!" Sailor Moon started whining.

"Here we gooooooooo..."





"So you were pulled here too," Pluto looked down to see the other senshi rubbing their bumps and bruises. Sailor Moon was on the ground with her butt up in the air and swirlies in her eyes. Neptune and Uranus got up quickly as to looked more dignified.

"How did you get here?" Neptune asked.

"I was in the time corridor when I was sucked out by some black hole and landed here," Pluto explained.

"Ah, don't look now but it looks like we got company," Sailor Mars observed.

"Company, great we'll have them for tea," Sailor Moon was a little tipsy and weaved back and forth and not all there yet. (If she ever was!)


"Hey did you see that?" Tien asked.

"Sure did. Look, I can see some people," Yamcha replied peering at the horizon.

"Great more people to fight?!" Goku threw his arms up in the air, "Come on lets check it out."

"I'll only come because of the possibility of fighting," Vegeta stated as the started forward.

Mirai Trunks, Gohan and Krillin looked at each other and rolled their eyes. When they got closer they could see that these new people were girls.

*Whoa! Not too bad looking* Yamcha thought and then something came over him as did the rest of the fighters and they resolved to fight as they powered up.


"I don't like their looks," Uranus announced as she warily kept an eye on the approaching group.

"Whoa! Hey did their hair just change to yellow?!" Venus asked.

"Hmmm," Mercury nodded while typing on her computer.

Suddenly they all got a sinister look and nodded to seemingly nothing. The two groups came within a few feet of each other and then paired off as if told to. They seemingly pair off as if told to by command. Tien leaps at Sailor Moon and she jumps to the side and lands on her butt. Luna jumped on Tien's head to buy her time.

Mercury activates her computer and scans everyone. "Hmmm. There appears to be aliens."

Krillin stood there totally confused.

Trunks drew his sword. Uranus said, "I've got a better one," and she unsheathes her sword.

"This is an insult!" Vegeta stood with his arms crossed and his chin up proudly, "I have to fight a mere girl!"

"Who are you calling a mere girl, shorty!" Venus attacked.

Neptune attacked so quickly that Yamcha was surprised and nearly got a high heel imprint on his face.

"Boy, you sure are powerful for a kid," Mars told Gohan as they battled each other.

"You aren't all that bad either but I've faced worse," Gohan told her self- importantly.

"What! Are you saying I'm weak! Oh you're going to get it kid!" and she kicked him squarely in the chest.

"Great, I get the green dude. Are they trying to say something about my hair?" Pluto said while fighting.

"Yeah I know. There is always something wrong with green," Piccolo said and they stopped fighting and started talking.

Meanwhile Jupiter and Goku were going at it. *I'm getting a good work out* Jupiter thought.

Krillin looked around at everybody fighting. He shrugged and lunged at Sailor Mercury. Sailor Mercury simply sidestepped him and tapped out a few more things on her computer. She sighed and put away her computer. "Okay if you insist on fighting. Mercury Bubbles Freeze!" By luck some of Mars's fire came Krillin's way and the ice melted.

"Brrrr. You're a cold one."

The fighting stop for a moment and the teams regrouped for a breather.

"We'll never let you take Earth!" Gohan yelled to them.

Vegeta mumbled, "Speak for yourself."

"Well we are the Sailor Senshi, Champions of huh?" Sailor Moon stopped, "Take Earth?" she said as Gohan's words sunk in, "Why would we want to do that? We protect the Earth. Wait a minute. We're on earth?" Sailor Moon asks.

Mercury took out her computer, as Yamcha says, "No duh."

Sailor Moon says, "This is not Earth!"

Mercury says, "Yes it is."

All of the senshi yell, "What?!"

"We're on Earth but in another dimension."

"A di- what?" Sailor Moon asks.

Mercury explains what another dimension is.

Trunks said, "That still doesn't explain if you're good or evil."

Venus says "We're good, but what about you?"

Piccolo joins the Z team.

Gohan says, "We're good."

Mars says, "If you're so good then why do I sense evil vibes from him?" She points at Vegeta.

Yamcha says, "Of course you do! You're talking about Vegeta!" Vegeta gives him the EVIL EYE and Yamcha runs behind Goku.

Trunks and Piccolo say in unison, "Oh brother!"

Gohan goes up to Mars, "How did you guys get here?"

Before they can answer Tien says, "How do you know we can trust them?"

Gohan says, "They said they were good."

Piccolo says, "That doesn't mean they are. We have no reason to believe them"

Gohan says, "We said were good and they have no reason to believe us."

Goku says, "Gohan has a point."

Jupiter, "We don't know how we got here. Do you know Mercury?"

Mercury responds tapping on her computer, "As far as I can tell, after we destroyed that renegade youma, it created a wo-"

"Get off of me you dumb cat!" Luna had chosen then to jump on to Vegeta's shoulder. After Vegeta yelled at her she jumped off into Sailor Moon's arms.

"Don't be mean to her!" Sailor Moon pouted at Vegeta.

"I hate cats." Vegeta grumbled.

"Anyway as I was saying, when we destroyed the youma it created a wormhole that sucked us into this dimension."

Neptune says, "And how do we get back?"

"I have analyzed the data of the situation and have come to conclusion that there is a way to get back to our dimension," she closes her computer, "I just don't have the slightest idea on what it is."

All of the senshi go, "WHAT?"

Uranus goes, "Well I guess that means that we are stuck for a while."

"Well isn't that wonderful." Vegeta says sardonically.

Jupiter snaps, "You got a problem with that, buddy?"

Vegeta snaps back, "Maybe I do and I'm not your buddy!"

Moon and Goku say at the same time, "Stop it!"

They both stop but give each other the evil eye.

Goku suggests "Maybe we should try to get along," and asks, "Who are you and where do you come from?"

Sailor Moon says, " We are the Sailor Senshi, we fight for love and justice."

Vegeta says "How girlie."

Before he knew what hit him he was doubled over where Jupiter had punched him in the stomach.

Sailor Moon goes, " Jupiter!"

"He deserved it!" Jupiter said.

"He sure did," said Piccolo.

"Can we just stop fighting!" said Neptune

"She's right, we need to stop fighting and try to figure out what is going on here," said Goku.

"I think first we should introduce our selves so we know who we are talking to," Gohan piped up.

"Oh we've been so rude" Neptune said.

"Yes, we have I'm Sailor Moon and these are our cats Luna and Artemis."

"How do you do," Luna says politely. The rest of the Senshi introduce themselves

"And I'm Sailor Pluto" she said coming out from behind the shadow of a tree.