First Story *Sonic The Hedghog* The Family Secret |Sonic's Little Brother|

AN/ im gona use my name for Sonic's little brother though remember this is not a represenitive of myself because im an older brother myself if anyone is to reperesent me it would be sonic here.

*Story |Sonic's past| 3rd person POV*

Sonic looks up at the sky, wondering what it is like to be a cloud. Sonic Sighed as he heard someone coming. "You can come on out little brother" he said" Just as a golden fured hedghog appeared wearing some sunglasses on his head above his ears. Now this hedghog's name was Cody and you could notice right away he had a nick in his left ear from falling onto some sharp rocks in his younger years.

Cody came up to Sonic asking "Why are you out here big brother when everyone is at home waitting for you?"
Sonic only chuckled at this question and said "Little bro' people don't need to wait for me i'm the fastest one in the family and can be there in a heart beat."

Cody thought Sonic was being a little to arrogent but let it pass though this is probably the last time he ever saw Sonic again.

Sonic was always doing something like this making everyone wait Cody had no idea why Sonia |His sister| put up with the way Sonic acted and Cody remembered that Amy person always beat on him for saying that Sonic was a jerk keeping people waiting for ever.

*Story |Sonic's present| still 3rd person POV*

Sonic like always looking up at the clouds not remembering why but felt like someone was supposed to get him looking over expecting someone but nothing there. Sonic felt depressed for some reason he could not remember part of his childhood but felt like someone was gone and gone forever like a sibling had died in a horrible accedent and it was his fault for some reason.

/AN First story please tell me how I did i belive i made it kinda awful and I take things serriously please help me make it better and I won't mind any suggestions.