Chapter 7

They arrived at their destination.

"We need Sailor power," Luna leaped out Serena's arms.

The Senshi pulled out their transformation pens and shouted out there power up words. (Don't worry Jessica they didn't see anything bad.)

"Hey guys do you hear music?" Krillin asks and they look around befuddled, they don't see anything but keep hearing music as the girls transform.

"Whoa, dude cool transformations," Yamcha commented.

"I wish I could do that," Gohan said wistfully. (Ladies and gentlemen that is how Gohan really got his idea to a Great Saiyaman costume. Unfortunately though the Senshi's fashion sense did not rub off on him.)

Sailor V finished in her poise then trips on her high heels.

"Oh that reminds me," Sailor Mars picks up her bag, "I hate battling in high heels," She takes out a pair of Army combat boots shoes and tosses them to Sailor V, "I brought a pair for you."

Sailor V looks at them slightly confused, "Oh right. Cool! Good thinking. And they're color coordinated too!"

"This time we are going to fight in the right shoes."

"Alright guys lets lock and load," Jupiter said aggressively.

Moon turned to Mercury, "Mercury, lead the way," Moon gestured.

"Right," Mercury nodded, she pulled out her computer and activated her scanner, "This way follow me."

Yamcha bowed and gestured, "Ladies please lead," as the girls passed. Yamcha stayed bowed and stared at the girls' legs as they passed. Uranus was the last to pass by and noticed what he was doing. She drew her sword and put the tip at Yamcha's nose. He looked slowly up the sword to the arm that was holding it and finally to Uranus's face he grinned, and gave a nervous laugh. Uranus glared at him for a moment then whipped her sword up and walked after the rest of the senshi who didn't notice anything. Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Tien and Trunks chuckled. Yamcha was as still as a statue looking stunned. Krillin waved his hand in front of Yamcha's face. Yamcha didn't move. Goku snapped his fingers in front of his Yamcha face and he jumped in response.

"Whoa! Am I dead?"

"Sorry, but nope," Gohan quipped.

"Come on guys!" Venus called behind the senshi who had stopped sensing the some of Z team wasn't behind them.

They walked on together. It was a bright sunny day and they were walking though plains of grass. They saw an occasionally animal peek out of their homes at them. In taller grass the deer stayed hidden watching the strangers. They all began to relax. There were looming mountains in the direction they were walking.

As they got closer it became increasingly quieter.

"On the alert guys. We are getting closer. I can feel it coming from those mountains," Mars abruptly spoke up.

"She is right. We are almost there," Mercury confirmed.

"Have you noticed that it's gotten quieter and I haven't seen any animals at all for a while? Not even birds flying overhead," Tien observed.

"He's right. You could drop a pin and hear it," Neptune put in.

"Hey is that a cave over there?" Gohan asked pointing to their right.

"It sure is. The mouth of the cave looks pretty small. I wonder how big it is and what inside?" Goku pondered.

"Well lucky for you that's the way my computer says we should go," Mercury stated.

They walked over to the cave entrance. It was small, about 5ft across but 3 ft high.

"Looks like we'll have to crawl in. I'll go and check it out first then come back," Jupiter volunteered.

She got on her hands and knees and crawled inside. A few minutes later she came back.

"It's clear so far. You have to crawl for a few feet but then the ceiling goes up so you can stand," she survey everybody, "Well some of us might have to duck," she amended.

"A prince shouldn't have to crawl on his knees! That is for the lower class to do!" Vegeta said proudly.

"Vegeta, if you want me to wring your neck for you I'll do it." Piccolo said in a low voice.

"Great! Lets go spelunking!" Venus cheered.

Everyone looked at her disgruntled.

"Umm. I guess this is not the time to be cheerful?" Venus shrank back then whispered to herself, "I didn't even know I knew that word!"

Jupiter got back down and crawled into the cave. Mercury put away her computer. Mars and Mercury went next. Krillin was behind Venus when she suddenly stopped. Krillin ran head first into her.

"Sorry about that, I had to stop," Venus said over her shoulder.

"No problem. Those are what I call buns of steel!" Krillin said.

Venus kicked Krillin. Pluto went last of the senshi because her awkward staff in this situation. Yamcha went behind her.

"I got a nice view here," Yamcha said happily.

Pluto poked him in the eye with her staff.

"Owwww! What was that for?!" Yamcha yelped.

"Oh sorry. Did I get you with my staff?" Pluto called back pleasantly.

They finally were able to stand up. Well, a few had to watch their heads. They walked on a ways. Goku noticed Vegeta carrying one cat on his head and another on his shoulder. Vegeta looked at Goku hearing him snickering behind his back. Goku saw him looking and wiggled his eyebrows up and down and started petting an invisible cat in his arms.

"Soon we shall take over the world Mr. Snuggles," Goku said in a low, mocking voice. (

"Kakarott, remind me to give you a swirly later," Vegeta growled threateningly.

"How third grade Vegeta. It's not like your hair needs it."

Vegeta's hands crept up to Goku's neck as he stood there petting his invisible cat and does his impression of the Dr. Evil-pinky-in-the-corner- of-his-mouth-thing.

"What are you doing back there?! What are you slugs! Pick your feet up and MOVE!" Mars yells back to them. Everyone stops and looks back at them with curiosity.

Vegeta and Goku quickly straighten up with hands behind their backs, "Nothing," they chorused together. Vegeta glared at Goku one last time. Then moved up to his next victim.

"Mars, did anyone ever tell you that you would make a great drill sergeant?"

Mars casually stopped and rammed an elbow into Vegeta's gut, "Did anyone ever tell you it that you'd better shut up?"

"Are we there yet? This is one long cave." Krillin said.

"Shut up, baldy." Vegeta growled.

"Who died and made you king?" Krillin countered.

"My father. "

"Who exactly do you rule? Your planet blew up."

"Shut up! I don't have to answer these incompetent questions!"

"Yeah, well..."

"SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU!" Pluto roared, "I'm tired of hearing you short people bicker!"

Krillin and Vegeta turned to her.

"Krillin knows how short he is," whispered Goku, " but I don't think anyone has told Vegeta. Or at least lived after telling him that. =)

"Stay out of this woman, a proper woman doesn't talk to the Prince of all Saiyins," Vegeta yelled.

Pluto fixed an expert glare at Vegeta and said in a dangerous, low voice, "Watch it. I happen to be the QUEEN of Pluto! I've lived for over a MILLION years!" Pluto began yelling again, " I control TIME itself and you have the guts to try to pull rank on ME! You will listen to me when I tell you to shut up or I will pull RANK on YOU!"

Everyone was quiet and staring at Pluto then Jupiter, Mars and Uranus started applauding her.

"Way to go Pluto!" Jupiter whooped.

"You told him off girl!" Mars joined in.

"Never thought you could sound so dangerous like that!" Uranus patted a still fuming Pluto on her back.

"Thanks. I've had practice."

The group moves on into a big cavern. They stood in awe of it. They walked slowly through in wonder. Seeing stalactites and light glinting of the stone.

"Whoa! I just like, slammed into a wall of evil. Watch out," Mars said as she rubbed her nose.

Sailor Moon skipped on, "Sure Mars, whatever." She then tripped on an invisible wire and fell flat on her face. (Wow I bet you weren't expecting that, eh?) They heard a rumbling sound as a trick wall opened to reveal a...(drum roll please. Thank you) Boulder! The group stopped in surprise seeing the boulder in front of them and hearing Sailor Moon's scream.

*Sigh* "Here we go, saving Moon brain's butt again," Mars said exasperatingly. (Insert Indiana Jones theme.)

Sailor Moon is running for her life (as usual) when she heard a Tarzan call and was swept off her feet.

"Watch out for that-" Jupiter starts calling out seeing what was going on.

*splat* Tarzan slammed into the wall.

".wall. Oh well what's done is done," Jupiter shrugged.

Moon dropped to the ground as the boulder hurtled ever closer towards her. It was going to hit her!

*Boom!* The boulder exploded into pieces as Moon cowered.

"Oh yea I'm a sharp shooter." Vegeta blew on his hand like he was clearing away the smoke from a gun.

"Whadda mean that thing was as big as a house!" Trunks exclaimed.

"Shut up! I saved her didn't I! I did something good for once! Can't you be happy!" Vegeta yelled back.

Suddenly they hear, "I'm Batman!"

"Not on your life! I'm Batman!"

Two girls walk in fighting. The shorter one with long brown hair was shaking her fist at the taller blonde haired one.

"Um. What are you two doing here?" Tien asks.

"This blonde here thinks she's Batman, but I am!"

"No you're not! I'm Batman!"

"Will you two leave, this is our story not yours!" Gohan says.

"Watch it buddy we're the writers. We could easily erase you! But fortunately for you, some of our friends think you and Trunks are cute."

"Did you hear that Gohan? They think we're cute!"

"Would you guys be poof, gone or however we get rid of you?" Neptune asked.

"That'll work. Just remember we're...Batgirls! To the Bat Cave!" They disappeared.

They walked on some more. Of course what's a story with out youmas sooooo. youmas 'monsters' jump out and attack them! A youma jumped out onto Vegeta and started sucking his energy. Mars had just finished toasting her youma when she saw Vegeta's dilemma.

"Vegeta don't move! You have a youma on your back!" Jupiter pointed.

"Really, you think?!"

"Let me get for you." *Whap!*


"Ooops sorry! I missed."

"I'll take care of it Jupiter," Mars stepped up, "Need some help Veggie?"


"I'll take that as a yes. Rin, pyou, tou, sha, kai-"

"Would you hurry up! I'm kinda getting my energy sucked out here!"

"Hey who's the one saving who here! Men! Always so impatient! Now where was I? Rin, pyou, tou, sha, kai, jin, retsu, sai, zen-"


"Akuryou taisan!"

"I suppose I should thank you but I'm kinda low on energy right now," Vegeta said sarcastically.

"Oh that's ok, Uranus can just sling you over her shoulder. Hey Uranus! Shorty here needs a ride!"

Vegeta straightened up immediately, "That's ok! I feel better now. I think I'll go for a walk!"

After the brief battle they walked on. They come to a door that is locked. They can't open or blast it open.

"Stand aside." Pluto says coolly and sweeps them aside. She produces a hat, grins and twirls her staff. The hat reads, 'Tokyo quick pick- If you got a lock, we can open it in no time at all.' She sets to work on the lock with the key end of her staff and unlocks it.

When they find the throne room they are greeted by darkness. They hear a voice. The voice goes on and on about its evilness and diabolical plan.

Moon says, "Why do villains always talk so much?"

"You should talk Serena," Mars says and mocks her 'speech', " I'm Sailor Moon, champion of love and justice."

"I think they just like to hear their voices," Gohan suggests.

Neptune finds a light switch and flips it on. The voice stops then says "You fools, how could do that! I'm melting!" The voice gets smaller as it talks and they see a teddy bear on the throne.

"What the heck!? We came all this way to throw a light switch and change the enemy into a teddy bear? This stinks I'm outta here!" Vegeta throws up his arms in disgust.

The real enemy pops out from behind the throne, "Gotcha! Oh I'm sooo good!" He hops over to sit in his throne and sits the teddy bear on his lap. He leans his throne back against the wall. The wall is farther back than he calculated and his throne tumbles back. "Argh! I think I broke my back." The enemy guy panics and looks around on the ground, "Pooky! Pooky, are you alright! I think I sat on you!" He pulls 'Pooky' out from under his butt. *Sweatdrop on everyone*. Enemy guy looks at the wall and then turns to them and says in a Brooklyn accent, "Is it just me or does the wall seem farther back than before?"

"Why did you pull us here?" Mercury asked.

"Well I was bored and I wanted you to eliminate each other."


"Anyhoo, we will defeat you-" Goku got into fighting stance, "Umm. What exactly is your name?" he straightened up rubbed his chin.


"Right, I knew that. We will defeat you Ivan!"

"Ivan! What kind of name is that for a bad guy?!" Yamcha exclaimed.

"Well, my mother liked it! Anyway can you take a rain check on the fighting?" Ivan looked at them hopefully.

"What! Why?" Uranus asked frustrated with this whole thing.

"Well, you see the last person I fought was Saddam Hussein. That mean man! Now I can't walk." Ivan hung his head sadly.

"What did he do to you?" Gohan asked.

"He-" Ivan choked up. He took a deep breath, "He tied my shoelaces together," Ivan let out a choked sob, "in a knot!" he put his hand to his forehead and shook his head. Hearing the silence and interpreting it wrongly he said, "I know its horrible."

The rest were stunned then started snickering and finally burst out laughing.

"Its not funny!" Ivan huffed indigently.

"Here we'll get them undone," Sailor Moon said kindly, "I know how it is."

"Thank you so much!"

"I was counting on a fight!" Vegeta stomped his foot.

"Well if you want a fight you can fight Pooky," Ivan offered.

Everyone looked at Vegeta.

"What?! I'm not going to!"

Everyone looked at each other for moment then their gaze settled on Gohan.

"Why are you guys looking at me? Oh no! I'm not fighting a teddy bear!"

"Go on Gohan." Goku said lightly trying not to laugh.


"Just do it there so we can go!" Uranus with Goku tossed Gohan over towards the teddy bear.

Out of the blue Gohan was in a boxing ring. Mr. Pooky in one corner sitting on a stool with a towel over its shoulders and miniature boxing gloves. Gohan looked down at himself and discover that he was in boxers with boxing gloves on.

"Alright son I know you can do it, so go get 'em!" Goku was behind Gohan massaging his shoulders. (You know the way the managers do it in the movies.)

A microphone was lowered down to the middle of the ring. Lights went off till only the ring was brightly illuminated. Krillin jumped into the ring and grabbed the microphone. Gohan looked over to see the senshi and Z team sitting in the stands on the side of the ring.

"Excuse me, pardon me," Piccolo was trying to get to his seat with popcorn and a soda.

"Ladies and gentlemen." Krillin anounced, "I give you the greatest boxing match ever! In this corner is Son Gohan the super saiyjin (who cares how its spelled you know what I mean, right. Right?)!"

"Sit down you big lug! I can't see!" Neptune shrieked at Piccolo.

"Michelle!" Uranus was taken back.

"What? Give me a break! You go Gohan!" Neptune cheered with everyone else when Krillin announced Gohan.

"And in this corner is Ivan's teddy bear, Pooky!" Krillin went on, "Boxers you know the rules. Come here and touch gloves."

Gohan got and walked over to where Krillin was. "Krillin whats goin' on?"

"What does it look like? Sorry kid this is supposed to be strictly business. Pooky? Get over here!"

Ivan picked Pooky up and threw him to the middle where he plopped down.

"Go on. Touch gloves," Krillin prompted.

Gohan hesitated then bent down and touched gloves with Pooky.

"Alright, let the match begin!" Krillin jumped out of the ring as the microphone went up.

The crowd cheered.

"Take him out Gohan!"

"Come on Pooky! Show him your stuff!"

"Pooky? I thought you guys were on Gohan's side?" Tien turned to Moon and Venus.

"We are but Pooky's cute," Moon answered.

Yamcha turned around next to Tien, "Its more likely Pooky's going to be showing his stuffing!"

Gohan shrugged and danced around Pooky for a few seconds then landed a few punches. Pooky just stared back with blank black eyes. Gohan punched him once more and Pooky fell over. Krillin began counting to 10.

"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!" Krillin jumped into the ring and held up Gohan arm.

"The winner is Gooooohaaaannnn!"

"Yeah!" Everyone jumped up and cheered. The ring vanished and Gohan had his other clothes back on. Ivan walked up to Gohan.

"Good job lad."


"Bye. Thank you for untying my shoelaces. Remember what I said about getting home," Ivan called to the Senshi and the Z team as they we're leaving to get to the entrance of the cave.

"All right. No more mischief or fighting now, right?" Moon replied.


"Ok the next time we see Saddam Hussein we'll get him for you. Remember wear Velcro shoes."

"No prob. Wave good bye Pooky."

Everyone wave good-bye to Pooky and they started on their way out. The reached the outside and were pleased to find it was still daylight.

"I can't wait to get home!" Goku said while stretching.

"What, so you can tell Mom that I beat up a teddy bear!" Gohan grumbled.

"No, to eat!"

They Sailors volunteered to transport everyone. Before they disappeared Goku said, "Beam me up Scotty, I mean scouts!"